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104 年 - 中區英文~單字文法#23383 

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1.1. Last month, European Union officials accused Google of unfairly _____ research results. It’s the first time the company has faced such charges.
(A) formalizing
(B) manipulating
(C) contributing
(D) shattering

2.2. A group of enthusiastic environmentalists have begun a _____ campaign to oppose nuclear dumping in the area.
(A) transparent
(B) multiple
(C) dominant
(D) vigorous

3.3. Nowadays in modern society, obesity is _____, as are high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure resulting in increasing cardiovascular diseases.
(A) rebellion
(B) rampant
(C) redundant
(D) routine

4.4. Though the legal drinking age is 21, students say alcohol _____ university social life from freshman year; it helps to make social life smoother.
(A) lubricate
(B) hesitate
(C) mandate
(D) squander

5.5. Brenda feared for the safety of the _____ tightrope walker who crossed the vast expanse in the very tall arena.
(A) audacious
(B) assiduous
(C) aberrant
(D) ambivalent

6.6. The contagious infection put the entire household under _____ for at least a week.
(A) iridescent
(B) pollination
(C) quarantine
(D) proboscis

7.7. Many prominent scientists consider extraterrestrial life to be _____ because many planets in the universe meet the main criteria, such as oxygen and liquid water, for supporting life.
(A) tentative
(B) oblivious
(C) plausible
(D) credulous

8.8. The researchers had divergent opinions on the factors that contribute to aging. The findings of their studies were _____.
(A) synonymous
(B) formidable
(C) indigenous
(D) equivocal

9.9. One of the most profound human interactions is the offer and acceptance of apologies. The result of that apology process is the _____ and restoration of broken relationships.
(A) reconciliation
(B) obsession
(C) extortion
(D) partition

10.10. Danny says that he cares about the environment but is constantly littering and spitting. His behavior does not accord with his words. Danny is a _____.
(A) philanthropist
(B) counselor
(C) hypocrite
(D) pediatrician

11.11. Most people infected with the MERS virus developed severe _____ illness including symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath.
(A) chronic
(B) neurologic
(C) gastrointestinal
(D) respiratory

12.12. To encourage childbirth, the government enacted a new law to ______ parents who are having newborn babies.
(A) articulate
(B) impoverish
(C) perplex
(D) subsidize

13.13. Due to illegal operation, Jim was forced to ______ his control of the enterprise and his shares of stocks.
(B) bewilder
(C) relinquish
(D) usurp

14.14. It is quite a pity that people tend to truly appreciate the ______ of health until they no longer have it.
(A) bliss
(B) sanction
(C) unison
(D) liability

15.15. The improvements in his English proficiency have made John shed his ______ and show renewed interest in language learning.
(B) harness
(C) rivalry
(D) snag

16.16. Information overload is inevitable in the modern society where ______ access to the world wide web is no longer an ideal but a status quo.
(A) ludicrous
(B) strident
(C) transient
(D) ubiquitous

17.17. It appears that Jack is _______ to criticism because he has so much confidence in his opinions.
(A) imbalanced
(B) immortal
(C) impervious
(D) insane

18.18. The climbers had great courage and skills to get on top of the ______ cliffs.
(A) perpendicular
(B) abdominal
(C) irreversible
(D) counteractive

19.19. The annual ________ of soft drinks and fruit juices is increasing while that of milk is decreasing.
(A) assumption
(B) consumption
(C) resumption
(D) presumption

20.20. The governor was infuriated because a reporter ______ the remarks he made at a press conference.
(A) acknowledged
(B) justified
(C) misquoted
(D) severed II. Grammar

21.21. You shouldn’t tell lies, _____ take advantage of people you know.
(A) or you should
(B) and you should neither
(C) nor should you
(D) neither should you

22.22. A burglar stole 200 million dollars’ _____ of art works from the Palace Museum.
(A) worthy
(B) worth
(C) worthwhile
(D) worthiness

23.23. When Marco Polo, the Italian traveler, returned to Italy from China in the 1300s, he _____ with the idea for making pasta.
(A) was returned
(B) had told to have returned
(C) was said to have returned
(D) told to have been returned

24.24._____as the reporter may be in his writing, he does not have a column of his own.
(A) Interest
(B) Interesting
(C) Interested
(D) With interest

25.25. _____you see in the file should never be disclosed to anyone else.
(A) When
(B) That
(C) Whom
(D) What