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100 年 - 中正國防幹部預備學校100學年度教師甄試試題#7668 

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1.1. The effort to ______ the cultural and creative industry has seen recent progress outside the areas of legislation and investment.
(A) reduce
(B) promote
(C) degrade
(D) demote

2.2. English-taught university programs are attracting students from Taiwan and ______.
(A) aboard
(B) board
(C) broad
(D) abroad

3.3. There are many exchange students ______ in Mandarin-taught university degree programs.
(A) enrolled
(B) declined
(C) rebuffed
(D) renounced

4.4. ______ is the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on the planet.
(A) Iceland
(B) Pacific
(C) Arctic
(D) Antarctica

5.5. He was convinced that the right work for him to do was to _____ the public.
(A) relinquish
(B) waive
(C) serve
(D) release

6.6. Taiwanese cuisine is a top ______ for international visitors and is positioned to expand overseas.
(A) thwart
(B) draw
(C) curb
(D) retard

7.7. The annual Polar Challenge takes place in one of the world’s most ______ environments, where temperatures can drop as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius.
(A) amiable
(B) hostile
(C) favorable
(D) pleasing

8.8. At our restaurants, customers can enjoy different flavors and learn the history and ______ of our dishes.
(A) abhorrence
(B) detestation
(C) distain
(D) features

9.9. All I have been trying to do is to provide my quests with healthy, tasty ______ of food for the body.
(A) nourishment
(B) desert
(C) utensil
(D) implement

10.10. Improving quality of life should be given an even higher ______ than economic development in the future.
(A) posterior
(B) termination
(C) priority
(D) subversion

11.11. With respect to education, if one wants to keep up with the changes of modern society, one should never stop ______.
(A) folly
(B) learning
(C) fatuity
(D) insensitive

12.12. In recent years, more and more men and women, now, tend to establish or end relationships based on passion, not long-term ______.
(A) deliverance
(B) manumission
(C) commitment
(D) liberation

13.13. As globalization leads to capital flows, the tendency of many enterprises to cut extraneous costs has led to ______.
(A) service
(B) position
(C) assistance
(D) unemployment

14.14. It is important to help immigrant women and their children avoid ______ and integrate into society.
(A) discrimination
(B) avail
(C) profit
(D) emolument

15.15. We hope to promote a healthy lifestyle day and night through our ______- and health-oriented operations.
(A) drudgery
(B) travail
(C) recreation
(D) exertion

16.16. School recruitment can be made more flexible so that anyone who wants to learn can gain admission and graduate according to his or her ______.
(A) needs
(B) predicaments
(C) plights
(D) complications

17.17. A free society is defined by its efforts to ______ the violence, exploitation and marginalization that arise from differences.
(A) maintain
(B) eliminate
(C) uphold
(D) sustain

18.18. Many local dishes have ______ their way to the tables of prestigious hotels all over the world.
(A) veiled
(B) concealed
(C) cloaked
(D) found

19.19. In today’s civil society, one can effectively devote oneself to pursuing the social interest without having to overcome political ______.
(A) benefits
(B) advantages
(C) barriers
(D) gains

20.20. I’m inspired to learn from nature with ______, as well as appreciate its sublime beauty.
(A) haughtiness
(B) immodesty
(C) insolence
(D) humility

21.21. Many of the fields were disregarded ______ the decline of the local agricultural industry.
(A) due to
(B) in order to
(C) mentioned above
(D) so as to

22.22. ______, in the early stages of democratic reform, the right to vote was anything but universal.
(A) Not more than often
(B) Often more than not
(C) More than not often
(D) More often than not

23.23. John quickly caught ______ and outshone his peers at many competitions both on and off campus.
(A) in
(B) at
(C) up
(D) on

24.24. I welcome all styles created by every artist I come ______, and I hope I can reach their level of expertise.
(A) in
(B) across
(C) on
(D) off

25.25. The recipe and preparation methods of noodles at Lee’s shops adhere ______ the century-old traditions passed down from his great-grandfather.
(A) to
(B) at
(C) in
(D) on