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103 年 - 中油雇員-英文#18026 

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1.41. “I’m too tired,” “I’m too busy,” and “my body is too sore” are common ________ for not exercising.
(A) excuses
(B) patterns
(C) qualities
(D) methods

2.42. There is a good ________ it will rain this afternoon. You’d better bring your umbrella.
(A) report
(B) lesson
(C) model
(D) chance

3.43. We ________ our bikes and set out for the ballpark.
(A) weighed
(B) mounted
(C) respected
(D) possessed

4.44. She wasted so much time on Facebook that she ________ had time for her school report.
(A) partly
(B) barely
(C) slowly
(D) awfully

5.45. He’s such a cheer-leader, always ________ me and telling me not to give up.
(A) judging
(B) attracting
(C) interrupting
(D) encouraging

6.46. So far scientists haven’t been able to accurately ________ when an earthquake will happen.
(A) predict
(B) agree
(C) attend
(D) connect

7.47. Amy is under great pressure because she is afraid that she cannot meet her parents’ ________.
(A) results
(B) expectations
(C) solutions
(D) examinations

8.48. Richard’s new invention is now on a ________ line, so people will be able to buy it soon.
(A) production
(B) discovery
(C) rescue
(D) repair

9.49. Taking regular exercise and avoiding late night snacks can ________ you from getting fat.
(A) prefer
(B) preserve
(C) prevent
(D) prepare

10.50. Online shopping is a ________ way to make purchases, especially for people who are too busy to go shopping.
(A) responsible
(B) convenient
(C) local
(D) mental

11.51. ________ all the animals in the Taipei Zoo, the pandas are visited the most.
(A) By
(B) Of
(C) Above
(D) Beyond

12.52. Tom ________ to the movie with us for sure. He has already bought his ticket.
(A) goes
(B) went
(C) will go
(D) has gone

13.53. It’s difficult for me to spend time with ________ use a lot of foul language.
(A) who
(B) whom
(C) one who
(D) people who

14.54. Part of the film Transformers: Age of Extinction ________ on location in China, to attract more Chinese moviegoers.
(A) shot
(B) shoot
(C) was shot
(D) was shooting

15.55. I don’t see ________. I’ve finished my work!
(A) what else can I do for now
(B) how can I make you satisfied
(C) that I can’t play the video games
(D) why I can’t go out with my friends

16.56. Many people like to visit Yangmingshan, ________ is famous for its hot springs.
(A) which
(B) where
(C) that
(D) what

17.57. keeping a diary is an easy way to look back on the happy and sad events in your life, ________?
(A) does it
(B) doesn’t it
(C) is it
(D) isn’t it

18.58. Most students spend their free time ________ smartphone games.
(A) playing
(B) to play
(C) play
(D) for playing

19.59. ________ you are a Chinese, you cannot possibly know all the Chinese words.
(A) Even if
(B) Because
(C) As long as
(D) As soon as

20.60. I cannot find my ticket. I ________ have lost it somewhere.
(A) should
(B) would
(C) must
(D) can

21.61. A: _____________ B: It reads, “Not a through street.”
(A) Excuse me. Is this First Street?
(B) Can you read the news for me?
(C) Do you see what the sign says?
(D) Which way should we take, right or left?

22.62. A: I’m tired of getting up early to fix your breakfast every day. B: _____________There’re convenience stores everywhere.
(A) I’ll learn how to cook.
(B) I can make you an omelet.
(C) I can take care of it myself.
(D) You’re out of milk. I’ll buy some for you.

23.63. A: You two look so much alike. I’ll bet you two are related. B: _____________
(A) Don’t be fooled by her looks.
(B) You’re right. She is my cousin.
(C) She’s been traveling by herself.
(D) Can I take a picture for you?

24.64. A: Oh, no, the picnic is cancelled because of the rain. B: Cheer up, and try to look on the bright side. A: You’re right. _____________
(A) Picnicking is boring.
(B) It never rains but it pours.
(C) At least now we have time for a movie.
(D) I’m wondering if it will ever stop raining.

25.65. A: Are you looking forward to the party this weekend? B: _____________
(A) Sure, I’d love to.
(B) Well, it’s not my fault.
(C) Yeah! That’s very sweet of you!
(D) Yes, I can’t wait!

26.66. A: My Chinese is terrible. What can I do? B: You know what they say: _____________ A: Ah! That’s what my mother used to tell me when I was learning to play the piano.
(A) Honesty is the best policy.
(B) Time is money.
(C) Practice makes perfect.
(D) Two heads are better than one.

27.67. A: Hello! May I speak to Dr. Anthony Hill? B: _____________ A: I found your wallet. It was on a bus seat. B: Oh, great! I thought it had been stolen.
(A) Speaking.
(B) Who’s speaking?
(C) May I take your message?
(D) Sorry! He’s not here.

28.68. A: Janet is such a great musician. B: _____________
(A) Yeah, I wish I were blessed with her talent.
(B) It’s my favorite kind of music, too.
(C) No, I’d rather be an artist.
(D) I also want to be a magician.

29.69. A: That was a great speech you made yesterday. B: _____________
(A) Well, congratulations to you!
(B) Do you really think so?
(C) I don’t hear much of it, either.
(D) Well, never mind.

30.70. A: Well, I generally disagree with this new policy. B: _____________
(A) Why do you think it’s a good idea?
(B) I’m pretty positive about it, too.
(C) I’m completely in favor of it as well.
(D) Can you be more specific, please?

31.According to the polls, there is one thing that people fear more than dying, namely speaking in front of people. Everyone has to go through the process of conquering this fear, we call “stage fright,” 71 politicians, actors, and singers. Overcoming stage fright is a lot like learning a new language. It takes time and practice, and any time you spend practicing will be time well-spent 72 learning to face and overcome fear is an ability that will serve you well. If you work in business, 73 , you may be asked to teach new office recruits how to do something, or you might need to explain a product to visiting customers. Outside of work, you might be asked to say a few words aft er receiving an award or giving a 74 at a friend’s wedding. The point is you never know when you will be asked to speak 75 . So face your fear and always be ready to say something clearly and with confidence.
【題組】 71.
(A) includes
(B) included
(C) inclusive
(D) including

(A) so that
(B) because
(C) although
(D) as long as

(A) as a result
(B) in conclusion
(C) by contrast
(D) for instance

(A) letter
(B) reply
(C) toast
(D) clue

(A) in public
(B) with ease
(C) at random
(D) by far

36.A recent study conducted at a university in the United States showed that laughing helps blood vessels work more efficiently in the same way that exercise does. Doctors don’t suggest that people stop exercising, but instead encourage everyone to try laughing for fifteen minutes a day. The scientists still don’t know why laughing is so healthy, however. Is it because beneficial chemicals are released from your brain when you laugh? Or is it because laughing exercises your abdominal muscles and lungs and increases the amount of oxygen in your blood? Another benefit of laughing is that it boosts the immune system by increasing the body’s ability to fight off colds and the flu, so people who laugh more often get sick less often. Laughing can also lower blood pressure and can reduce stress hormones. Laughter causes the release of the body’s natural painkillers, so people with headaches and other pain feel better after laughing. In another study, nurses told jokes to some patients after medical treatment. The patients who were told jokes reported less pain than those who were not told jokes. Most hospitals have laughter departments these days. For sick children, some hospitals have clown doctors. These are not real doctors, but are actors dressed as clowns with white faces, bright red noses, col orful costumes, and very big shoes. They have funny names and sometimes sing songs or do magic tricks. It’s frightening for children to be sick in hospital because they are away from their home and family, and often they don’t understand their illness. Clown doctors help them to laugh and feel happier while they receive their treatment. Adult patients love them, too!
【題組】 76. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a benefit brought by laughing?
(A) Lowering blood pressure.
(B) Improving the body’s ability to fight colds and the flu.
(C) Reducing the risk of getting lung cancer.
(D) Reducing hormones that cause stress.

37.【題組】77. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Scientists are still not certain about why laughing is healthy.
(B) Instead of exercising, people should laugh for fifteen minutes a day.
(C) Laughter helps patients feel less pain after their medical treatment.
(D) Those who have a headache can feel better after a good laugh.

38.【題組】78. Which of the following words is closest in meaning to boost?
(A) Support.
(B) Weaken.
(C) Include.
(D) Complicate.

39.【題組】79. According to the passage, which of the following statements about clown doctors is true?
(A) They are dressed as real doctors.
(B) They make the children in the hospital feel happier and less frightened.
(C) They are real doctors dressed as clowns.
(D) They are popular among children but are not welcomed by adults.

40.【題組】80. Which is the best title for the passage?
(A) Laughter Is the Natural Painkiller
(B) Clowns Are the Best Doctors
(C) Fighting Off Colds Is the Best Exercise
(D) Laughter Is the Best Medicine