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103 年 - 中華電信 103年從業人員(基層專員)遴選試題 英文#14611 

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1.1.Most of the ________ were satisfied with the annual bonus the company gave based on their job performance.
(A) antiques
(B) customers
(C) employees
(D) custodians

2.2.Group registrations are not allowed. Each member must register for the conference ________.
(A) intelligently
(B) respectfully
(C) individually
(D) surreptitiously

3.3.Small businesses usually can respond to new market ________ fast and make necessary changes.
(A) locations
(B) trends
(C) resources
(D) flaws

4.4.In order to make the project work, ________ between different departments is the key.
(A) encouragement
(B) entertainment
(C) congratulation
(D) cooperation

5.5.Many college graduates fight their way into the renown and ________ companies for better career advancement.
(A) prestigious
(B) preposterous
(C) provocative
(D) progressive

6.6.The Taiwanese golfer won the championship in the professional golf ________.
(A) banquet
(B) acquisition
(C) shipment
(D) tournament

7.7.A fine will be ________ on the drivers who fail to pay their highway toll on time.
(A) rewarded
(B) imposed
(C) escorted
(D) donated

8.8.Many portable products are made as ________ as possible for user’s ease to carry.
(A) lightweight
(B) economical
(C) cheap
(D) ecological

9.9.All employees are required not to discuss ________ information about the company.
(A) congratulatory
(B) relative
(C) confidential
(D) proficient

10.10.Many customers in Taiwan believe that they were being ________ as compared to the much lower price of the same product sold in the US.
(A) underestimated
(B) overcharged
(C) overhauled
(D) understaffed

11.11.The ________ plan of the company provides income security for their employees after retirement.
(A) bonus
(B) rebate
(C) refund
(D) pension

12.12.Children like to go trick-or-treating in special ________ on Halloween. Some may dress like an angel or a robot.
(A) costumes
(B) feathers
(C) hermits
(D) umpires

13.13.Employees considered non-essential were ________. The temporary leave resulted from bad economic situations.
(A) furloughed
(B) integrated
(C) overturned
(D) quarantined

14.14.This book offers a ________ guide to hotels in Tokyo. The author made a report on every single hotel there.
(A) comprehensive
(B) revolutionary
(C) philosophical
(D) superstitious

15.15.Nowadays, many industries try to do something for ________ problems. They know the earth is greatly damaged by pollutants.
(A) arithmetical
(B) environmental
(C) intellectual
(D) occasional

16.16.Mr. Johnson rarely gets upset in the office, ________?
(A) does he
(B) doesn’t he
(C) will he
(D) won’t he

17.17.The approaching typhoon forced the organizer ________ the game.
(A) to cancel
(B) cancelling
(C) cancel
(D) cancelled

18.18. ________ I read the proposal ________ the budget was so high.
(A) Until / I realized
(B) Not until / I didn’t realize
(C) Not until / did I realize
(D) Until that / did I realize

19.19.The city is going to hold a public hearing to discuss ________ the historical building should be torn down.
(A) whatever
(B) whether or not
(C) in case that
(D) no matter how

20.20.It seemed that the walls ________.
(A) had repainted
(B) are repainted
(C) have been painted
(D) had been repainted

21.21.It is imperative that the city council ________ in favor of the city renewal plan.
(A) to vote
(B) vote
(C) votes
(D) has voted

22.22.The manager talks as if he ________ mad at you, but this is just the way he talks to everybody.
(A) is
(B) be
(C) were
(D) can be

23.23.If the weather is good, we ________ the company outing as scheduled.
(A) were to have
(B) haven’t had
(C) can have
(D) do have

24.24. ________ English, many Chinese classical novels gain attention and popularity in the US.
(A) Written in
(B) To translate into
(C) To write in
(D) Translated to

25.25.________ the CEO walked into the conference room, all department managers became very nervous.
(A) As long as
(B) As soon as
(D) Due to E) Until

26.26.It has always been very generous ________ you to assist us in arranging the meeting.
(A) for
(B) of
(C) to
(D) with

27.27.It’s a pity that I failed again. If I had read the book carefully, ________ the test.
(A) I shall pass
(B) I should be passed
(C) I would have passed
(D) I would not have passed

28.28.To see is ________.
(A) believe
(B) believed
(C) believing
(D) to believe

29.29.Many expressive people can recall ________ colorful childhoods; singer Carly Simon, comedian Billy Crystal, and poet Nikki Giovanni ________ their parents with involving them with richly creative experiences.
(A) there / credited
(B) their / credit
(C) where / credit
(D) which of / credits

30.30. A: Is this film good to watch? B: Yes, it is. __________________. It’s so moving.
(A) Rarely before I have seen this
(B) Rarely have I seen before this
(C) Rarely I have seen this before
(D) Rarely have I seen this before

31.Many business professionals are troubled by countless meetings, many of which are not effective and become a waste of time. The truth is,it is not that difficult to plan and conduct a meeting with 31 results. Bad meetings are those that tend to drone on forever, you never seem to 32 the point, and you leave wondering why you were even present. 33 , effective ones always make attendees feel that they have really accomplished something. So what makes a meeting effective? Effective meetings are about three basics: They achieve the meeting’s 34 . They take up a minimum amount of time. They leave participants feeling that a sensible process has been followed. If you structure your meeting planning, preparation, execution, and follow up around these three basic 35 . the result will be an effective meeting.
(A) conditional
(B) hazardous
(C) opposing
(D) productive

(A) rely on
(B) get to
(C) turn over
(D) take off

(A) By far
(B) No matter how
(C) On the contrary
(D) Likewise

(A) repair
(B) revenue
(C) objective
(D) budget

(A) criteria
(B) propaganda
(C) relations
(D) orders

36.This is probablv what many people see in tneir offices: employees 36 themselves into work every morning and the office is quiet and almost a dull place to stay in. In this case, the employees’ morale may need a 37 . But why is low morale a problem? For starters, low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity and increased 38 , with more employees leaving--and eventually prevent a business from reaching its goals. A positive office morale can build a company’s success. Everyone needs to feel that his or her work has a real purpose, and also that he or she is greatly 39 and needed by the company. While achieving the goal, employees should also be encouraged to take time to reflect and appreciate what has been done so far. By doing so, they will gain more 40 to continue the good work.
(B) shred
(C) drag
(D) pour

(A) finale
(B) campfire
(C) liquor

(A) undertaking
(B) turnover
(C) uptake
(D) currency

(A) preowned
(B) valued
(C) examined
(D) interrogated

(A) momentum
(C) procedure
(D) hurdles

41.Modern chemistry is a field at a crossroads. According to a recent study, 60 percent of Europeans have negative views of the chemical industry. Another study shows that 74 percent of Americans have similar feelings. These results show that people are worried about the harmful effects that chemicals have on people and the environment. Over the last 80 years, chemists have made much of modern life possible, but today we need products that help people without causing harm to the environment or costing too much. In 1998, green chemistry began. Its main goals are to stop new environmental problems and to provide solutions to the problems we already have. In this way, green chemistry offers new opportunities to the field of chemistry. One important goal of green chemistry today is finding ways to stop the world’s dependence on petroleum. Since petroleum is expensive, toxic, and likely to be gone within decades, it is even more important to find safe and clean solutions. In recent years, green chemists have made biofuels from plants and other natural materials. This solution follows several important principles of green chemistry. First, biofuels come from renewable materials such as soybeans and corn. Second making biofuel produces 60 to 80 percent less toxic waste than producing petroleum fuels. Finally, biofuels naturally change into materials that do not harm the environment. For all these reasons, biofuels seem like a good solution.
【題組】41.1.What is the above passage mainly about?
(A) Why Europeans and Americans stop using petroleum.
(B) How chemists make petroleum less expensive.
(C) How to reduce the costs of producing biofuels.
(D) New chemical solutions to keep the environment safe and clean.

42.【題組】42.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined phrase “at a crossroads” in the first sentence?
(A) At the place where people cross the road.
(B) At the place where several roads are blocked.
(C) At the point where a decision has to be made.
(D) At the point where many opinions need to be considered.

43.【題組】43.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the above passage?
(A) Biofuels are renewable, so they are much less costly.
(B) Petroleum fuels produce more toxic waste than biofuels.
(C) Many people worry about the harmful effects of chemistry industry.
(D) Green chemistry may reduce the use of petroleum.

44.【題組】44.Which of the following descriptions about petroleum is true?
(A) Petroleum can be safe and clean.
(B) Petroleum can be used up soon.
(C) Green chemists try to improve the use of petroleum.
(D) Europeans depend less on petroleum than Americans do.

45.【題組】45.Which of the following descriptions about biofuels is true?
(A) Biofuels can completely replace petroleum soon in the next few decades.
(B) Green chemists hardly have faith in the development of biofuels.
(C) Modern lifestyle depends more on biofuels than on petroleum now.
(D) Biofuels are renewable and produce the least harm to the environment.

46.Sam Walton, the founder of the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, is a classic tale of the American dream come true. Born in 1916 in Oklahoma, his family lived on a farm until he was five. During that time, and through the Great Depression, Walton worked at odd jobs to help make ends meet. He learned the necessity of hard work and the importance of saving. In 1945, Walton started his career in retail sales. He bought one of the franchise stores of a company called Ben Franklin, which sold household items. It became very successful, and Walton opened several more franchise stores for Ben Franklin, though he was allowed to use the name Walton 5&10. Eventually, in 1962, he felt it was time to start his own chain of stores. Wal-Mart was born. Walton’s business philosophy was an integral part of his success. He made sure that the shelves were always well-stocked and clean, while emphasizing high-volume sales, rock-bottom prices and excellent customer service. A number of innovations that Walton made have established the basic operation model for today’s grocery business, like moving the checkout counters to the front of the store, offering coupons for discounts, creating an advanced inventory system to keep the shelves full, and satisfactory policy for product return and refund. With the strong infrastructure built by Walton himself, Wal-Mart, hiring more than two million employees now, continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
【題組】46.Which of the following is the best title for the above passage?
(A) Success and Growth of Grocery Business
(B) Founder of the Wal-Mart Empire
(C) The Great Depression and Wal-Mart
(D) Wal-Mart: Customers’ Satisfaction First

47.【題組】47.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the phrase “rock-bottom prices”?
(A) The original prices
(B) The lowest prices
(C) The wholesaler prices
(D) The manufacturer prices

48.【題組】48.According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Wal-Mart business was severely hit by the Great Depression.
(B) Walton pioneered many concepts in retail business.
(C) Sam Walton inherited Ben Franklin to start his retail business.
(D) Wal-Mart declined after Sam Walton passed away.

49.【題組】49.What is the most crucial contribution that Walton had to Wal-Mart?
(A) Establishing the solid foundation for Wal-Mart to continue its growth.
(B) Storing sufficient inventory to make sure the shelves were always full.
(C) Educating customers to purchase grocery items with coupons.
(D) Helping the city to build the public infrastructure as a return to the society.

50.【題組】50.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the phrase “make ends meet”?
(A) To make both sides happy
(B) To make people do what they want
(C) To make and spend equal amounts of money
(D) To make the wishes come true