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103 年 - 中華電信 103 專業職(四) 第二類專員 英文#19294 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. With cooperative efforts from the government and civilians, our economy will likely _____ next season.
(A) capture
(B) prosper
(C) pursue
(D) guarantee

2.2. In most cases, what the underprivileged seek is nothing but freedom and _____.
(A) justice
(B) shame
(C) captivity
(D) evidence

3.3. The firefighter risked his life to save the child. Everyone _____ his great courage.
(A) repaid
(B) admired
(C) offended
(D) pondered

4.4. According to the revised regulations, if you have your driver’s license _____ or revoked, a re-examination fee of NTD $200 is charged.
(A) crafted
(B) modeled
(C) performed
(D) suspended

5.5. _____ of new energy sources has become an important issue to be studied by all concerned.
(A) Exclamation
(B) Exploration
(C) Appointment
(D) Accomplishment

6.6. In order to create a special sound _____ with the melody, the music teacher wanted us all to hum instead of singing aloud.
(A) affect
(B) affection
(C) effect
(D) efficiency

7.7. As the leader of democratic countries, the United States is expected to_____commitments to human rights and democracy.
(A) honor
(B) feed
(C) rupture
(D) violate

8.8. Today’s workers need to have many strong _____ in order to handle different challenges at their work.
(A) skills
(B) titles
(C) offers
(D) savings

9.9. Climbing unemployment rates and dropping job opportunities are formidable _____ to the government.
(A) bargains
(B) vendors
(C) challenges
(D) modifications

10.10. Due to constantly improving agricultural_____, many fruits grown in Taiwan excel in both taste and nutrition.
(A) techniques
(B) temptations
(C) transports
(D) transitions

11.11.1 live by the_____,“Honesty is the best policy.” I’ve followed the rule of behavior all my life.
(A) harvest
(B) motto
(C) rally
(D) salute

12.12. The cars had to be_____because of an engine fault. The owners were expected to have a check on their cars free of charge.
(A) formatted
(B) recalled
(C) unlocked
(D) withered

13.13. He was hired to work at the customer_____section because he was patient enough to listen to customers,complaints.
(A) fountain
(B) handle
(C) service
(D) weapon

14.14. You need to_____your booking three days ahead, or your reservation may be canceled.
(A) confirm
(B) locate
(C) measure
(D) program

15.15._____is not allowed here because the government is afraid that people may dream of striking rich overnight and may not work hard any more.
(A) Flattering
(B) Gambling
(C) Updating
(D) Wandering

16.16. If he_____the CEO in 2012, he would_the company from bankruptcy.
(A) is / save
(B) is / be saving
(C) was / be saved
(D) were / have saved

17.17._____the clues, can you predict the outcome of the story?
(A) Acting as
(B) Based on
(C) Depended on
(D) Feeding on

18.18. The little girl was so shy and introvert_____she was afraid to speak in public.
(A) when
(B) which
(C) but
(D) that

19.19.I would not have finished my task so efficiently_____you not_____me a hand today.
(A) if / give
(B) had / given
(C) have / given
(D) if had / given

20.20. Michelle couldn’t play yesterday because she_____her ankle the day before.
(A) was spraining
(B) has sprained
(C) had sprained
(D) having sprained

21.21 • As Michael entered the room, he found many books_____scattered on the floor.
(A) lying
(B) to lay
(C) laying
(D) lain

22.22. Some people think it’s_____late to do anything about global warming.
(A) so
(B) such so
(C) much too
(D) too much

23.23. John was proved not only smart_____considerate, which was the reason he was popular in school.
(A) as well as
(B) but also
(C) in spite of
(D) not yet

24.24.1_____Tokyo with my friends in 2012.
(A) visited
(B) had visited
(C) have visited
(D) was visiting

25.25.I_____today. The stylist is professional and didn’t charge me much.
(A) cut my hair
(B) had cut my hair
(C) had my hair cut
(D) had haircut

26.26. I,ve had enough to eat._____have dessert. Green tea is all I want now.
(A) I’d not rather
(B) I’d rather don’t
(C) I’d rather to
(D) I’d rather not

27.27.I am overweight. So I try to avoid_____any dessert after dinner.
(A) eat
(B) eating
(C) to eat
(D) to be eating

28.28._____it was once a heavily-polluted rice field, it is now much cleaner.
(A) Because
(B) Whenever
(C) However
(D) Although

29.29. That he was shot_____surprised everyone in school. We were told his funeral would take place a week later.
(A) dead
(B) death
(C) die
(D) dying

30.30._____the economic situation is getting worse, some companies have no choice but to lay off their employees.
(A) Because
(B) Due to
(C) Even though
(D) While

31.Can you believe that more than 24,000 tons of household waste are being dumped each day in Taiwan? That means each person on the island produces over one kilogram of garbage a day! ____31____ we know, much of the garbage is buried under the ground in landfills. But the landfills in Taiwan are quickly ____32____ , and it is difficult to build new ones for lack of enough land. To solve the serious problem of garbage disposal, one possible answer is recycling. According to EPA,more than 40 percent of this waste, ____33____ items like glass,plastic bottles, newspapers, cans, and even old TVs, can be recycled. In fact, in many countries, laws ____34____ and people in these countries are made to separate their garbage. Recycling has proved successful in many American, European, and Japanese cities. So what can people in Taiwan do to help ____35____ the garbage problem? The three Rs^reduce, reuse and recycle—are the principles to follow! We hope to extend the life of our landfills and save the earth’s resources.

(A) taking over
(B) showing off
(C) filling up
(D) cutting back

(A) including
(B) include
(C) included
(D) inclusive

(A) passed
(B) have passed
(C) being passed
(D) have been passed

(A) fight
(B) fights
(C) for fight
(D) to fighting

36.Advertising has gradually taught most of us to adopt a questioning attitude about what we view on television commercials. We take it for granted that a product is probably not as good as the manufacturers claim, and ____36____ the detergent does not take out every dirty spot immediately without a lot of hard work. And you know you will never become a star tennis player just by ____37____ a certain kind of tennis shoes. The shoes may, ____38____ , turn out to be a well-made brand that will improve the quality of your tennis game. In any case, sensible people question the information they receive from ____39____ and do not assume it is accurate. They ____40____ that advertising agencies do not actually make soap powder or baked beans or motor cars. Instead, they are hired by manufacturers to write and present advertisements based on the psychology of consumers to make the products more appealing.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) what
(D) such

(B) wearing
(C) clothing
(D) dressing up

(A) through
(B) thorough
(C) though
(D) although

(A) scanners
(B) collectors
(C) conservatives
(D) advertisers

(A) make sure
(B) are aware
(C) ensured
(D) aware of

41.Modem chemistry is a field at a crossroads. According to a recent study, 60 percent of Europeans have negative views of the chemical industry. Another study shows that 74 percent of Americans have similar feelings. These results show that people are worried about the harmful effects that chemicals have on people and the environment. Over the last 80 years, chemists have made much of modem life possible, but today we need products that help people without causing harm to the environment or costing too much. In 1998,green chemistry began. Its main goals are to stop new environmental problems and to provide solutions to the problems we already have. In this way, green chemistry offers new opportunities to the field of chemistry. One important goal of green chemistry today is finding ways to stop the world’s dependence on petroleum. Since petroleum is expensive, toxic, and likely to be gone within decades, it is even more important to find safe and clean solutions. In recent years, green chemists have made biofuels from plants and other natural materials. This solution follows several important principles of green chemistry. First, biofuels come from renewable materials such as soybeans and com. Second making biofuel produces 60 to 80 percent less toxic waste than producing petroleum fuels. Finally, biofuels naturally change into materials that do not harm the environment. For all these reasons, biofuels seem like a good solution.
【題組】41. What is the above passage mainly about?
(A) Why Europeans and Americans stop using petroleum.
(B) How chemists make petroleum less expensive.
(C) How to reduce the costs of producing biofuels.
(D) New chemical solutions to keep the environment safe and clean.

42.【題組】42. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined phrase “at a crossroads” in the first sentence?
(A) At the place where people cross the road.
(B) At the place where several roads are blocked.
(C) At the point where a decision has to be made.
(D) At the point where many opinions need to be considered.

43.【題組】43. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the above passage?
(A) Biofuels are renewable, so they are much less costly.
(B) Petroleum fuels produce more toxic waste than biofuels.
(C) Many people worry about the harmful effects of chemistry industry.
(D) Green chemistry may reduce the use of petroleum.

44.【題組】44. Which of the following descriptions about petroleum is true?
(A) Petroleum can be safe and clean.
(B) Petroleum can be used up soon.
(C) Green chemists try to improve the use of petroleum.
(D) Europeans depend less on petroleum than Americans do.

45.【題組】45. Which of the following descriptions about biofuels is true?
(A) Biofuels can completely replace petroleum soon in the next few decades.
(B) Green chemists hardly have faith in the development of biofuels.
(C) Modem lifestyle depends more on biofuels than on petroleum now.
(D) Biofuels are renewable and produce the least harm to the environment. 够一这• 弟一扁•

46.Many of us cross bridges every day without paying much attention to them. From a simple log lying flat across a stream to a concrete road-bridge supporting high volumes of city traffic, these structures come in many shapes and sizes. But some bridges are far more than convenient crossing points; they are truly awe-inspiring pieces of architecture. San Francisco’s magnificent Golden Gate Bridge is an excellent example. The designer, Joseph Strauss, was something of a dreamer, and a poet as well as an engineer. In fact, before this suspension bridge was completed in 1937,many believed that construction would be impossible. But Strauss’s imagination won out, and now the roadway, elegantly suspended from a tower at each end of the 2,000-meter strait, is an internationally recognized symbol of America. Another groundbreaking bridge concept can be seen in England. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which opened in 2001, is a sight to behold! The pedestrian bridge is able to tilt 40 degrees upwards to allow boats to pass beneath it. It then tilts back to ground level so that cyclists and walkers may continue to traverse the waterway. The tilting bridge is the only one of its kind in the world, and rightfully won its architects a number of prestigious awards. And the Millau Viaduct, the world’s tallest bridge, might be the most breathtaking of all. The road deck of this bridge is the highest on earth, so if you drive across France’s Tam Valley, you’ll find yourself 270 meters above the ground. However, not every noteworthy bridge is a product of modernity. In Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture, the Kintai Bridge stands out as a prized part of history. First constructed in 1673 over the scenic Nishiki River, the five wooden arches lead to the foot of Mount Yokoyama, atop which sits Iwakuni Castle. In 1922, the Kintai Bridge was named a National Treasure. So next time you cross a bridge, take a moment to appreciate it. There9s often more to these feats of engineering than meets the eye.
【題組】46. Why does the author state that Joseph Strauss was a poet and a dreamer?
(A) As an engineer, Strauss was a failure.
(B) Strauss’s design was very imaginative.
(C) The Golden Gate Bridge was inspired by poetry.
(D) All good engineers are poets and dreamers.

47.【題組】47. Which two bridges allow traffic to pass over them?
(A) The Golden Gate Bridge and the Gateshead.
(B) The Gateshead and the Millau Viaduct.
(C) The Golden Gate Bridge and the Millau Viaduct.
(D) The Kintai and The Gateshead.

48.【題組】48. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) The Golden Gate Bridge is the only one that crosses water.
(B) The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is unique.
(C) The Kintai Bridge was built long before the others.
(D) The Millau Viaduct is the world’s highest bridge and the most breathtaking.

49.【題組】49. What does the author want readers to appreciate about bridges?
(A) They are modem structures.
(B) They are very convenient structures.
(C) They take years to build and are expensive to maintain.
(D) They are often the product of clever, innovative design.

50.【題組】50. The best title for this article might be “_,,•
(A) Bridges and Us
(B) Functions of Bridges
(C) Bridging the Gap in Style
(D) Bridges and Modem Architecture