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1.I. 字彙及慣用語:第 1–20 題,請選擇一個最適合的答案,以完成該句。
【題組】1.Mr. Lee bought the suit at half of the original price. It was a really good __________.
(A) loss
(B) number
(C) bargain
(D) goal

2.【題組】2.The woman had trouble falling asleep, so the doctor gave her some __________ to take every night before going to bed.
(A) bills
(B) hills
(C) mills
(D) pills

3.【題組】3.In the Olympic Games, the best athletes from all over the world try their best to __________ with one another.
(A) remember
(B) compete
(C) desire
(D) calculate

4.【題組】4.When Jack asked Helen to go to the movies with him, she __________, but a few minutes later she finally agreed.
(A) hesitated
(B) delighted
(C) commented
(D) removed

5.【題組】5.Because of the poor economy, reducing taxes has now become a __________ for the new government.
(A) necessity
(B) community
(C) generation
(D) statue

6.【題組】6.The disease spreads very fast. Therefore, doctors suggest that everyone should wash hands to prevent __________.
(A) construction
(B) infection
(C) invention
(D) instruction

7.【題組】7.When they try to hire workers for their companies, employers usually decide within five minutes whether someone is __________ for the job.
(A) different
(B) stationary
(C) suitable
(D) vertical

8.【題組】8.Advance __________ of seats for the train is strongly recommended when travelers want to have a seat on their way home.
(A) resident
(B) cancellation
(C) protection
(D) reservation

9.【題組】9.Eating fruit and vegetables does people good because such food is __________ in vitamin C.
(A) more
(B) many
(C) rich
(D) well

10.【題組】10.With hard work and determination, Britney Spears (布蘭妮) has built a successful __________ in show business.
(A) emotion
(B) lotion
(C) career
(D) coward

11.【題組】11.I haven’t __________ my brother since he moved to China last year.
(A) touched down
(B) seen out
(C) looked down
(D) heard from

12.【題組】12.A fire __________ in the hospital last night and killed 24 people.
(A) broke up
(B) broke out
(C) broke over
(D) broke through

13.【題組】13.In Taiwan, the presidential election __________ every four years.
(A) takes place
(B) takes out
(C) takes off
(D) takes in

14.【題組】14.He has an excellent memory; he can easily learn every name in this book __________.
(A) by heart
(B) by nose
(C) by way
(D) by means

15.【題組】15.What the reporter said was a complete lie. I have never even heard of that man, __________ gone out with him.
(A) sit alone
(B) let alone
(C) keep out
(D) fall out

16.【題組】16.Hospitals were crowded with injured people after the big earthquake, and nurses were busy __________ those patients without taking a rest.
(A) leaving for
(B) turning on
(C) using up
(D) caring for

17.【題組】17.Judy does not like to attend Bill’s birthday party, so she asked me to go __________ her.
(A) in place of
(B) in connection with
(C) in addition to
(D) at the risk of

18.【題組】18.Because of poor money management, the company was __________ by a large firm last year.
(A) taken over
(B) put on
(C) run over
(D) composed of

19.【題組】19.Tom hates to be alone, and he would like to and have a family.
(A) wear out
(B) settle down
(C) sit up
(D) throw away

20.【題組】20.The terrible train accident in Ali-Mountain(阿里山) __________ the death of many passengers.
(A) talked into
(B) hung up
(C) turned down
(D) resulted in

21.II. 對話題:第21–25 題,請依對話內容選出一個最適當的答案,使其成為有意義的對話。
【題組】21.Clerk: Good morning. Can I help you? Sue: Yes, it’s about the five-day tour to Singapore you advertised in the paper. Clerk: Yes, certainly.__________ Sue: Well, I haven’t really decided yet.
(A) What do you do in your leisure time?
(B) Why were you going to Singapore?
(C) Which paper did you see it advertised?
(D) When are you planning on going?

22.【題組】22.John: Excuse me, Mr. Wang. __________ Manager: Why? What’s the matter, John? John: It’s my father. He’s going to have an operation.
(A) You’re wanted on the phone.
(B) The report is missing some pages.
(C) I’d like to take a few days off.
(D) The operation is scheduled for Friday.

23.【題組】23.Peter: Ted, do you happen to see my friend Catherine? Ted: I’m not sure, Peter. __________ Peter: Tall and thin, with short and straight hair.
(A) When did you last see her?
(B) What does she look like?
(C) How old is she?
(D) What’s she wearing?

24.【題組】24.Mary: What do you do in your free time, Julia? Julia: I play tennis. Mary: How often do you play? Julia: __________ What about you?
(A) Early in the morning.
(B) About an hour.
(C) Three times a week.
(D) A week ago.

25.【題組】25.Clerk: Can I help you? Customer: Yes, I want to try on these shoes. Clerk: __________ Customer: I am not sure. Can you measure my feet?
(A) Perhaps so.
(B) Never mind.
(C) I don’t think so.
(D) What size?

26.III. 綜合測驗:下面三篇短文共有15 個空格,為第26–40 題,每題有四個選項,請依各篇短文之文意,選出一個最適合該空格的答案。 【題組】 One day the manager of the Grand Hotel in Taipei was called upon to deal with the complaint ofa young lady. “I can’t 【26】the noise another minute,” she told the manager 【27】. “You must tell the man across the hall to stop 【28】 the horrible noise.” And, seeing the look of surprise on the manager’s face, she added, “If you don’t make him stop, I’ll check out at once.” “I’m very sorry it’s disturbing you,” the manager said patiently. “That’s Yo-Yo Ma(馬友友).” It was the lady’s turn to look surprised. “What?” she said, much 【29】 . “The great musician Yo-Yo Ma?” She was silent for a moment. “Well, of course, that’s different. Please don’t say a word to him.” Two days later, the manager happened to hear her talking to another visitor in the lobby. “It’s so 【30】 ,” she was saying, “I can open my door every morning and hear Yo-Yo Ma practice.”
(A) stand
(B) count
(C) eat
(D) repair

(A) angrily
(B) easily
(C) happily
(D) cheerfully

(A) to make
(B) making
(C) to have made
(D) make

(A) embarrassing
(B) embarrassed
(C) embarrassingly
(D) embarrassment

(A) terrible
(B) irritating
(C) wonderful
(D) unfortunate

31.【題組】 For more than 30 years, the outstanding success of the Taiwan experience has had considerable impact on mainland China. For example, the special economic zones 【31】 on the mainland are modeled on Taiwan’s export processing zones. Recently the Chinese government has also been 【32】 to follow the 【33】 of the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park (新竹科學工業園區) south of Taipei. 【34】 economic development, Taiwan has in recent years made great efforts to promote democracy, and this has also had notable 【35】 on China.
(A) which established
(B) establishing
(C) established
(D) which establishes

(A) broad
(B) weak
(C) moody
(D) eager

(A) criticism
(B) meaning
(C) order
(D) example

(A) Aside for
(B) Apart from
(C) As a result
(D) With regard in

(A) effects
(B) problems
(C) opinions
(D) comments

36.【題組】 People have different opinions about the dangers of children using the Internet. Some people think that it is a good way for children to find out about things, and that 【36】 in this way also helps children to get used to technology. Others, 【37】 , feel that children should not be allowed to explore the Internet on their 【38】. They argue that unlike films and television, 【39】 are carefully controlled so that parents can decide what they will let their children 【40】, information on the Internet is open to anyone, so children may be exposed to materials that are not appropriate for them.
(A) learn
(B) learns
(C) learned
(D) learning

(A) however
(B) therefore
(C) by the way
(D) as a result

(A) self
(B) own
(C) thing
(D) way

(A) those
(B) these
(C) which
(D) what

(A) smell
(B) taste
(C) dress
(D) watch

41.【題組】 The elementary schools in Taiwan have begun teaching English, but it is difficult for those schools in remote, rural areas to hire qualified English teachers. Now the problem seems to be partially solved as forty American-born Chinese will be recruited to teach English in remote or rural areas this coming summer. These young American-born Chinese will work as English teachers for nine weeks during their summer vacation. In return they will receive free lessons in Chinese and Chinese literature for their voluntary efforts. Any interested individuals who are Chinese Americans aged over twenty and have a college degree are welcome to apply for the job via the Internet at the following email address: before March 8, 2003.
【題組】41.When are the voluntary teachers going to teach English in Taiwan?
(A) When they are senior students.
(B) During their winter break.
(C) During their summer vacation.
(D) After they have the certificate.

42.【題組】42.Where will the voluntary English teachers be teaching when they come to Taiwan?
(A) At remote or rural elementary schools.
(B) At city elementary schools.
(C) At elementary schools in Taipei.
(D) At every elementary school.

43.【題組】43.What will the voluntary English teachers get in return for their teaching?
(A) Voluntary efforts.
(B) Free Chinese lessons.
(C) Money.
(D) Computers.

44.【題組】44.According to the article, with the forty volunteers coming to Taiwan, the problem of English teacher shortage is .
(A) completely solved
(B) partially solved
(C) totally overcome
(D) getting worse

45.【題組】45.Which is NOT included in the qualifications(資格)for the job mentioned above?
(A) Being aged over twenty.
(B) Having a college degree.
(C) Being Chinese Americans.
(D) Having a teaching certificate.

46.【題組】 The effect of physical and mental demands and pressures on the human body may be thought of as stress. Everyone’s life has some stress. In day-to-day situations, your body can handle normal stress. Even when stress continues, the body will react by demanding physical and mental rest. After rest, it is again ready to take on stress. In fact, a certain amount of stress is necessary. The right amount for you depends on your individual physical and mental makeup. Alicia, for example, is always on the go. She joins in all sorts of clubs and organizations in school. Out of school, she competes year-round in sailing races. Keeping up with all her activities requires her to handle a great deal of physical and mental stress. Mike, on the other hand, is more easygoing. He spends time with his friends, works part-time at a record store, and keeps up with schoolwork. However, he would not be comfortable with Alicia’s schedule of activities. To him, too much stress means distress.
【題組】46.What is this passage mainly about?
(A) Stress and your body.
(B) Stress and your friends.
(C) Stress and gender difference.
(D) Stress and schoolwork.

47.【題組】47.The phrase “on the go” is closest in meaning to .
(A) upset
(B) scholastic
(C) busy
(D) noisy

48.【題組】48.According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) The human body cannot handle stress in everyday life.
(B) Mike would feel comfortable with a lot of stress.
(C) No one suffers from stress.
(D) Some amount of stress is necessary for the human body.

49.【題組】49.Why does the author talk about Alicia and Mike?
(A) To show how important it is to use makeup on your body.
(B) To prove that there is indeed some stress in day-to-day situations.
(C) To show that the right amount of stress may depend on individuals.
(D) To explain how trying to keep up with schoolwork causes a lot of stress.

50.【題組】50.This passage might appear in a book intended to help people __________.
(A) know more about sailing races
(B) maintain good health
(C) get used to modern technology
(D) make good use of their talents