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94 年 - 九十四學年度技術校院四年制與專科學校二年制 統一入學測驗補救考試#17761 

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1.1. It is not ______ to have a headache for a week; you should go to see a doctor right away.
(A) normal
(B) positive
(C) confirmed
(D) confused

2.2. The doctor said that the patient is 70 pounds ______ and demanded that he lost at least 30 pounds before the operation.
(A) apparent
(B) enormous
(C) impressive
(D) overweight

3.3. There are many ______ sights around and along the coast of the beautiful Orchid Island.
(A) remarkable
(B) kinds
(C) single
(D) civil

4.4. The curious boy asked the other______ to exchange seats so that he could sit by the window.
(A) help
(B) passenger
(C) pilot
(D) transportation

5.5. John could have flown or taken a train or bus to Taipei; but driving, he thought, would be more ______ .
(A) massive
(B) exciting
(C) similar
(D) shortened

6.6. People say that some magazines misuse “freedom of the ______ ” to invade famous people’s private lives.
(A) dress
(B) mind
(C) press
(D) traffic

7.7. After Taiwan became a ______ of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the price of a bottle of rice wine increased to NT$130.
(A) piece
(B) number
(C) class
(D) member

8.8. In two days, my boss has to make a ______ about whether to expand his computer business or not.
(A) publication
(B) management
(C) company
(D) decision

9.9. One easy way to save ______ is to turn off the lights when one leaves the room.
(A) time
(B) lives
(C) energy
(D) household

10.10. Fifth-graders in Taiwan are expected to be able to read and write the twenty-six ______ in English.
(A) idioms
(B) alphabets
(C) phrases
(D) numbers

11.11. The United Nations predicts that the world’s population will ______ 9 billion by 2050.
(A) reach
(B) touch
(C) improve
(D) pollute

12.12. Air pollution, water pollution, and the killing of rare animals are all ______ our planet Earth.
(A) importing
(B) showing
(C) promoting
(D) harming

13.13. Those who live in Taipei City are ______ by the city government for the garbage bags they use.
(A) kicked
(B) charged
(C) judged
(D) turned

14.14. Washing your hands after going to the bathroom and before eating can help ______ SARS .
(A) load
(B) forget
(C) turn
(D) prevent

15.15. The Chinese Taipei baseball team is ______ the best Taiwanese baseball players.
(A) composed of
(B) made up
(C) run out
(D) broken into

16.16. Ingrid: It’s noisy on the street.
Felicia: Yes, it is. ______
Ingrid: Me neither. How can we concentrate with such noise?
(A) I have a test tomorrow.
(B) There’s no party nearby.
(C) I can’t stand it.
(D) The street is always noisy.

17.17. Hotel clerk: How long are you planning to stay?
Matthew: _____________________
Hotel clerk: Please let us know as soon as possible.
(A) I’m not quite sure yet.
(B) I’ve already checked out.
(C) I’m leaving tomorrow morning.
(D) I’ll be there right away.

18.18. Patrick: Do we have everything on the table?
Yvonne: Let me see. ____________
Patrick: (Pause) I know! The salt and pepper.
(A) What happened?
(B) That looks great!
(C) We are missing something.
(D) Yes, that’ll be fine.

19.19. Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Grace: Yes, a tuna sandwich, please.
Waiter: (turning to Laura) And you?
Laura: ___________
(A) Give me a break.
(B) Yes, by the way.
(C) I’m hungry.
(D) Make it two.

20.20. Sara: Alice, I’m leaving now.
Alice: So soon? Can’t you stay a little longer?
Sara: ________________But it’s already late.
Alice: Oh, it’s a shame that you have to leave.
(A) So can I.
(B) Will you please?
(C) I wish I could.
(D) You should be home by now.

21.21. John: I was told to pick up the ticket here.
Clerk: Your name, please?
John: John Smith.
Clerk: ____________Here’s the ticket.
(A) Just a moment.
(B) You are welcome.
(C) It’s all right.
(D) Don’t mention it.

22.22. Doctor: How long have you had this problem?
Patient: Since this morning.
Doctor: Did you eat anything unusual?
Patient: _____________
(A) It’s unusual.
(B) I don’t think so.
(C) I’m very serious.
(D) It’s your problem.

23.23. Monica: You should take Vitamin C every day.
Patrick: Why?
Monica: It’s good for your health.
Patrick: ________________
Monica: I read it in a book.
(A) Who told you that?
(B) Why do you do it?
(C) Whose fault is that?
(D) What’s the message?

24.24. Bob: Do you think the painting is a masterpiece?
Carl: _______________
Bob: I thought you said you studied art!
Carl: No, I said I studied heart. I am a doctor.
(A) Never say never.
(B) Don’t ask me.
(C) I am an artist.
(D) You’re a great student.

25.25. Mom: It’s time for bed.
Ken: I know, Mom. But _______________There’s a big test tomorrow.
Mom: OK! Don’t stay up too late, though.
(A) I’m not done yet.
(B) I’m going to bed.
(C) it’s too late.
(D) it’s too early to get up.

26.Yoga, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, has become popular among young females in big cities. “Nowadays ____26____ are feeling more pressure,” says Jennifer Park, a yoga teacher, “and yoga is a very good sport to balance the ____27____ and problems of everyday life in the city.” ____28____ a recent survey, nine out of ten people who exercise yoga are females. The reason is that women tend to know more consciously about their bodies than men ____29____ . “In yoga it is important to know your body,” Jennifer agrees with the survey, “and women are very much body ____30____ . That could be one of the reasons that women are ____31____ interested in studying yoga.” Regular yoga exercises emphasize 32 breathing and reducing stress. ____33____ there are more and more young females asking for power yoga classes. In those classes, one will focus all the attention on more flexible gestures to improve muscle strength.
(A) problems
(B) programs
(C) people
(D) tourists

(A) stress
(B) class
(C) diets
(D) exercises

(A) As a matter
(B) According to
(C) In spite of
(D) In order to

(A) are
(B) have
(C) get
(D) do

(A) conscious
(B) rude
(C) hated
(D) easy-going

(A) less
(B) little
(C) more
(D) fewer

(A) in
(B) at
(C) of
(D) on

(A) For
(B) But
(C) Or
(D) If

34.Before the Europeans began settling in Australia during the early 1800s, there were about 300,000 Aborigines on the continent. 34 the new settlers brought diseases that killed many of these native people. Today there are only about 125,000 Aborigines living in Australia, many of 35 now live in the cities. The way of life of the Aborigines, who still live like their ancestors, is closely related to nature. They live 36 hunters and gatherers and do not produce crops or raise livestock. The Aborigines have no permanent settlements, only small camps near watering places. Because they live on the land, they must frequently move around 37 food. They have few belongings and little or no clothing. Some tribes of Aborigines, especially 38 that live in the desert, may move 100 times in a year. They might move more than 1,000 miles on foot during that time. These tribes set up homes, such as tents made of grass. 39 The Aborigines have 40 written language, but they have developed a system of hand signals. These are used during hunting when silence is necessary and during their religious ceremonies when talking is forbidden.
(A) But
(B) While
(C) For
(D) Though

(A) they
(B) it
(C) what
(D) whom

(A) for
(B) as
(C) by
(D) in

(A) in return for
(B) in case of
(C) in search of
(D) in order to

(A) one
(B) half
(C) those
(D) these

(A) patient
(B) careful
(C) nervous
(D) temporary

(A) none
(B) no
(C) not
(D) nor

41.Although most people believe that formal schooling is required for scientific success, a college degree is not always necessary. An excellent example of a man who won fame as a scientist without academic training is Vincent J. Schaefer. His formal education ended after two years of high school when he had to go to work in an untrained job at General Electric. Because of his inventive mind and his skill as a model maker, he was soon allowed to try his own experiments in the company laboratory. His natural curiosity made him wonder about clouds. He developed, after many tries, a method of making clouds rain when they would not normally do so. This method, called seeding, has been very helpful to farmers, and it won him much fame. In 1961 he became director and leading professor of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center of the University of New York. In 1981, this professor, who had never gone to college, published a highly respected book, A Field Guide to the Atmosphere. Schaefer approves of college education; but he believes that, for people who can work on their own, who learn by doing, who read books, who make friends with worthwhile people, and who, most of all, are interested in the world and everything in it, a college degree is unnecessary
【題組】41. This passage is mainly about ______________ .
(A) an experiment conducted by a scientist
(B) a scientist without a college degree
(C) a book written by a college professor
(D) General Electric and college education

42.【題組】42. General Electric is most likely the name of _______________.
(A) a company
(B) a model maker
(C) an untrained job
(D) a place for academic training

43.【題組】43. According to the passage, the word seeding is _____________.
(A) what farmers do
(B) the name of a model maker
(C) another word for one’s natural curiosity
(D) a method of making rain from clouds

44.【題組】44. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true about the book, A Field Guide to the Atmosphere?
(A) It was published in 1961.
(B) It approved of college education.
(C) It won Schaefer great fame and respect.
(D) It was written by a professor with a college degree.

45.【題組】45. Which of the following statements is true about Vincent J. Schaefer?
(A) He was a well-educated scholar.
(B) He liked to try and experiment with new things.
(C) He owned a big farm in the state of New York.
(D) He succeeded in making clouds rain without much efforts.

46.【題組】46. The pronoun it in the last sentence refers to ____________ .
(A) the world
(B) a field guide
(C) a college education
(D) a highly respected book

47.ENERGIE STUDIO, a friendly health club, is offering a special promotional price to celebrate its eighth anniversary. You can now become a member for the price of only NT$3,688 a year and get unlimited use of the studio’s facilities and equipment. Located within walking distance from the Chietan MRT, ENERGIE STUDIO provides quality exercise equipment to fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. There are over 50 kinds of health and exercise equipment imported from Europe. You can customize your workouts for the best results possible with our full selection of health equipment. After your workout, relax in the men’s or women’s steam or sauna facilities. A 12-step facial and weight loss program is also offered. ENERGIE STUDIO has experienced fitness instructors to provide professional aerobic classes. The instructors can design a realistic exercise program to suit each individual’s lifestyle.
【題組】47. ENERGIE STUDIO is most likely a ___________.
(A) newspaper advertisement
(B) radio program
(C) fitness center
(D) beauty saloon

48.【題組】48. Which of the following is NOT true about Energie Studio?
(A) It is close to public transportation.
(B) It has very good exercise equipment.
(C) It started its business 8 years ago.
(D) It welcomes only professional athletes.

49.【題組】49. All of the following are main attractions of Energie Studio EXCEPT ________________.
(A) special promotional price
(B) limited use of the equipment
(C) convenience of transportation
(D) facilities to relax the body after exercising

50.【題組】50. About how much does one have to pay per month to become a member?
(A) NT$8,000
(B) NT$3,000
(C) NT$500
(D) NT$300