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1.1. Many immigrants feel sad and lonely because they cannot ____________ to life in a new country.
(A) arrange
(B) adjust
(C) apply
(D) adopt

2.2. The human body, like a complex machine, grows and changes in ____________ to our environment, diet and habits.
(A) fact
(B) short
(C) contact
(D) response

3.3. To make their homestay a pleasant experience, students have to follow certain rules of ____________.
(A) extinction
(B) etiquette
(C) import
(D) income

4.4. Today, whether people should keep guns at home remains a ____________ issue in the United States.
(A) controversial
(B) marriage
(C) female
(D) fair

5.5. Nurses often take patients' ____________ to see if they have a fever.
(A) team
(B) trend
(C) temper
(D) temperature

6.6. He is ____________ to the position of general manager because of his hard work and excellent performance in the past ten years.
(A) promoted
(B) prevented
(C) consumed
(D) estimated

7.7. The teenager’s sharp ____________ of the lecture really hurt the speaker’s feelings.
(A) appreciation
(B) weapon
(C) criticism
(D) digestion

8.8. The retired scientist was awarded a gold medal for his ____________ contribution to the medical research.
(A) confusing
(B) clumsy
(C) silly
(D) significant

9.9. Please follow the doctor’s ____________ when you take medicine.
(A) reactions
(B) situations
(C) creations
(D) directions

10.10. Many schools in Taiwan use GEPT or TOEIC test to ____________ students' English proficiency.
(A) assess
(B) memorize
(C) reduce
(D) reject

11.11. Ang Lee, a famous director born in Taiwan, has made some remarkable movies that deal with the ____________ between tradition and modern life.
(A) quantity
(B) collection
(C) error
(D) conflict

12.12. In the United States, young people are ____________ from entering night clubs, buying alcoholic drinks or gambling until they are twenty-one years of age.
(A) allowed
(B) polluted
(C) prohibited
(D) registered

13.13. Taiwan is a great place to live, but people with ____________ suffer a lot from the humid weather.
(A) hobbies
(B) allergies
(C) skills
(D) riches

14.14. Those students were asked to receive special training in the skill of oral presentation so that they might be more ____________ for the speech competition.
(A) chubby
(B) competent
(C) attracted
(D) worshipped

15.15. We must pay attention to the crisis that water supplies are ____________ in China, India and the U.S. because these countries together produce half the world’s food.
(A) developing
(B) increasing
(C) dwindling
(D) mounting

16.16. John: May I have a table for two? Hostess: _______________ John: No, we just arrived. Hostess: Please wait to be seated.
(A) Where are you from?
(B) Who is coming for dinner?
(C) Is it for here or to go?
(D) Do you have a reservation?

17.17. Daniel: This novel is a best-seller. You should get one. Franz: How much is it? Daniel: 650 dollars. Franz: _______________ Daniel: Okay. Then you can borrow mine when I finish reading it.
(A) You are too much.
(B) It is on sale now.
(C) Oh, that’s too costly for me.
(D) You cannot judge a book by its cover.

18.18. Student 1: Can you burn this conference CD for me? Student 2: _______________ Student 1: Really? Student 2: Yes, it’s stealing someone else’s intellectual property for free.
(A) I don’t burn machines.
(B) I think attending the conference is fun.
(C) I don’t think duplicating CD is legal.
(D) I enjoy listening to the CD.

19.19. Woman: I would like to buy a candy bar. Man: That will be three dollars. Woman: Here is five dollars. Man: _______________
(A) You can change it here.
(B) Here is your change.
(C) It is hard to change your mind.
(D) The price is subject to change.

20.20. Husband: I feel so depressed lately. I don’t know why. Wife: _______________ Husband: I can’t recall. Wife: Be careful, honey. I read that anti-depressants can result in short-term memory loss.
(A) Did you forget to take your medication?
(B) Did you expand the memory of the new computer?
(C) Did you buy honey yesterday?
(D) Did you know what led to economic depression?

21.21. Janitor: Sorry, I wonder if you would _______________. You’re blocking the emergency exit for the theater. Visitor: I’m sorry, I must have missed the sign. Could you suggest a place to park? Janitor: The sign is here, just behind the tree. Visitor: Thanks. I’ll move my car right away, but you really should cut those branches.
(A) mind locking your vehicle
(B) mind moving your van
(C) sign a contract with us
(D) watch the movie with us or not

22.22. Man: What are you waiting for? Jump in! Woman: The water in the pool is so cold. Besides, I’m in shorts. Man: _______________ Be daring! Woman: Okay, get out of the way. Here it goes!
(A) You don’t need a swimming suit.
(B) You don’t need a towel.
(C) I am short of money.
(D) I am shorter than you.

23.23. Man: Turn off the computer when you leave the office. Woman: I always do. Why do you need to remind me? Man: _______________ Woman: Don't worry. Saving energy is a habit of mine!
(A) Just in case you forget. No offense.
(B) You need to purchase a new computer.
(C) People are afraid of leaving the office.
(D) You need to save your files before switching off the computer.

24.24. Woman: _______________ Man: Try using vinegar to remove the dirty spot. Woman: Won’t that make it worse? Man: No, it will get rid of it.
(A) The sushi is sour.
(B) There is a stain in my life.
(C) My shirt is stained.
(D) The dirt is removed.

25.25. Woman: Sir, I have to stop you; you were driving too fast. Man: I’m sorry, officer. I won’t do it again. Woman: _______________ You’ll be fined NT$ 3000 for that. Man: Oh, no!
(A) There are three train tickets left.
(B) There is no speed limit here.
(C) I'll give you a license.
(D) I'll give you a ticket.

26.     In 1903 the National Conference of the PTA issued a statement that holds true today: "Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and 26 in their relations with each other. " To teach people of all ages to 27 companion animals in a kind, responsible manner, an interactive program called Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) was developed. RPO teaches 28 for pets, animal safety, and respect for life. Young people who are 29 to animals are more likely to become aggressive toward humans as they grow older. Educating children about respect for people and animals can 30 self-esteem. In summary, educating people of all ages is the key to reversing the tragedy of abandoned and abused animals.
(A) considerate
(B) considerable
(C) jealous
(D) jobless

(A) treat
(B) extract
(C) mistreat
(D) retreat

(A) response
(B) relaxation
(C) responsibility
(D) rebellion

(A) clever
(B) cruel
(C) caring
(D) creative

(A) foam
(B) forgive
(C) forecast
(D) foster

31.     Are you always tired? Well, there is a solution 31 the problem. It is the RestMate pillow. In the office or on the road, the RestMate pillow can 32 you a chance to snooze anywhere, anytime. It serves people from different 33 :students who need a nap in a classroom, people who 34 a lot in libraries, people who travel a lot, and doctors who sleep in hospitals. Many people need it. It is no doubt that this is a 35 suitable for people at a global level. With this pillow, anyone who is using it can disconnect from their surroundings and sleep even in public.
(A) to
(B) by
(C) in
(D) at

(A) seize
(B) miss
(C) deny
(D) offer

(A) sectors
(B) families
(C) countries
(D) planets

(A) scatter
(B) stir
(C) spray
(D) study

(A) productivity
(B) protester
(C) product
(D) producer

36.    Thanks to the rise of digital photography, a slide-show application ( or App ) can make a 36 of photos into a slide show. Slide-show functions are built into the operating system of electronic devices such as iPads and iPhones. The App can time slide shows to 37 to the length of a music track. In addition, you can also select a theme of your slides to 38 your photos against a background. The best part is that the App can 39 slides to your device as a video file for easy sharing. You can also share your slides via e-mail or publish them to YouTube. The main 40 of the App on sharing : you can share your files only with someone who also has the App.
(A) salary
(B) series
(C) slavery
(D) seriousness

(A) paste
(B) store
(C) match
(D) flush

(A) gift
(B) absent
(C) reward
(D) present

(A) support
(B) export
(C) deport
(D) report

(A) limitation
(B) strength
(C) advantage
(D) development 。

41.▲閱讀下文,回答第 41−45 題 
      As your train follows the North Link Railway along the eastern coast of Taiwan, you will see high mountains on one side and blue sea on the other in an enchanting picture of natural wonder. Along the way you will enjoy viewing the changes of nature's handiwork. After the train rolls onto the Lanyang Plain, your eyes will be filled with bright green rice paddy and, in the distance, the Turtle Island, majestic mountains and deep blue waters.
      Besides scenic spots, you can also enjoy a vast range of tribal attractions in the Hualien and Taitung areas. It is well known that eastern Taiwan has the highest concentration of aboriginal tribes ( Amis, Puyuma, Atayal, Rukai and Bunun ). Tourists may join a variety of tribal celebrations staged in Hualien, and the Amis Harvest Festival is the best known. Each Amis village holds its own festival that lasts for an average of three days in mid-July for Taitung villages, and in August for Hualien villages. Late in the year, usually in December, Puyuma villages hold the Monkey Festival in which males of the tribe --in the past-- killed a monkey as part of young braves' initiation into manhood. 
    According to the aboriginal language, the tribal name Puyuma means “ together ” and “ united ”. The Taiwan Railway Administration introduced a new tilting train, “ Puyuma Express ” (普悠瑪), which was named after the aboriginal tribe in Taitung County. In response to public expectations, the Puyuma Express started service along the eastern coast in early 2013.

【題組】41. According to the passage, which of the following will NOT be seen by travelers who travel along the eastern coast of Taiwan?
(A) Skyscrapers.
(B) High mountains and blue sea.
(C) Enchanting pictures of natural wonder.
(D) Rice paddy.

42.【題組】42. According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) The Amis festival usually lasts for five days.
(B) There are five aboriginal tribes living in eastern Taiwan.
(C) Nowadays, the Puyuma young braves kill monkeys.
(D) You can join the Monkey Festival on the North Link Railway. +

43.【題組】43. What tribal celebration is Hualien famous for?
(A) Puyuma Monkey Festival.
(B) Lantern Festival.
(C) Amis Harvest Festival.
(D) Ghost Festival.

44.【題組】44. What time do Taitung villages usually hold their Harvest Festival?
(A) Early July.
(B) Mid-July.
(C) Late July.
(D) Mid-August.

45.【題組】45. What does the word "Puyuma " mean?
(A) Brave.
(B) Unified.
(C) Original.
(D) Mountainous.

46.▲閱讀下文,回答第 46−50 題
     Have you ever experienced burning the midnight oil, studying for an exam due the next day? This is what Mike is doing now. To stay awake and focused, he has had two cups of coffee in the last three hours and is now making another. Many people like Mike owe their energy to coffee, a drink which has become trendy and is accumulating more and more consumers worldwide. These people say they couldn’t live without coffee, but is it good for us?
     A sleep expert at Harvard Medical School thinks that the caffeine in coffee causes us to lose sleep, which he says is unhealthy. Too often, we consume caffeine to stay awake, which later makes it impossible for us to get the rest we need. Over the past years, studies have related higher rates of certain types of cancer and bone disease to caffeine consumption. Despite these concerns, the general opinion in the scientific community is that caffeine is not dangerous when consumed moderately. Furthermore, a lot of current research has opposite findings about caffeine, and suggests that it may, in fact, have health benefits. For instance, studies show that caffeine can help improve one’s mood. Research has also shown that some caffeinated drinks have disease-fighting chemicals that can help the body fight a number of illnesses, including certain types of cancer. 
    Whether the behavioral effects from caffeine are real or not, getting the burst of energy from coffee is why the drink is getting more and more popular.

【題組】46. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The risks of drinking coffee.
(B) The effects of caffeine on the body.
(C) How to make a good cup of coffee.
(D) How meaningless it is to consume coffee.

47.【題組】47. How does Mike help himself stay awake and focused?
(A) He burns a lot of oil.
(B) He drinks only two cups of coffee.
(C) He gets energy from coffee.
(D) He becomes wealthy.

48.【題組】48. According to the passage, which of the following is a positive effect of caffeine?
(A) It improves one’s mood.
(B) It is related to bone diseases.
(C) It is related to cancers.
(D) It helps people sleep better.

49.【題組】49. Most of the time, people drink coffee to __________.
(A) accumulate consumers
(B) lose sleep
(C) consume energy
(D) stay awake

50.【題組】50. According to the passage, the behavioral effects do NOT include __________.
(A) staying awake
(B) staying focused
(C) making more coffee
(D) having a good mood