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1.1. ______ I watched this movie, never growing tired of it.
(A)For example
(B)Such as
(C)Time and again
(D)On the other hand

2.2. There is ______ about her ability.
(A)not problem
(B)not question
(C)no problem
(D)no doubt

3.3. He wants to quit and ______ his own business.
(A)log onto
(B)set up
(C)take off
(D)catch on

4.4. Can you ______ the answer to this question?
(A)thanks to
(B)think of
(C)turn into
(D)take off

5.5. I think I’ll ______ working at this job until retirement.
(A)up to
(B)would rather
(C)instead of
(D)end up

6.6. All of my family members ______ sleep in the dark.
(A)make sure
(B)turn out
(C)sut up
(D)are afraid to

7.7. Remind me to buy sugar and salt ______.
(A)on my way home
(B)at first sight
(C)on the other hand
(D)that’s why

8.8. It was cloudy at first, but it ______ a nice day later.
(A)got along
(B)got to
(C)turned into
(D)asked for

9.9.You ______ bring an umbrella; it could rain tonight.
(A)make sure
(B)figure out
(C)give up
(D)had better

10.10. You’ll be all set after you ______ the application form.
(A)send out
(B)take off
(C)turn into
(D)catch on

11.11.The teacher shouted at Tracy for ______ her classmate’s mistake.
(A)searching for
(B)sending out
(C)giving up
(D)laughing at

12.12.What do you plan to do with ______ your money?
(A)that’s why
(B)the path of
(C)the rest of
(D)finish line

13.13.Disco really ______ in the late 1970s, but it is not popular anymore.
(A)set up
(B)took off
(C)caught on
(D)searched for

14.14.The workers are ______ a pay raise.
(A)catching on
(B)asking for
(C)turning into
(D)taking off

15.15. In science class, we learned how a caterpillar ______ a butterfly.
(A)takes off
(B)turns into
(C)gives up
(D)asks for

16.16. When my parents mentioned a vacation in America, I immediately ______ you.
(A)took off
(B)thought of
(C)turned into
(D)set up