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1.If we can ______ to, we will take a vacation abroad in the summer.
(B) move
(C) expose
(D) afford

2.A ______ mistake found in parenthood is that parents often set unrealistic goals for their children.
(A) terrific
(B) common
(C) straight
(D) favorable

3.I don’t know for sure what I am going to do this weekend, but___ I plan to visit an old friend of mine in southern Taiwan.
(A) tentatively
(B) inevitably
(C) unknowingly
(D) numerously

4.Our chemistry teacher was on a one-month sick leave, so the principal had to find a teacher to ____ for her.
(A) recover
(B) navigate
(C) rehearse
(D) substitute

5.Mr. Johnson was disappointed at his students for having a passive learning ______.
(A) result
(B) progress
(C) attitude
(D) energy

6.Anne dreaded giving a speech before three hundred people; even thinking about it made her ______.
(A) passionate
(B) anxious
(C) ambitious
(D) optimistic

7.I had to ______ Jack’s invitation to the party because it conflicted with an important business meeting.
(A) decline
(B) depart
(C) devote
(D) deserve

8.Selling fried chicken at the night market doesn’t seem to be a decent business, but it is actually quite ______.
(A) plentiful
(B) precious
(C) profitable
(D) productive

9.The passengers ______ escaped death when a bomb exploded in the subway station, killing sixty people.
(A) traditionally
(B) valuably
(C) loosely
(D) narrowly

10.I called the airline to ______ my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada.
(A) expand
(B) attach
(C) confirm
(D) strengthen

11.In order to write a report on stars, we decided to ______the stars in the sky every night.
(A) design
(B) seize
(C) quote
(D) observe

12.Julie wants to buy a ______ computer so that she can carry it around when she travels.
(A) memorable
(B) portable
(C) predictable
(D) readable

13.My grandmother likes to surprise people. She never calls _____ to inform us of her visits.
(A) beforehand
(B) anyhow
(C) originally
(D) consequently

14.As the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 has become a new ______ of Taipei City.
(A) incident
(B) geography
(C) skylight
(D) landmark

15.Many scholars and experts from all over the world will be invite to attend this yearly ______ on drug control.
(A) reference
(B) intention
(C) conference
(D) interaction

16.John had failed to pay his phone bills for months, so his telephone was ______ last week.
(A) interrupted
(B) disconnected
(C) excluded
(D) discriminated

17.The organic food products are made of natural ingredients, with no______ flavors added.
(A) accurate
(B) regular
(C) superficial
(D) artificial

18.Jessica is a very religious girl; she believes that she is always ______ supported by her god.
(A) spiritually
(B) typically
(C) historically
(D) officially

19.Jane usually buys things on ______. Her purchases seem to be driven by some sudden force or desire.
(A) accident
(B) compliment
(C) justification
(D) impulse

20.The week-long rainfall has ______ landslides and flooding in the mountain areas.
(A) set about
(B) brought about
(C) come about
(D) put about

21.In the cross-lake swimming race, a boat will be _____ in case of an emergency.
(A) standing by
(B) turning on
(C) getting on
(D) running down

22.The ground is slippery. Hold onto the rope and don’t ______.
(A) put off
(B) turn up
(C) let go
(D) take apart

23.______ the weather, the athletic meetings will be held on time.
(A) Instead of
(B) In relation to
(C) On behalf of
(D) Regardless of

24.If people keep polluting the rivers, no fish there will survive ______.
(A)at all cost
(B) for a long while
(C) in the long run
(D) by no means

25.Jerry didn’t ______ his primary school classmate Mary until he listened to her self-introduction.
(A) acquaint
(B) acquire
(C) recognize
(D) realize

26.With the completion of several public ______ projects, such as the MRT, commuting to work has become easier for people living in The suburbs.
(A) transportation
(B) traffic
(C) travel
(D) transfer

27.With a good ______ of both Chinese and English, Miss Lin was assigned the task of oral interpretation for the visiting American delegation.
(A) writing
(B) program
(C) command
(D) impression

28.I am studying so hard for the forthcoming entrance exam that I do not have the ______ of a free weekend to rest.
(A) luxury
(B) license
(C) limitation
(D) strength

29.Kim was completely ______ after jogging in the hot sun all afternoon; she had little energy left.
(A) kicked out
(B) handed out
(C) worn out
(D) put out

30.When Jason failed to pay his bill, the network company ______ his Internet connection.
(A) cut off
(B) cut back
(C) cut short
(D) cut down

31.The gym is closed on Monday for routine ____ work. The facilities are kept in good condition by the regular checking and repairing.
(A) disturbance
(B) eloquence
(C) maintenance
(D) alliance

32.If you exercise regularly, your blood _____ will be improved, and you will feel more energetic.
(A) fatigue
(B) tranquility
(C) fragrance
(D) circulation

33.Nowadays people have to pass various tests for professional _____ so that they can be qualified for a well-paying job.
(A) mechanics
(B) permission
(C) certificates
(D) perseverance

34.Though Dr. Wang has been away from his hometown for over ten years, he can still _____ his old house clearly.
(A) nominate
(B) visualize
(C) prolong
(D) sprinkle

35.The speaker spent twenty minutes on one simple question. The explanation was so _____ that we could not see the point clearly.
(A) coherent
(B) crucial
(C) various
(D) lengthy

36.The new tax policy proposed for the next fiscal year has been severely criticized by the ______ party leaders.
(A) interaction
(B) exposition
(C) opposition
(D) occupation

37.Thousands of people flooded into the city to join the demonstration; as a result, the city’s transportation system was almost ______.
(A) testified
(B) paralyzed
(C) stabilized
(D) dissatisfied

38.Some words, such as “sandwich” and “hamburger,” were ______ the names of people or even towns.
(A) originally
(B) ideally
(C) relatively
(D) sincerely

39.Have you ever ______ how the ancient Egyptians created such marvelous feats of engineering as the pyramids?
(A) concluded
(B) wondered
(C) admitted
(D) persuaded

40.As computers are getting less expensive, they are _______ used in schools and offices today.
(A) widely
(B) expectedly
(C) consciously
(D) influentially

41.Mr. Chang always tries to answer all questions from his students.He will not ________ any of them even if they may sound stupid.
(A) reform
(B) depress
(C) ignore
(D) confirm

42.Irene does not throw away used envelopes. She _______ them by using them for taking telephone messages.
(A) designs
(B) recycles
(C) disguises
(D) manufactures

43.Cheese, powdered milk, and yogurt are common milk _______ .
(A) produces
(B) products
(C) productions
(D) productivities

44.Although he is a chef, Roberto _______ cooks his own meals.
(A) rarely
(B) bitterly
(C) naturally
(D) skillfully

45.Due to the yearly bonus system, the 100 _______ positions in this high-tech company have attracted many applicants from around the island.
(A) loyal
(B) evident
(C) typical
(D) vacant

46.If you want to borrow magazines, tapes, or CDs, you can visit the library. They are all _______ there.
(A) sufficient
(B) marvelous
(C) impressive
(D) available

47.The fire in the fireworks factory in Changhua set off a series of powerful _______ and killed four people.
(A) explosions
(B) extensions
(C) inspections
(D) impressions

48.A good government official has to _______ the temptation of money and make the right decision.
(A) consist
(B) insist
(C) resist
(D) persist

49.The drug dealer was _______ by the police while he was selling cocaine to a high school student.
(A) threatened
(B) endangered
(C) demonstrated
(D) arrested

50.The rise of oil prices made scientists search for new energy resources to _______ oil.
(A) apply
(B) replace
(C) inform
(D) persuade