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1.Without much contact with the outside world for many years, John found many technological inventions _______ to him.
(A) natural
(B) common
(C) foreign
(D) objective

2.The medicine you take for a cold may cause _______ ; try not to drive after you take it.
(A) incident
(B) violence
(C) bacteria
(D) drowsiness

3.To gain more _______, some legislators would get into violent physical fights so that they may appear in TV news reports.
(A) publicity
(B) reputation
(C) significance
(D) communication

4.To live an efficient life, we have to arrange the things to do in order of _______ and start with the most important ones.
(A) authority
(B) priority
(C) regularity
(D) security

5.The doctor said if the drug doesn’t work, he may have to _____ you something stronger.

6.They could find no city official who would agree to ____ at the press conference.

7.The much expected typhoon failed to ____ enough rainfall to replenish water supply.

8.All over the country, a majority name unemployment as one of their most ____ concerns.

9.Few voters in the district expect the councilman to ____ any new campaign strategies.
(B) initiate
(C) commit

10.6.When the site is officially ____, a subscription fee will be charged for certain features.

11.With the job cuts, Western analysts said the People’s Liberation Army would still be able to ____ Taiwan.

12.Years of over-spending have ____ on the government’s financial balance.
(A)taken their toll
(B)pulled their weight
(C)passed the buck
(D)tied the knot

13.The talk show host ____ after he made a snide remark about the senator's weight.
(A)came under fire
(B)turned the other cheek
(C)washed his hands of
(D)threw in the towel

14.The detective ____ as he went about searching for evidence of the crime.
(A)raised the alarm
(B)pulled the plug on
(C)left no stone unturned
(D)ran an errand

15.Arnold’s ____ to quit smoking was a constant source of frustration for him.
(A) invasion
(B) intensity
(C) inability
(D) intersection

16.A few people____ the meeting by shouting at the speaker.
(A) debated
(B) dedicated
(C) decomposed
(D) disrupted

17.Gesturing____ is a form of communication.
(A) nomad
(B) nominate
(C) nonverbal
(D) noble

18.Many people have trouble____ pills.
(A) staging
(B) stirring
(C) suspecting
(D) swallowing

19.The boy____ at the frog, but it jumped away.
(A) made a grab
(B) took a grab
(C) sent a grab
(D) gave a grab

20.His second-hand car____ at the most inconvenient time.
(A) crossed out
(B) broke down
(C) turned out
(D) came to

21.How did the bus driver____ happen to that man?
(A) run over
(B) cut out
(C) cut off
(D) blow out

22.When you tell someone to____ , you are telling him to be quiet.
(A) turn down
(B) shut up
(C) cut down
(D) blow up

23.One day the book was on the shelf, and the next day it had disappeared____ .
(A) mentally
(B) mostly
(C) principally
(D) mysteriously

24.Jane____ for the right words to tell her boyfriend that she was leaving him.
(A) furnished
(B) fumbled
(C) flattered
(D) focused

25.We have been asked to _____ to the proposal by the end of the month.
(A) incorporate
(B) respond
(C) cooperate
(D) correspond

26.I don’t want to _____ you, but there is a phone call waiting for you at the front desk.
(A) attract
(B) distract
(C) subtract
(D) extract

27.Do you think this actor will _____ the heights of his famous father?
(A) remain
(B) contain
(C) attain
(D) proclaim

28.Don’t forget to leave a narrower _____ on the left-hand side of your sheet of paper.
(A) region
(B) margin
(C) border
(D) boundary

29.In his _____ speech “ I Have a Dream,” Martin Luther King described the future of racial harmony.
(A) stirring
(B) stagnant
(C) prevalent
(D) projected

30.41.Most kids fall ______ to drug abuse because they are undervalued at home.
(A) interest
(B) curiosity
(C) victim
(D) avoidance

31.The two computer firms entered into serious ______ in order to merge their companies into one.
(B) management
(C) negotiation
(D) conflict

32.A lot of studies have shown that smoking is ______ not only to cancer, but to heart disease and many other health problems.
(B) accessible
(C) linked
(D) exposed

33.People in Taiwan usually burn ______ sticks and pray to their ancestors on Tomb Sweeping Day.
(B) bamboo
(C) colored
(D) walking

34.I am indebted to my ______ and loving parents for my success.
(B) devoted
(C) rewarding
(D) selfish

35.Look at all those candles on my cake. I do not think I can ______ them out.
(B) end
(C) blow
(D) drop

36.I cannot ______ to go to school full-time, so I work and go to school part-time.
(B) attend
(C) attach
(D) appeal

37.All international passengers must go through the ______ gate into customs before leaving the airport.
(B) traditional
(D) arrival

38.The first time John ______, he did not dare to go down the hill.
(A)went sking
(B) went skiing
(C) went to ski
(D) went and skied

39.Thousands of athletes from different countries will take part in ______.
(A)Olympics the
(B) the Olympics
(C) Olympic the
(D) Olympic Game

40.______ I saw the Niagara Falls, I was speechless.
(A) Until
(B)The first time
(C) Before
(D) Because

41.Why ______ in town the last couple of days?
(A)wasn’t you
(B) haven’t you been
(C) been aren’t you
(D) hadn’t you been

42.I ______ a pilot some day.
(A)dream to become
(B) dream to becoming
(C) dream of becoming
(D) dream for becoming

43.I am sure that the changing of colors must be a beautiful spectacle ______ I should never be tired.
(A) that
(B)of which
(C) which
(D) in that

44.Nowadays only very few students go to school ______.
(A) on feet
(B) on foot
(C) with foot
(D) with feet

45.After working day and night for three days, they have finally ______ the foundations of the new building.
(A) lay
(B) lain
(C) lied
(D) laid

46.We should dress ourselves formally ______ such an important occasion.
(A) at
(B) in
(C) on
(D) by

47.In our country people can move easily from one place to ______.
(A)the other
(B) the others
(C) others
(D) another

48.I enjoy ______ dinner with you.
(A) to have
(B) having
(C) for having
(D) in having

49.It is ______ that I like most.

50.The hostess said to John, “Make ______ at home.”