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1.You ______ obey the traffic regulation.
(A)should have
(D)ought to

2.My watch keeps good time, but his ______.

3.Inappropriate use of drugs may result in ______.

4.Either you or he ______ wrong.

5.______ is welcome.
(A)Your any friend
(B)Any friend of you
(C)Any your friend
(D)Any friend of yours

6.You know who he is, ______?
(A)will you
(B)don’t you
(C)aren’t you
(D)isn’t it

7.On my way home, I stopped ______ some bread at the bakery.
(B)to buy
(C)having bought

8.My sister is dressed ______ white.

9.My sister is dressed ______ white.

10.I haven’t seen Mary at all since she ______ to the new apartment.
(D)had moved

11.______ you need is more knowledge.

12.The train accident ______ right here a month ago.
(A)was happened
(B)was taken place
(C)took place
(D)was held

13.Sam is not a rude person. ______, he is a very polite person.
(A)As a result
(B)On the contrary
(C)In terms of
(D)For instance

14.The manager is quite efficient because he knows ______.
(A)how to make good use of time
(B)how to make less money
(C)how to tell time exactly
(D)how to make himself healthier and wealthier

15.My dog broke the dish and he ______.
(A)feeling guilty
(B)in guilt
(C)feels guilty
(D)is guilty of

16.I didn’t prepare for the exam; as a result, ______.
(A)my teacher was pleased with me
(B)father bought a present for me
(C)I failed my math final
(D)they came to visit me yesterday

17.Billy likes to play games. Therefore, he is always short ______ for his homework.
(A)with time
(B)in time
(C)by time
(D)on time

18.What do you mean ______ “successful students”?

19.I must finish my paper today. It’s ______ tomorrow.
(A)due to
(B)due on

20.The answer to getting good answers ______ asking good questions.
(A)lies in
(B)lies on
(C)lies with
(D)lies by

21.The procrastinator always ______.
(A)puts on things to the last time
(B)calls off things until the last days
(C)puts off things until the last moment
(D)take off things with the last chance

22.The answer ______ in how hard you would try to figure it out.
(D)was lain

23.Charts ______ provide information all the time.
(A)are used to
(B)used to
(C)use to
(D)were used to

24.Charts can compare ______.
(A)how are related
(B)that are related
(C)how things are related
(D)how things has be related

25.The pictures make it easier ______ you to understand the words.

26.It is ______.

27.The numbers 1,2,3,4, and 5 tell you the steps ______ you should follow.
(A)that can
(C)that is
(D)that are

28.The room was so dark that we had trouble ______ our seats.
(B)to find

29.Efficient(有效率的) people know how to make ______ of their time.
(B)best useful
(C)the most useful
(D)the best use

30.She already has a CD player, ______ she doesn’t have an MP3 player yet.

31.The little girl ______ help crying for help.