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1.Please get your shirt ______ before you go out.
(D)to wash

2.All parents wish their children to be ______ students they can be.
(A)the best
(B)good enough
(C)too good
(D)so good

3.A: ______ B: He is doing very well. Thank you.
(A)What is your father doing?
(B)How does your father do?
(C)How well is your father being?
(D)How is your father doing?

4.If you had come yesterday, you ______ him.
(A)would have seen
(B)would see
(C)would have been seeing
(D)would be seen

5.A: ______ is it for? B: It’s for Helen. Tomorrow is her birthday.

6.They ______ the country by the time you arrive.
(A)will have left
(B)will leave
(C)will be leaving
(D)will have been leaving

7.Let me give you a suggestion to help you ______.
(A)will decide

8.Believe me: your dream will ______ true only if you work hard enough.

9.A: ______ have you been watching TV? B:About two hours.
(A)How often
(B)What time
(C)How long
(D)How many times

10.He sent me a letter ______ that he had passed the test.

11.I met the teacher ______ me last year.
(B)was teaching
(C)who taught
(D)who was taught

12.My youngest sister ______ when I was five.
(C)was born
(D)was bearing

13.Can you ______ the difference ______ the twin sisters?
(A)say; of
(B)tell; with
(C)speak; for
(D)tell; between

14.Both French people and Germans ______ Westerners.
(A)refer to as
(B)are referring to
(C)are referred to as
(D)referring to as

15.The children stopped ______ and began to laugh when they saw their mother.
(A)to cry
(C)to be crying

16.Kissing and hugging are two general Western ways ______ love.
(B)to show
(C)to be shown

17.Mary was filled with ______.

18.Theresa’s mother heard her ______ in the room.
(B)to sob
(D)was sobbing

19.Tom enjoys ______ to music while he is working on the computer.
(A)to listen

20.John promised Teresa’s father ______ her.
(A)to look after
(B)look after
(C)looking after
(D)looked after

21.Hush! Don’t wake up the ______ baby.
(C)to sleep

22.The wish you ______ may come true.

23.Teachers don’t like students ______ are late to school.

24.A: There were some terrible traffic accidents on the highway yesterday afternoon. B: ______ did it happen?

25.If you work hard enough, your chance to succeed will be ______.
(A)very big
(C)very higher
(D)much higher

26.A: My sister lost her purse on the bus. B: ______ did it happen?

27.Does your job ______ you?
(C)be interested
(D)have interest

28.A: ______ do you know that you’d like to be a tour guide? B: I like traveling very much.

29.James, ______ is one of my best friends.
(A)who designs fashion,
(B)is a successful businessman
(C)has made a big career
(D)hard-working accountant

30.He has made ______ a habit to get up early every morning.

31.It is so kind ______ you to let me use your car.

32.All the flights to and from Kaohsiung were _____ because of the heavy thunderstorm.)
(A) advised
(B) disclosed
(C) cancelled
(D) benefited

33.The woman told the truth to her lawyer without ____ because he was the only person she could rely on.
(A) reservation
(B) combination
(C) impression
(D) foundation