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1.The man was severely injured in last weekend’s tragic car accident and died _____ afterwards.
(A) mostly
(B) shortly
(C) easily
(D) hardly

2.Mr. Smith’s work in Taiwan is just _____. He will go back to the U.S. next month.
(A) liberal
(B) rural
(C) conscious
(D) temporary

3.Helen _____ with anger when she saw her boyfriend kissing an attractive girl.
(A) collided
(B) exploded
(C) relaxed
(D) defeated

4.Dr. Liu’s new book is a collection of his _____ of the daily life of tribal people in Africa.
(A) observations
(B) interferences
(C) preventions
(D) substitutions

5.The young couple decided to ______ their wedding until all the details were well taken care of.
(A) announce
(B) maintain
(C) postpone
(D) simplify

6.The conflicts between John and his teacher made it difficult for the teacher to judge his performance_____.
(A) objectively
(B) painfully
(C) excitedly
(D) intimately

7.Living in a highly _____ society, you definitely have to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.
(A) tolerant
(B) permanent
(C) favorable
(D) competitive

8.The 70-year-old professor sued the university for age _____, because his teaching contract had not been renewed.
(A) possession
(B) commitment
(C) discrimination
(D) employment

9.As soon as the couple realized that they didn’t love each other anymore, they _____.
(A) fell off
(B) cut in
(C) broke up
(D) stood by

10.The power workers had to work _____ to repair the power lines since the whole city was in the dark.
(A) around the clock
(B) in the extreme
(C) on the house
(D) in the majority

11.After retirement, Mr. Wang _____ ice skating, which he had always loved but had not had time for.
(A) appealed to
(B) took to
(C) related to
(D) saw to

12.Why do we have to _____ Sue’s selfish behavior? We have to teach her to care for others.
(A) get over with
(B) hang out with
(C) make up with
(D) put up with

13.The teacher loved to teach young students, ________ those who were smart.
(A) officially
(B) especially
(C) popularly
(D) similarly

14.Eating dessert before meals may kill your ________.
(A) energy
(B) character
(C) quality
(D) appetite

15.In Taiwan, some cable TV companies have up to 70 or 80 ________.
(A) channels
(B) events
(C) items
(D) patterns

16.It was fortunate that John ________ escaped being killed in a traffic accident.
(A) privately
(B) locally
(C) narrowly
(D) distantly

17.Since the typhoon, the basement has been filled with water. We have to ________ the water as soon as possible.
(A) reserve
(B) repair
(C) retire
(D) remove

18.Some waste from nuclear power plants is buried in ________ containers.
(A) crashed
(B) paved
(C) risked
(D) sealed

19.A human body usually has a ________ temperature of about 37 degrees C.
(A) steady
(B) various
(C) gradual
(D) precious

20.If you expect to have quick ________ of the goods, it is better to have them airmailed.
(A) discovery
(B) directory
(C) delivery
(D) dormitory

21.This project is mainly for scientific research. It doesn’t have any ________ value at all.
(A) commercial
(B) reluctant
(C) opposite
(D) inferior

22.These two countries are trying to ________ trade and cultural exchanges between them.
(A) notify
(B) intensify
(C) personify
(D) signify

23.The manager must try to find out who is really ________ for this serious sales problem.
(A) on line
(B) in service
(C) at fault
(D) by law

24.This talk show, ________, is quite popular with the audience.
(A) on the whole
(B) by no means
(C) out of the question
(D) in no sense

25.Mr. Brown suggested that Mary stay with the company, ________, because the company needed her.
(A) back and forth
(B) for better or worse
(C) off and on
(D) up and down

26.How did you talk your sister ________ the chores for you? She normally avoids them.
(A) for going
(B) against getting
(C) without taking
(D) into doing

27.In modern times, many traditional concepts have ________ new ideas.
(A) found a way of
(B) changed the way of
(C) given way to
(D) had a way of

28.With her teachers’ and parents’ ______, Jane regained her confidence and has made great progress.
(A) construction
(B) movement
(C) association
(D) encouragement

29.One of Jane’s finest qualities is that she takes the ______. She always takes the necessary action and does not wait for orders.
(A) initiative
(B) charity
(C) vision
(D) advantage

30.Mr. Li is a senior ______ at a local bank. He keeps and examines financial records of people and companies.
(A) volunteer
(B) traitor
(C) accountant
(D) economist

31.Jack doesn’t look ______, but he is, in fact, excellent at sports, especially baseball.
(A) athletic
(B) graceful
(C) enthusiastic
(D) conscientious

32.The jury spent over five hours trying to decide whether the defendant is ______ or guilty.
(A) evident
(B) considerate
(C) mature
(D) innocent

33.Now that my computer is connected to the Internet, I can browse e-papers, send and receive e-mail, and ______ software.
(A) upset
(B) overcharge
(C) undertake
(D) download

34.The traffic on Main Street was ______ for several hours due to a car accident in which six people were injured.
(A) detected
(B) obstructed
(C) survived
(D) estimated

35.Hundreds of people ______ in the desert storm and many more were left homeless.
(A) perished
(B) inspired
(C) mistreated
(D) dismissed

36.Mike arrived at the meeting ______ at ten o’clock—as it was scheduled—not a minute early or late.
(A) flexibly
(B) punctually
(C) numerously
(D) approximately

37.A power failure ______ darkened the whole city, and it was not until two hours later that electricity was restored.
(A) precisely
(B) roughly
(C) illogically
(D) temporarily

38.Sam couldn’t ______ how to print out the document until the teacher showed it to him.
(A) go through
(B) come up
(C) figure out
(D) get over

39.When they go for a walk, Johnny has to take long steps to ______ with his father.
(A) break even
(B) keep pace
(C) win pride
(D) take chance

40.The man is ______ a serious nervous breakdown because he is unable to deal with pressure from daily life.
(A) on behalf of
(B) in the light of
(C) on the verge of
(D) in front of

41.______ treating the homeless man as a shame of the society, Mrs. Wang provided him with food and water.
(A) Regardless of
(B) As a result of
(C) In the event of
(D) Instead of

42.Mrs. Lin ______ her husband’s complaints because, to her, facing the music is more constructive than complaining all day.
(A) turned a deaf ear to
(B) took part in
(C) showed him the way to
(D) took notice of