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1.No one should be ____of any opportunity for an education, a job or simple justice.

2.These textbooks are divided into different ____according to subjects.

3.The boss was ____ about the new employee’s ability to do the work, but he was not doubtful of her good intentions.

4.Disneyland is a famous ____park.

5.That small country has made a ____improvement in economy in recent years.

6.Diligence is one of the ____factors to success.

7.There is a growing ____ and concern about the problem of “Green House Effect.”

8.We could make life ____ if we don’t know how to be happy and positive.

9.Tina ____her high school teacher the other day; they were so happy to see each other again.
(A)ran into
(B)ran over
(C)ran out of
(D)ran ahead of

10.The previous champion football team has failed to get into the final match; all members felt____

11.He could not stand the teenager’s ____rude behavior.

12.Working for the charitable institution was not a ____career choice for her, but it had rewards other than money.

13.I _______ the Discovery channel every night. There are many great programs about nature and humans.
(A)live on
(B)tune into
(C)suffer from
(D)am good at

14.Teachers may have a deep _______ on students.

15.“Two heads are better than one.” That is why the work of many people is better than _______ of one person.

16.The concert will ________ on the weekend
(A)catch on
(B)be gone
(C)take place
(D)take care of

17.We are not allowed ________ on the exams.
(C)to cheat

18.They spent long hours ________ the meaning of life.
(C)to discuss

19.My father always gives me a lot of advice about ________ to live a happy life.

20.More and more young girls _______ becoming fashion models.
(A)burst into
(B)go to
(C)arrive at
(D)dream of

21.Those who only care about themselves are ______ people.

22._______ being a musician, he worked as a newspaper reporter.
(A)After all
(B)In the mood for
(C)By chance
(D)Instead of

23.A simple truth about happiness is that if you are waiting for it, ____.
(A)the point you are missing
(B)you’ve missed the point
(C)you are missed the point
(D)the point is missing you

24.Before we went to the party last night, I ____my purse
(B)have lost
(C)had lost

25.Knowing yourself means ____and what you like or dislike about yourself.
(A)you motivates knowing what
(B)what knowing motivates you
(C)knowing motivates you what
(D)knowing what motivates you

26.____that the enemy troops may cross the tunnel, the soldiers blew it up.
(A)To think
(C)It is thinking
(D)Thinking is

27.____to improve our relationships with family and friends.
(A)A now year’s resolution makes we
(B)We should make a New Year’s resolution
(C)We make a New Year’s resolution should
(D)A New Year should make we resolution

28.We are sometimes cut off when we are ____
(A)driving a car
(B)using the telephone
(C)watering plants
(D) skiing

29.____of the Pentagon’s research and development program.
(A)Nonlethal weapons are only a small part
(B)Only a small part are nonlethal weapons
(C)A small part nonlethal weapons are only
(D)Only are a small part nonlethal weapons

30.Aircraft carrier is a warship ____aircrafts and has a large flat surface where they can take off and land
(A)to be carried
(B)in that carries
(C)to carry
(D)that carries