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1.That book has stimulated ____.
(A)her interest in science
(B)her interesting on science
(C)her interested in science
(D)her science interesting

2.The table of contents ____you information about the scope of the book, the way it is organized, and the main chapters and sections.
(A)to give

3.Good manners may differ from culture to culture, and they also vary ____.
(A)without a culture or country
(B)toward a culture or country
(C)beneath a culture and country
(D)within a culture or country

4.This company spends more money on advertising ____company in Taiwan.
(B)other than
(C)than any other
(D)while other

5.This evening, regular network television programming ____for a political debate.
(A)was been interrupted
(B)was interrupted
(C)had interrupting
(D)was interrupting

6.It’s worth____ the time and effort to learn how to do it.
(A)to make
(D)to be made

7.Returning the money is the hardest choice ______.
(A)I had made
(B)I ever make
(C)I never made
(D)I have ever made

8.Either the radio or the tapes ______ out of order.

9.______, I went to bed early.
(A)Because I feel tired
(B)Felt tired
(C)Because I feeling tired
(D)Feeling tired

10.We owe loyalty ______ our country.

11.What would you do if you _____ a dinosaur walking on the street?

12.If I had gone to the concert last night, I _______ Lucy.
(B)could meet
(C)would have met
(D)would meet

13.I wish he _______ here now to help me.
(C)have come

14.It is time that you _____ hard.
(C)have studied

15.Sally : What do you plan to do after the exam? Kathy : ______ How about you? Sally : I'll take some computer lessons.
(A) You can say that again!
(B) I'm all for it(
(C) Nothing special
(D) I've changed my mind.

16.Jane : Sorry to have kept you waiting. Sue : ________ Jane : In the library. I was trying to finish my homework and just forgot the time.
(A) That's OK
(B) What are you doing?
(C) What's wrong with you?
(D) Where have you been?

17.Tom : Don't forget tomorrow night at my home. Bill : No, I won't. Do you mind if I bring a friend? Tom : ________ Bill : See you then.
(A) Yes, it's a good idea.
(B) No, you'd better not.
(C) Certainly, I do.
(D) Not at all. You're all welcome.

18.Receptionist : Hello, Kent Restaurant. Ms. Lee : How late are you open today? Receptionist : ________ Ms. Lee : Oh, that's too bad.
(A) I'm sorry. We're closed now.
(B) You can come anytime
(C) We're open very late
(D) We open at 11:30 a.m.