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Allen Lai>试卷(2013/07/18)

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1.Mary : Why all this hurry? Beth : I'm rushing to my dancing class. Mary : ________ You sure keep yourself busy.
(A) I don't know how you do it
(B) I don't know how much you can do
(C) I don't know how to dance
(D) I don't know how to do it

2.Brunce : I want to sell my new car. Can you help me? Mark : ____________ Brunce : No. I'm quite serious about that.
(A) Do you mean it?
(B) Are you kidding?
(C) Is that so?
(D) What a surprise!

3.Andy : Do you know where Steve is? Jack : ________ Andy : Thanks. We planned to go to the movies together, but I just couldn't find him.
(A) I think he lives in Taipei
(B) I don't know how to get in touch with him.
(C) I just saw him in the cafeteria.
(D) We're in the same school.

4.Carol : Sue, this is Carol. Please tell me how to get to your place. Sue : OK. You take bus number 208 near to your college and get off at the railway station, then take bus number 301 heading north and get off at the Central Museum. Then you cross the street... Carol : Please speak slowly. ________
(A) I can't follow you
(B) I've no idea
(C) Mind our tongue.
(D) Keep our temper.

5.Alice : Is there a garage sale in the neighborhood today? Nancy : Yes. There's one next street. ________ Alice : Some old furniture, perhaps.
(A) What can I do for you?
(B) What do you plan to buy?
(C) What's the big idea?
(D) What's on your mind?

6.Kuo-tung : How long did it take you speak English so fluently? Hua-min : Ten years. You have to practice it every day. ______ Kuo-tung : You're right about it.
(A) I'd be glad to do it for you.
(B) Nothing really matters.
(C) So far so good
(D) There's no shortcut.

7.Passenger1:Excuse me. Where can I get on the next train for Tai-chung? Passenger2:Platform 1, right here. ______ because I'm taking the same train.
(A)I hope you understand it,
(B)You'd better go early,
(C)I have no idea,
(D)There's no mistake about it,

8.Guest 1:Are you the manager of this hotel?I've got some complaints about tour services. Guest 2:______I'm also looking for the manager. I've got some complaints, too.
(A)It is very nice of you.
(B)I'm afraid you must be mistaken.
(C)I'm glad the manager is here.
(D)I really appreciate your advice.

9.Teacher:What's your excuse for being late today? Student:I had a heartburn this morning and I went to see a doctor. Teacher:______You have a different excuse each day.
(A)I wish I were as imaginative as you are.
(B)How come you always have the same excuse?
(C)What did the doctor say?
(D)Do you feel better now?

10.Paul:I've just passed my college entrance exam. David:____________ Paul:I feel so relieved now.
(A)Well done!
(B)What a pity!
(C)How awful!
(D)Cheer up!

11.Peter:I think I'm going to quit my present job. John:why?Don't you like it at all? Peter:______but I can't get along with my boss any more.
(A)I used to,
(B)Not at all,
(D)I believe so,

12.Julia:You look worried, Sam. What's the matter? Sam:My computer's broken down. No idea what's wrong with it. Julia:_______ Sam:Of course, eventually. But I have a paper due tomorrow.
(A)Can I help you?
(B)Can I fix it for you?
(C)Can't you get it fixed?
(D)What are you going to do?

13.Tom:Jack was stopped by the police again for speeding and his driver's license was taken away. Frank:Good.___________ Tom:True. He is such a reckless driver.
(A)I'm sorry to hear that.
(B)That'll teach him a lesson.
(C)It's not fair.
(D)How unfortunate for him!

14.Mary:I've found the right apartment. It's nice and claim. Susan:Is it expensive? Mary:______Only five hundred dollars a month .
(A)Yes, it is cheap.
(B)Yes, I like it very much.
(C)No. That's the beauty of it.
(D)No. I agree with you entirely.

15.Mother:I must send out these letters today, but I don't have time. Daughter:I'll mail them for you on my way to school. Mother:_________ Daughter:Don't worry. I won't let you down.
(A)Thank you very much.
(B)It's a pity that I have to bother you.
(C)It's very nice of you to help me.
(D)You won't forget, will you?

16.Karen:Mary enjoys playing the violin. John:________________ Karen:Since she was a little girl.
(A) Oh, she must be very good.
(B) Does she? How long has she been playing it?
(C) Was she good when she was young?
(D) I wish I could play the violin too.

17.My recent trip to Europe has left a ______impression on me.

18.A _______of migrant birds flew to our island yesterday.

19.Jack fell down while playing tennis and ______his ankle very badly.

20.These two photographs are too small. Let's have them______.

21.The professor did his best to ______the students with new ideas.

22.Their determination to fight to the last man was really______.

23.All of us must have the _______ that there is no free lunch.

24.A large poster in beautiful colors ______ the attention of many people.

25.It rains ______this summer. The weather we've got is not enough for this area.

26.Student 1:The teacher is so unfair. I got an F on the exam! Student 2:_____You'll do better next time.
(A)Isn't it nice?
(B)Don't be so upset.
(C)How funny it is!
(D)It sounds right.

27.Sue: The party has already started .______We're late. Sara: OK, I'll be ready in a minute.
(A)Take your time.
(B)Watch your step!
(C)Hurry up!
(D)Don't worry.

28.Wife: Sweetheart. You'll never believe this. I just won the lottery! Husband: ______I don't believe it.
(A)Cheer up!
(B)Good work!
(C)That's awful!
(D)Good heavens!

29.Tom: Do you want to go see a movie tonight? Jeff: Sure. Let's ask Jack to go along too. Tom:_____ Jeff: Oh, well then. Let's just go ourselves.
(A)I haven't asked him yet.
(B)He has to work tonight.
(C)I'm not sure.
(D)I think he likes Lisa.

30.Gina: I love your new pocketbook. Cindy: Thanks, John gave it to me. Gina:_____ Cindy: I'll ask him where he got it.
(A)I wish I could find one just like it
(B)You were lucky to find it.
(C)That's incredible!
(D)It sure looks expensive

31.Pete: My neighbor plays loud music late at night. Matt: _____You really should talk to him about it.
(A)You've got it right.
(B)It's a good point.
(C)That's annoying
(D)This is tricky.

32.Passerby 1:Excuse me, do you have four quarters for a dollar? Passerby 2:_____ Passerby 1:I need to make a phone call.
(A)Let me look. What do you need?
(B)Let me see. Are dimes and quarters OK?
(C)I only have three quarters.
(D)I'll see what I have. What do you need them for?

33.Mother: Why did you leave the water running in the sink? Son: I'm sorry._____
(A)I should have asked.
(B)I guess I forgot to turn it off.
(C)I meant to ask you first.
(D)I thought you wouldn't notice.

34.79.Kay : I'm getting married next month. Linda: You are? Congratulations!_______ Kay: David.
(A)You deserve it.
(B)You're the best friend I ever had.
(C)What's the problem?
(D)Who's the lucky guy?

35.Caller :Could I speak to Ms. Johnson please? Secretary:_______ Caller :That's OK. I'll hold.
(A)I'm sorry. She's in meetings all morning.
(B)May I take a message?
(C)She's on the other line.
(D)May I ask who's calling?

36.A: ______________ What time is it? B: It,s five o,clock
(A) Too bad!
(B) Good luck!
(C) Excuse me.
(D) Sorry

37.Teacher﹕Is Mary saying the word ? Student﹕__________
(A) She,s my sister.
(B) No, she,s writing the word.
(C) Yes, she,s sleeping at home.
(D) So do I

38.A-Mei is a very __________ singer. Many young people in Taiwan like her.
(A) popular
(B) thirsty
(C) instant
(D) latest

39.Peter﹕________ , John ? You don,t seem very happy. John﹕My dog was hit by a car yesterday.
(A) What made you so happy
(B) What do you do
(C) Would it be all right
(D) Is there anything wrong