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104 年 - 全國聯招英文科試題#21201 

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1.1.I hope that you can stay with us in the cottage to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and then _____ the pleasure of the country life in the summer.
(A) toil
(B) accommodate
(C) degenerate
(D) savor

2.2. _____ goods are of a higher than usual quality and are often expensive.
(A) Synthetic
(B) Sober
(C) Premium
(D) Prompt

3.3. After seeing his favorite toy taken away by his brother, the little boy wailed ______ in the living room and nothing seemed able to stop him.
(A) viciously
(B) hysterically
(C) abruptly
(D) feebly

4.4. As more votes of his opponents were counted, the _____ deepened in the office of the candidate.
(A) bloom
(B) gloom
(C) boom
(D) loom

5.5. The manager explained that he was late for the meeting because of the traffic _____ and apologized for the inconvenience that he had caused.
(A) congestion
(B) constellation
(C) constitution
(D) consolation

6.6. The dove is __________ of the organization's mission to bring some peace to a troubled world.
(A) opulent
(B) ebullient
(C) prolific
(D) emblematic

7.7. Stacy _________ on her extensive knowledge of history to win the trivia game.
(A) infused
(B) capitalized
(C) elicited
(D) refined

8.8. Sarah was doing great on her weight-loss program, but she seems to have hit a/an ________.
(A) cachet
(B) oscillation
(C) plateau
(D) grandeur

9.9. Jess’ family spiraled into ____________ after both his parents lost their jobs.
(A) destitution
(B) extravaganza
(C) bandwagon
(D) aversion

10.10. The fans at the baseball game became particularly _________ after the home run.
(A) lethargic
(B) spurious
(C) boisterous
(D) whimsical

11.II. Cloze : (每題1分,共5分) Tiny Samoa Air is the first airline to charge passengers based on weight, and many airlines in the US may follow suit in the future. Their thought is that a passenger must pay for the  11  seat if he occupies part of that seat, for airlines can't sell that seat to another person.   12    , travelers worldwide are being forced to pay extra charges for checked baggage. It should be the same for severely overweight and obese people. “The more you weigh, the more you pay,” sounds reasonable. Not only    13    the price of fuel, but it has also had an environmental impact. An estimated 3.8 million extra tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air every year. People should be required to pay extra money for environmental pollution. Some overweight members disagree with that policy, however, suggesting that obesity is a disease and citing    14    against the disabled. They argue, “Does the same standard    15    people who are taller than average or pregnant women?”
(A) consecutive
(B) adjacent
(C) residual
(D) besieged  

(A) Besides
(B) Whereas
(C) On the contrary
(D) In a nutshell

(A) the obesity makes higher
(B) to raise
(C) may they add to
(D) does the extra weight increase

(A) discrimination
(B) depletion
(C) expedition
(D) prudence

(A) succumb to
(B) subscribe to
(C) stick to
(D) apply to


III. Blank-filling : (每格1分,共10分)

Researchers studied exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. They found that(16) exposure to these compounds was tied to changes in the structure of offspring’s brains and to intellectual deficits and behavioral problems in childhood.

The researchers measured PAH (17) in the air and in the blood and urine of 40 mothers in their third (18) of pregnancy, as well as in their children’s urine. They followed the children until they were 7 to 9 years old, (19) M.R.I. exams on their brains. The results are in JAMA Psychiatry.

The higher the exposure to PAHs, the more reductions the children had in the white matter surface of the left hemispheres of their brains. The amount of damaged white matter (20) directly with higher scores on measures of symptoms of attention deficit (21) disorder and other behavioral problems. Higher exposure to PAHs and white matter (22) were also associated with lower scores on tests of (23) speed, the ability to take in new information and respond to it.

Critically, as noted, PAHs have been identified as (24), and are considered pollutants of concern for the potency of potential (25) health impacts; the same holds true of their presence at significant levels over time in human diets.

(AB) mutagenic (AC) trimester (AD) processing (AE) concentrations (BC) adverse (BD) correlated (BE) hyperactivity (CD) performing (CE) prenatal (DE) deterioration


26.IV. Discourse : (每題1分,共5分)
Murdoch has called education "a $500 billion market in the U.S. alone that is waiting desperately to be transformed," and Bill Gates has predicted that public budgets for textbooks, workbooks, and tests will shift toward hardware and software, creating a $9 billion market for educational technology within the next decade. News Corp. isn't alone in this race. Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft, textbook giants such as Pearson and McGraw Hill Education, and many new entrants are seeking a way in. (26) (27) Its operating system gives teachers and schools an unprecedented level of control over the devices in students' hands. There is no home button, for example: Students can't just exit out of a math program the way they can close Angry Birds on an iPad. Klein is betting that by continuing to roll out customized features in close consultation with teachers and students, Amplify can beat out consumer devices. (28) (29) "We're competing with Call of Duty and Temple Run," says Alan Dang, who produces the games. "If we can get these kids to spend 30 minutes a week, that's 32 additional hours of instructional time a year." (30)

(A) In addition to its curriculum, it's also developing content for outside the classroom, beginning with 14 education-minded games from star indie designers. 

(B) Plus, 45 states have just adopted the same new curriculum standards—meaning they're shopping for new instructional materials. 

(C) Despite the sales push, many educators are still skeptical of tablets in the classroom—and Amplify seems designed to put them at ease. 

(D) Taken together, Amplify presents a vision of an integrated, 21st-century classroom—though it's also very much a corporate-minded dream, in which one company provides every need. 
(AB) Instead, if a teacher hits her "eyes on teacher" button, any or every student's tablet in her classroom suspends; a message tells the student to look up.


31.V. Reading Comprehension : (每題 2 分,共 10 分)
 A researcher at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is part of a small team that announced it had identified the Western Hemisphere’s first new carnivore  species in 35 years. The olinguito — pronounced oh-lin-GHEE-toe — is a 2-pound member of the raccoon family that lives in the cloud-draped canopy of mountaintop rain forests in Ecuador and Colombia.Kinkajous and olingos, along with raccoons, coatis, ringtails and cacomistles, all belong to the Procyonidae family. In fact, several specimens of olinguitos had been collected and preserved in science museums around the country, but most had been miscataloged as olingos, their larger, more common kin. The scientists needed DNA comparisons to confirm the specimens represented a distinct species. “We should go see if we can find them,” said Roland Kays, director of the biodiversity lab at the state science museum and a research associate professor of mammalogy at North Carolina State University. Tags and notes indicating where the specimens had been collected led the researchers to the cloud forests of South America. Kays and Helgen, his colleague, headed to the Otonga Reserve in Ecuador, where they were joined by Pinto, who had managed to capture grainy, nighttime images of the elusive creatures. Their first night out, they saw them, high above, working the treetops and feeding on tomato-sized figs that grew there. They collected two of the animals; one stayed in Ecuador for study and one was brought back to the Smithsonian. DNA testing proved the animals’ distinctness. All that remained was for the team to name the olinguito — “little olingo” in Spanish — and publish their findings. “It’s the discovery of a lifetime,” said Kays, 42, who came to the museum a year ago and constantly looks for ways to use technology to teach museum visitors about biology. An exhibit across the way from the lab where Kays works indicates how rare the team’s find is. It says that biologists have catalogued 1.8 million species so far, and while 15,000 new species are documented each year, most of those are insects and amphibians, or the occasional bat or rat.

【題組】31.The word carnivore in paragraph refers to an animal that ___________.
(A) only eats plants
(B) has a backbone
(C) is cold-blooded
(D) eats flesh 

32.【題組】32.We can find an olinguito in ____________.
(A) North Carolina State University
(B) the biodiversity lab in Colombia
(C) the Smithsonian
(D) the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

33.【題組】33.According to the passage, why do the scientists need DNA testing of the Procyonidae family?
(A) To catalogue the olinguito.
(B) To track down the olinguito.
(C) To name the olinguito.
(D) To preserve the olinguito.

34.【題組】34.The word elusive in the passage is closest in meaning to __________. 
(A) incapable of being perceived
(B) cleverly or skillfully evasive  
(C) lacking firmness or strength
(D) liable to skid promptly

35.【題組】35.According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Nobody has suspected the specimens preserved at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.
(B) Kays and Helgen worked for the Otonga Reserve in Ecuador to preserve the the olinguito.
(C) The olinguito is the first new species found in the Western Hemisphere in 35 years.
(D) Procyonidae includes raccoons, coatis, kinkajous, olinguitos, ringtails and cacomistles

36.(Translation)1.即使這個作家為童年的痛苦經驗及長期的憂鬱症所苦,他的創作卻呈現出極度的樂觀。事實 上,他寫的每部小說都包含了希望的概念。雖然自稱為悲觀主義者,他還是選擇在書中傳達 積極進取的訊息。他希望這樣他的文學創作能鼓勵讀者們以積極的角度來面對生活中的艱辛 和挑戰。
37.(Translation)2.當全世界的影迷知道這個演員喪生於車禍的消息時,都為他的英年早逝感到惋惜。因此當他 的最後一部電影上映時,便造成轟動。很多電影院擠滿人潮,等著看這部充滿飛車追逐畫面 及特殊效果的動作片。此外,他們也對電影中所表達的兄弟情誼及家人之間的羈絆感到感動。
38.II、Read the following passage and design three reading-comprehension questions in the form of multiple choices. (15 分) The answer to each question should be provided. People are sometimes praised by being told that they are as smart as a Philadelphia lawyer. Actually, this expression comes from a famous trial early in the eighteen century. During that period, an Englishman, William S. Cosby, was assigned by the British government as the governor of the American colony that contained New York City. Arriving in New York City, he assumed his royal governorship and wanted to make more money. He rules the colony with no regard for the law or the right of the people. In short, he was a tyrant. Among those who opposed Cosby’s rule was John Peter Zenger, who started a newspaper that praised liberty and sharply criticized the governor. Zenger was soon arrested by Cosby and charged with libel. However, Zenger couldn’t find a lawyer to defend him because of the governor’s power. Finally, Andrew Hamilton, an eighty-year-old lawyer from Philadelphia, came to his help. Faced with the jury at the court, Hamilton admitted that Zenger did publish the newspaper, as charged, but the publishing of a newspaper did not make a person guilty of slander. He said that it was the jury’s right to decide whether the alleged libel was, in fact, the truth. “Don’t people have the liberty and the right to oppose dishonesty and tyranny by speaking the truth?” he asked the jury. After a brief discussion, the jury declared that Zenger was innocent. This decision established the principle of freedom of the press in the American colonies. Hamilton was praised as a hero. And this expression, “as smart as a Philadelphia lawyer,” honors this man from Philadelphia who successfully defended the freedom of the press to print the truth
39.III、Essay question:(25 分) The “flipped classroom approach” seems to become the mainstream of educational reform. Please elaborate on you viewpoints about this teaching approach and how you would incorporate it into English teaching. Give examples to illustrate your answers