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1.Taroko Gorge (太魯閣), a ______ scenic spot, is located in Hualien.
(A) formal
(B) well-known
(C) warm-hearted
(D) graceful

2.The committee went ______ the proposals for a second time.
(A) over
(B) away
(C) under
(D) on

3.In my opinion, it’s important not to ______ in this kind of political dispute.
(A) put down
(B) take sides
(C) give off
(D) tell apart

4.The current economic recession is threatening the ______ of many people in the country.
(A) substance
(B) maturity
(C) qualifications
(D) livelihoods

5.Yu-lin and her brothers gave their parents a big party in ______ of their 50th wedding anniversary.
(A) care
(B) favor
(C) honor
(D) charge

6.Due to Typhoon Emerson, the price of vegetables has ______ greatly over the past few days.
(A) adjusted
(B) influenced
(C) expanded
(D) fluctuated

7.Don’t be troubled by Amanda’s frequent angry moods. It’s just ______ of her illness.
(A) a manifestation
(B) a consistency
(C) an abundance
(D) an enforcement

8.Bruce read two film scripts; he didn’t enjoy one, a comedy, but he did enjoy ______, a thriller.
(A) other
(B) another
(C) one another
(D) the other

9.Tourists have left a lot of soda cans and plastic bags in and ______ the park.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) around
(D) through

10.When Paul and Ann were children, they ______ visit their cousins in Chicago from timeto time.
(A) might
(B) would
(C) were to
(D) should