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100 年 - 100年升官等、關務人員升官等考簡任-英文#19951 

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1.1 The recession has ______ layoffs in many companies, but fortunately Bill’s company was able to find other ways to cut costs.
(A) devoured
(B) triggered
(C) declined
(D) supplemented

2.2 He wrote a _____ summary of the market research and showed it to his department manager.
(A) meticulous
(B) controversy
(C) morbid
(D) ludicrous

3.3 In the dark room, we watched the candlelight _____.
(A) ephemeral
(B) hallucinations
(C) flicker
(D) hatched

4.4 The partiality of the distribution of relief supplies induced _____ among the quake-stricken villages.
(A) antagonism
(B) lag
(C) fraud
(D) casualty

5.5 Except _____ Kevin, no one objected to the plan.
(A) by
(B) from
(C) for
(D) of

6.6 The facts of the case are _____ dispute.
(A) beyond
(B) out of
(C) off
(D) outside

7.7 Too much rain is harmful _____ crops.
(A) with
(B) to
(C) on to
(D) against

8.8 “Did you tell him about the news?” “Yes, I did. I _____ him at the meeting this morning.”
(A) remember to tell
(B) remembering to tell
(C) remembered telling
(D) remember telling

9.9 The school went all out to help teenagers _____ the habit of smoking.
(A) rip
(B) kick
(C) bid
(D) ban

10.10 Many celebrities have been seen to _____ the product as a healthy way to reduce weight.
(A) allege
(B) acclaim
(C) sponsor
(D) endorse

11.11 Ordinary people regularly broke the rules and resorted to bribery if they could _____ it to obtain free medical care and other essentials.
(A) walk away from
(B) get away with
(C) get around to
(D) make do with

12.12 In his speech to the cabinet, the finance minister was _____ the challenges and errors that could come with the implementation of stimulus plans.
(A) level-headed with
(B) up-front about
(C) dead set on
(D) awe-struck with

13.13 A well-written letter which presents the applicant in a favorable light can be just the thing to _____ in favor of the applicant.
(A) head over heels
(B) get the upper hand
(C) set the bench mark
(D) tip the scales

14.14 Our natural history as a species is a vast canvas of events whose successes and tragedies were often determined by the availability or _____ of food.
(A) scarcity
(B) subsidy
(C) propriety
(D) omnipresence

15.15 There is a myth that older people are a burden on society, and that an increase in numbers of the elderly will be _____ to the economy.
(A) detrimental
(B) nebulous
(C) superfluous
(D) adversary

16.16 Coming out isn’t an all-or-nothing choice. In many cases, keeping sexual orientation a secret from all but a selected few may be the healthiest answer.
(A) Coming out of the closet is the only choice for gays and lesbians to lead a healthy life.
(B) Depending on how supportive the environment is, public revelation of sexual identity isn’t always a positive move for gays and lesbians.
(C) Keeping a secret about their sexual identity can be costly for people who are gay or lesbian.
(D) Revealing your sexual identity to family members only because friends and co-workers cannot be trusted.

17.17 To reduce the country’s addiction to private, after-hours tutoring academies, the authorities have begun enforcing a curfew—even paying citizens bounties to turn in violators. Based on the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) No private after-hours instruction is allowed by the authorities.
(B) Private, after-hours tutoring is an addiction to be reduced by paying citizens who turn them in.
(C) Citizens will be rewarded when they report violators of the curfew to the authorities.
(D) A curfew is enforced on private tutoring academies to turn in violators. 代號:10120-19120 60120-60720 頁次:4-3

18.18 To the average shopper, farmed fish is barely distinguishable from its wild cousin—except, often, in price. Without the growth in aquaculture, many of our favorite kinds of seafood would likely be much more expensive than they are now. Based on the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Aquaculture technology has helped drive up the price of fish.
(B) Consumers typically pay more to buy wild fish.
(C) Most shoppers are able to tell the difference between farmed fish and wild fish.
(D) Farmed fish and its wild cousin are growing in numbers.

19.19 For ports such as Flixstowe, which handles more than 4000 containers a day, widespread manual searches would cause havoc. Consequently, the proportion of containers thoroughly searched in the UK is less than 1 percent. The above news report is most likely about _____.
(A) stock trade
(B) drug smuggling
(C) aviation cargo
(D) navigation manuals

20.請依下文回答第 20 題至第 21 題 

      The PC era isn’t dead quite yet—but it’s getting there. These days the idea of centering your tech needs on a desktop computer with all your data and software stored there sounds about as up-to-date as relying on a rotary telephone. The advent of mobile devices combined with the increasing prevalence of data storage in “the cloud” (i.e., in web connected servers rather than on your computer) is all part of a trend that would have seemed unthinkable 20 years ago. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can now tap in, whether it’s New York bankers accessing loan data in California or app-happy Florida teens posting photos to be stored in North Carolina server farms. “It’s an architectural change in the way computing is done and the way data is delivered to end users,” says Mike Lippert, manager of the AOK Opportunity Fund. “From an investing standpoint, it’s a theme that could take 30 years to play out.”

【題組】20 According to the passage, people who use PC to process data are _____.
(A) users of dial phone
(B) getting old
(C) out of date
(D) techies

21.【題組】21 The last clause, “it’s a theme that could take 30 years to play out” refers to _____.
(A) long-term investment value
(B) popularity of the smartphone and tablet
(C) the static nature of data processing
(D) duration of dependency on information technology

22.請依下文回答第 22 題至第 25 題 
You don’t have to ask Barack Obama what it is like to be a president-elect. Chances are you can be one, too, and it won’t take more than 30 years’ efforts to achieve that. A new computer game, Commander in Chief, offers the chance to step into the president’s shoes and see whether you can do a better job running the country than he can. So what will you do in the game? Like Obama, your early task is to select members of the Cabinet from 250 personality types. Then you immediately face internal and external challenges. Every decision you make has an in-game consequence. “You can put your own political theories into action and see the domestic and international effect,” said the lead designer Louis-Marie Rocques. Internal decisions involve managing budgets, security, education, health care and discussion over many proposed laws. You also have to respond to critics. Every decision has a consequence, which changes the political environment. For example, raising taxes will raise criticisms and protests while lowering taxes means you will have less money to play with. What about external decisions? Well, you have to deal with military issues, global economics, trade agreements, and spending time lobbying other presidents. You can determine the course of world events by invading a neutral country or toppling an unfriendly country, but then you must face the economic, political, and military consequences. Don’t want to be the President of the US? The game also lets you become the virtual leader of other countries including France, Germany, Spain and Russia.

【題組】22 The purpose of writing this passage is mainly to .
(A) show you how hard it is to be the newly-elected president, Barack Obama
(B) explain why the video game is so popular among American citizens
(C) introduce to you one special computer game, Commander in Chief
(D) inform how designers developed the interesting computer game

23.【題組】23 Which of the following items belongs to the “internal” affairs in the game?
(A) Managing budgets, responding to critics and military issues.
(B) Managing budgets, raising taxes and trade agreements.
(C) Health care, discussing proposed laws and lowering taxes.
(D) Education, security and lobbying other countries.

24.【題組】24 Which of the following is true, according to the passage?
(A) Those who want to be a president one day will get a taste of their private life.
(B) The first task in the game is to form the Cabinet consisting of 250 members.
(C) The video game has hit the stores in America and enjoys sales success.
(D) Like a real president, the players will face challenges at home and abroad.

25.【題組】25 What does the word “lobbying” mean?
(A) Taking power away from the government
(B) Entering a place using military force
(C) Persuading a government to change a law or situation
(D) Not supporting the government