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99 年 - 台中二中99年教師甄試#1424 

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1.Ball lighting is a _____ phenomenon; it typically limits its dazzling electrical displays to about ten seconds.
(A) incomparable
(B) stereoscopic
(C) polymorphous
(D) transitory

2.That which is apprehended by intelligence and reason is always in the same state; but that which is conceived by opinion, with the help of _____ and without reason, is always in a process of becoming and perishing and never really is.
(A) analogy
(B) sensation
(C) dissidence
(D) insouciance

3.Humans are necessarily social creatures, for whom _____ is a matter of survival; however, as discrete entities, we often keenly experience yearnings for solitude.
(A) sustenance
(B) alienation
(C) entertainment
(D) collectivity

4.As the spread of mobile TV, video cameras and YouTube _____ both access and content, it will become an even greater force for humbling tyrannical governments and tyrannical husbands alike.
(A) deploys
(B) deteriorates
(C) desensitizes
(D) democratizes

5.Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid _____ conversation.
(A) trifling
(B) laudable
(C) dormant
(D) implausible

6.After the tycoon survived the Icelandic volcano eruption, he started to feel as if he was on the _____ of a new life.
(A) threshold
(B) balcony
(C) advent
(D) altar

7.Scientists are now well on the way toward developing drugs that dramatically lower cholesterol levels in people _____ with certain forms of familial hypercholesterolemia.
(A) enlightened
(B) afflicted
(C) exasperated
(D) confounded

8.Through the mass communication and with the existence and prevalence of the Internet, we usually know _____ nowadays.
(A) what’s in hot water
(B) what brushes up on
(C) what’s the scoop
(D) what clocks out

9.You don’t have to take any notice of his complaints. He always _____.
(A) lets the cat out of the bag
(B) lets the sleeping dog lie
(C) casts pearls before swine
(D) makes a mountain out of a molehill

10.After the car crash, I suffered from memory loss. I could not remember all of the _____ of the incident, just the general ideas.
(A) pros and cons
(B) ins and outs
(C) p’s and q’s
(D) ups and downs