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103 年 - 台北市建國中學103年度第1次教甄英文科試題#16446 

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1.1. Mary is overweight and she is trying to_her dollars for healthy food to keep her cholesterol and weight down.
(A) postulate
(B) ration
(C) implicate
(D) emend

2.2. No hardship is_. You should be confident that you can overcome any obstacle.
(A) inscrutable
(B) insatiable
(C) insolent
(D) insurmountable

3.3. If you treat one thing as_to another, you treat it as less important than the other thing.
(A) concomitant
(B) stampede
(C) subservient
(D) cantankerous

4.4. According to BBC news, the Prime Minister was in an _ mood, having just come from a meeting with Chinese financial institutions who were - he said -remarkably bullish about the UK's prospects.
(A) ecclesiastic
(B) eccentric
(C) effrontery
(D) ebullient

5.5. Drugs, booze, and erotic asphyxiation: the trailer for the James McAvoy- starring adaptation of Filth is a to-do list of_.
(A) depravity
(B) deprivation
(C) derogatory
(D) destitute

6.6. If you’ve ever had to do the laundry, wash the dishes, make the meals, change the bedding, vacuum the house, and clean the bathrooms day after day, you’ve experienced_.
(A) dross
(B) duenna
(C) drudgery
(D) duplicity

7.7. Robbery, murder and arson are_*
(A) posthumous
(B) ostensible
(C) fiascos
(D) felonies

8.8. “It’s been a very _relationship,” says Johnny White from Art Department, explaining how their success has mirrored the growth of the festival.
(A) penchant
(B) reciprocal
(C) gullible
(D) impromptu

9.9. Economists say much of China’s overcapacity is not a product of market failure but rather of the_ambitions of local Chinese politicians.
(A) overweening
(C) stagnant
(D) strident

10.10. Blake Bailey has now written four books about families blessed with literary talent and plagued by the_of alcohol.
(A) recants
(B) ravages
(C) prelude
(D) porous

11.11. The mass shooting left 12 people dead and 70 wounded by bullets or otherwise injured in the_.
(A) laity
(B) odium
(C) melee
(D) heyday

12.12. ‘That’s something that we really, really try never to do, never to patronize,” says Rhiannon Madden, the NFL’s director of consumer products. In this sentence, patronize means to_.
(A) appease
(B) condescend
(C) extrapolate
(D) subjugate

13.13. Volvo has traditionally been associated with rather understated Scandinavian luxury, while newly wealthy Chinese buyers prefer more_quality.
(A) ostentatious
(B) lenient
(C) tolerant
(D) ominous

14.14. If you don’t clean out your car often, there may be a(n)_of relics in your backseat, such as a pack of some smelly towels and a magazine or two.
(A) escapade
(B) miscellany
(C) immobility
(D) pewter

15.15. Others speculated about whether the plane’s disappearance was due to a problem with the plane or some_human intervention.
(A) dromedary
(B) hawser
(C) nefarious
(D) colander

Section Three: Choose the most appropriate word or phrase, and note that the capitalization of letters can be ignored.

(A) furore
(B) aggressive
(C) hodgepodge
(D) impale
(E) lethal 
(AB) frenzied hunt (AC) the many ills (AD) biopsies (AE) heretics 
(BC) liaison (BD) indolent (BE) approved (CD) a barrage of 
(CE) flummery (DE) paregoric (ABC) hoax (ABD) poultice 
(ABE) moderate (BCD) concurred with (BCE) tangential lines
 (CDE) disconcerted

      Chances are that either you have prostate cancer or you know someone who does. One in three men aged between 40 to 60 has traces of it, with the risk rising as men grow older. Nearly 240,000 new cases were detected in America last year, more than any other type of cancer. Faced with such facts, any man would be forgiven for wanting to find the invader and_26_it—by any means necessary.

      There is a raging debate, however, over whether that is wise. Some doctors insist that testing for a protein called prostate-specific antigen (PSA) helps detect prostate cancer early, making it far less deadly. Others contend that PSA screening

has prompted_27_needless treatment, calling into question whether the proteinprovides any useful information. Among those who believe the PSA test does more harm than good is Richard Ablin, the author of “The Great Prostate_28_”.

      Despite some shortcomings, the PSA test became common practice in the 1990s, particularly in America. In 1986, the Food and Drug Administration_29_the test to monitor those already diagnosed with cancer. In 1994, it went further, authorizing the test to help detect cancer in men aged 50 and older. What followedwas a(n)_30_for tumors. In America there was mass screening in offices, in carparks and shopping malls. This was, in itself, harmless. PSA screening involves a simple blood test. The crucial question was what doctors and patients did once armed with the test’s imperfect information.

      In the 1990s and early 2000s they did quite a lot. Doctors in America are
rewarded for doing more procedures, so they often recommend_31_to test for cancer. Almost 90 % of cancers detected by PSA screening led to further treatment such as radiation and prostatectomies. But it is unclear how many of these treated cancers were_32_, unlikely to spread beyond the prostate’s lining.

      _33_treatment can cause incontinence and impotence, which often lead

people to seek yet further treatment, from penile implants to urinary cuffs. Attempts to avoid side effects have inspired new procedures, some of them of little value. Mr.Albin, and his co-author, Ronald Piana, are good at describing how_34_ ofAmerican health care—from doctors fears of malpractice suits to their fascination with new gizmos—conspired to encourage treatment. But this is a flawed book. Mr.Ablin races down _35_ of argument, making hyperbolic charges. Are theproponents of the PSA test really as bad as tobacco companies?

      At the very least, though, he highlights the importance of the debate over whether PSA screening has helped or hurt patients. Deaths from prostate cancer dropped by 45% between 1993 and 2010, suggesting that the test may have helped. But the number of deaths began declining before PSA screening would have had much effect; screenings may also have identified cancers that were never going to become_36_, artificially raising survival figures.

      Critics of PSA testing, once regarded as _37_, have gained credibility recently, as a result of two big new studies. An American trial reported that PSA screening brought a tiny increase in mortality, relative to a control group. A large European trial reported_38_benefit only in those aged 55-69; screening saved about one man for every 1,000 men tested. These studies helped convince a government panel in America to recommend in 2012 that no man be screened for his PSA levels.

      The recommendation sparked a(n) _39_. The American Urological
Association declared itself to be “outraged”. Critics such as Dr. Catalona said that the trials were flawed. Now different doctors, faced with the same data, are drawing dramatically different conclusions. The result is a(n)_40_of practices both within America and outside it.


Section Two: Fill in each blank with one of the words provided in the box. Use the appropriate form of the word.

fret   reverberate    insinuate    cascade    oscillate    edify    glut   
castigate   amputate    effeminate    jaundice    rapprochement    
revelry    animalcule     fickle

【題組】16. In theory, debates are_exchanges and arguments.

32.【題組】17. As far as the current economic environment is concerned, many people think it is not a good time to invest in anything, for gold produces no income and real estate can be_and difficult to sell.
33.【題組】18. It’s common practice in the poultry industry to_the beaks of chickens to prevent them pecking each other.
34.【題組】19. _babies whose bilirubin levels rise too high can develop cerebral palsy.
35.【題組】20. The used games have to be inspected, refurbished and distributed evenly to stores to avoid creating_at individual locations.
36.【題組】21. The reporter has been praised and _ in equal measures thanks to his hoax videos.
37.【題組】22. "Some people are_that we want to ban meat eating on Mondays — that's not the case at all," the principal said.
38.【題組】23. “Oil prices edged lower in Asia Monday, with investors__ over stuttering growth in the US economy while political and economic uncertainty in the eurozone also weighed,” analysts said.
39.【題組】24. When an antenna picks up a radio signal, it creates a(n)_electrical signal in the circuit.
40.【題組】25. People sometimes come into conflict. Friends feud, spouses divorce, and allied nations go to war. If a conflict ends and the parties go back to being on good terms, they achieve_.