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100 年 - 台北市立建國高級中學100學年度第一次教師甄選英文科筆試試題#7760 

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1.1.Stars run the ___ from Earth-sized white dwarfs to red giants with diameters up to 200 times that of our sun.
(A) gamut
(B) cadaver
(C) qualm
(D) panache

2.2.The banker referred to his mistress ___ as his “social secretary.”
(B) euphemistically
(C) furtively
(D) ostentatiously

3.3.An authentic ___ is an essential ingredient in a good historical novel.
(A) cistern
(B) echelon
(C) phalanx
(D) milieu

4.4.Voters have become thoroughly disgusted with candidates who ___ their rivals’ reputations.
(A) vilify
(B) purge
(C) spurn
(D) ransack

5.5.Falling home prices and the slowdown in housing sales are often the first ___ of a recession.
(A) entourages
(B) harbingers
(C) sommeliers
(D) lesions

6.6.Tour guides are trained to give complete and polite answers to questions, not ___ responses.
(A) oblique
(B) sultry
(C) jaunty
(D) curt

7.7.“Female unknown,” said the medical examiner, “severe ___ force trauma to head, ears, and chest.”
(A) stalwart
(B) churlish
(C) blunt
(D) rambunctious

8.8.With her standing in the public opinion polls ___, the President had a very tenuous hold on power.
(A) plummeting
(B) escalating
(C) fluctuating
(D) pivoting

9.9.Battered by a devastating tornado and then a fire, the ____ community faced dismal prospects.
(A) preposterous
(B) beleaguered
(C) imperious
(D) defiled

10.10.Even with the scaly snakes swinging from the skull held in his hand, the famed magician remained ___ as if he was used to it.
(A) uncouth
(B) nonchalant
(C) iridescent
(D) insipid

11.11.I do not criticize people for trying to get ahead, but I ___ any attempt to take unfair advantage of others.
(A) upholster
(B) deplore
(C) oscillate
(D) bolster

12.12.“A good salad,” noted the celebrity chef, “should be more of a ___ event than an ironclad recipe. Feel free to add or omit ingredients as whim or necessity dictates.”
(A) spontaneous
(B) precarious
(C) spurious
(D) careening

13.13.I think that the vivid phrase “having a short fuse” aptly describes my wife’s ___ temperament.
(A) vernacular
(B) irascible
(C) mercenary
(D) pallid

14.14.Health-care advocates can work intensively during a medical crisis or ___ if a client's needs are more episodic.
(A) sporadically
(B) quintessentially
(C) peripherally
(D) listlessly

15.15.It is frustrating that a magazine would ___ a story from many years ago and present it to the people as if it were somehow current.
(A) proliferate
(B) fabricate
(C) regurgitate
(D) obliterate