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1.While many European governments are promoting budget cuts to help solve the euro-debt crisis, opponents argue that _____ measures tend to depress economic growth, ultimately causing governments to lose more money in tax revenues.
(A) veracity
(B) austerity
(C) efficacy
(D) revocation

2.Queen Elizabeth II, the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as Commonwealth realms, has been working _______ to strengthen ties between Britain and other global powers, especially the United States.
(A) vicariously
(B) assiduously
(C) posthumously
(D) frivolously

3.A professor of the social studies of science and technology warns us that Facebook is taking something much more important than money from its one billion members. By ______ what it really means to be human, Facebook is stealing the innocence of our inner lives.
(A) embroiling
(B) scavenging
(C) sabotaging
(D) appeasing

4.Some airlines are thinking about adding extra-wide seats for large passengers. Offering ______ with the wider seat option will help to overcome the problems they have faced with asking some customers to purchase two seats to sit comfortably on a flight.
(A) ingress
(B) amenity
(C) dysentery
(D) transparency

5.Released on May 29th, 2012, Samsung Galaxy S3 has been hogging the limelight and wowing reviewers. Experts are _____ that it beats all including Apple’s iPhone 4S.
(A) unanimous
(B) indigenous
(C) virtuoso
(D) robust

6.New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to pass a city-wide ban of sugar-sweetened beverages larger than 16 ounces. Fortunately, Starbucks Frappuccinos are probably _____ since Bloomberg’s plan wouldn’t apply to beverages that contain at least 51 percent milk.
(A) potent
(B) exempt
(C) bleak
(D) gullible

7.Monica is the _____ of a perfectionist. She cannot tolerate even the slightest inaccuracy or error.
(A) entity
(B) epitome
(C) euphemism
(D) emancipation

8.This magnificent building must be kept and preserved for ______ so that people hundreds of years from now will still be able to admire its beauty.
(A) posterity
(B) proximity
(C) prejudice
(D) patriarch

9.I’ve read the book and found it quite _______ . I don’t understand how it’s been selling so well.
(A) malicious
(B) meticulous
(C) mandatory
(D) mediocre

10.Our speech teacher told us to omit the extras and concentrate on the ____ material when giving a talk.
(A) germane
(B) extraneous
(C) impertinent
(D) incessant

11.The TV Travel Channel provides popular programs that often ____ people’s appetite for travelling abroad.
(A) cut
(B) whisk
(C) whet
(D) extend

12.The older, classical musicians often ____ the new, rock-influenced music.
(A) disrupt
(B) disintegrate
(C) dissipate
(D) disdain

13.The ____ critic carps at such institutions as government, marriage, and religion and attacks the beliefs, customs, and opinions that most people in a society accept.
(A) indefatigable
(B) loquacious
(C) iconoclastic

14.____ refers to the use of soldiers or aircraft to go into an area and get information about an enemy.
(A) Reconnaissance
(B) Reconciliation
(C) Recollection
(D) Repercussion

15.After a long day of teaching English to high school students who are not interested in the subject at all, my energy ____.
(B) flopped
(C) flared
(D) flagged

16.If a soda or beer is ____, I don’t like to drink it because it does not taste good.
(A) rancid
(B) flat
(C) palatable
(D) ripe

17.8. After 20 years of teaching at a university, my wife and I wanted a ____ from our professional lives, so we considered the possibility of an extended period in another country.
(A) sabotage
(B) sacrament
(C) sabbatical
(D) salutation

18.When my feet hurt, I go see a very good ____ in town.
(A) pediatrician
(B) veterinarian
(C) optometrist
(D) podiatrist

19.Rafael Nadal was ____ with joy when he won the French Open the fifth time.
(A) deliberate
(B) delirious
(C) deferential
(D) defamatory