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100 年 - 台北市100學年度公立國民小學英語教師聯合甄選初試-英語語言能力#4939 

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1.Our president was invited to make a speech to boost the ________of the soldiers.
(A) ambush
(B) blunder
(C) morale
(D) nuisance

2.I can think of nothing more _______ than arriving at the theatre and discovering that I had left the tickets at home.
(A) vicious
(B) tantalizing
(C) vexatious
(D) glamorous

3.Jack _______ down a cup of black coffee just now. The noise he made was so loud that everyone in the restaurant stared at him angrily.
(A) scraped
(B) slurped
(C) taunted
(D) trampled

4.Joan has a/an _______ nature. She likes finding out secret things.
(A) cordial
(B) docile
(C) eternal
(D) inquisitive

5._______, the illegal shooting of wildlife and collecting of plants, is a growing problem within many national parks around the world.
(A) Stealing
(B) Massacring
(C) Poaching
(D) Slaughtering

6.It has been said that printing does as much harm as good, since it gives us bad books as well as good ones and _______ falsehood and error no less than knowledge and truth.

7.The dispute was so _______ that we were afraid lawmakers of the opposing parties would come to blows.
(A) acrimonious
(B) indigenous
(C) judicious
(D) lascivious

8.It is imperative that Tina _______ .
(A) does her homework
(B) is going to leave here
(C) cannot talk too much
(D) stop coming to school late

9.Carol has to go to school today, _______ ?
(A) isn’t she
(B) hasn’t she
(C) doesn’t she
(D) can’t she

10._______Susan’s address, I would have written to her.
(A) Had I known
(B) If I have known
(C) If I were to know
(D) Should I know

11.Many restaurants have a reading section for kids, _______you’ll find books stacked on tables and shelves .
(A) which
(B) what
(C) where
(D) when

12.Thomas Adams, _________ a hero by many historians, was very patriotic.
(A) long considered
(B) being considering long
(C) long been considered
(D) long considering

13._________ its hunting skill, the heron feeds on a variety of animals like fish and frogs that it grabs with its spear-like beak.
(A) To know
(B) Known for
(C) Knowing
(D) Being known

14.14.It was a war that the emperor and his more prudent counselors wished to ______ if they could and were determined in any event to ______ as long as possible.
(A) provoke…hinder
(B) announce…rapture
(C) confront…present
(D) avoid…postpone

15.Improvements in the _______ of data transfer in the 21st century have _____ mobile communication for business travelers.
(A) efficiency . . . revolutionized
(B) demonstration . . . measured
(C) proficiency . . . accomplished
(D) manifestation . . . executed

16.The thousands of fragile artifacts that had been _______ by archaeologists were stored without the safeguards against deterioration and so became utterly _______ to the art researchers.
(A) gathered . . . valuable
(B) collected . . . useless
(C) dispensed . . . harmless
(D) transmitted . . . precious

17.During the struggle for Indian independence, Mahatma Gandhi was a ________ pacifist who steadfastly fought against authority but was never _______.
(A) resistant . . . combative
(B) persistent . . . sober
(C) consistent . . . lucrative
(D) maladaptive . . . restrained

18.Because the Yankees ________ their opponents in their first nine games, many sports journalists predicted that they would go undefeated, but after several key players sustained serious injuries, the press became far less _________.
(A) energized . . . obsessive
(B) dominated . . . optimistic
(C) surpassed . . . sedative
(D) regularized . . . depressive

19.Reading Comprehension As enthusiasm for Shakespearean drama has increased, the tendency has been steadily away from realism and spectacle and steadily toward a rediscovery of the Shakespearean play in a condition resembling its first staging. It has, for instance, been realized that the alternation of scenes—swift scenes following the major crises, gay scenes switching the mood from sadness, comedy breaking in on dire tragedy—enormously enhances the emotional effect of the whole play. Shakespeare wrote his plays to be acted at a single stretch. The alternation of scene and mood is like the orchestration of a symphony, the climaxes carefully prepared in subsidiary themes, the tension heightened or relaxed, the movement quickened or slowed to suit the general rhythm of the drama. It follows that Shakespeare cannot be successfully confined on a stage within a picture-frame set statically fixed throughout the three-quarters of an hour allotted to each act. The stage must be one on which the quick succession of scenes and rapid alternation of moods is technically possible.
【題組】 Which is the best title that expresses the main idea of this passage?
(A) Shortening Shakespeare’s Plays
(B) Modern Trends in Stage Design
(C) Revival of Interest in Shakespeare
(D) Appropriate Shakespearean Staging

20.【題組】Certain scenes in a Shakespearean play are written to __________.
(A) provide a musical theme
(B) decrease production costs
(C) show Shakespeare’s versatility
(D) contribute to a desired effect