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97 年 - 台北縣97學年度國民小學暨幼稚園教師聯合甄選筆試【英文(B)】試題#603 

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1. I. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Have you seen the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? It is a _______ to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
(A) fragment
(B) hunchback
(C) speculation
(D) sequel

2. “ ______ ” is an euphemism for “die.”
(A) Go
(B) Death
(C) Pass away
(D) Absent

3. Which event happened first? Let’s put everything in a ____ order.
(A) ridiculous
(B) skeptic
(C) parallel
(D) chronological

4. The results of the research ______ hypothesis established by Dr. Keat at the Graduate School of Harvard University.
(A) confined
(B) confused
(C) confirmed
(D) certified

5. The price of festival foods always _____ according to supply and demand of that season.
(A) penalizes
(B) fluctuates
(C) reinforces
(D) exaggerates

6. It’s dangerous to keep medicine where it is _______ to children.
(A) attractive
(B) visible
(C) unattainable
(D) accessible

7. Astrology is simply another way of ____telling the future by consulting the will of natural forces or signs.
(A) divine
(B) division
(C) deified
(D) divination

8. _______ are people who transport immigrants into a country illegally.
(A) Linguists
(B) Architects
(C) Smugglers
(D) Ministers

9.There is no need to _______ these vitamins everyday.
(A) digest
(B) ingest
(C) ignite
(D) congest

10. Acnes can be a problem for teenagers. They should go to see a ______.
(A) psychologist
(B) biologist
(C) spectator
(D) dermatologist

11. II. Sentence Structure: Choose the most suitable answer. The goals of the Red Cross Association are _________ poverty and social injustice.
(A) to eliminate
(B) eliminating
(C) eliminated
(D) eliminative

12. If I had been informed earlier, I _______ the agreement.
(A) will not sign
(B) would not sign
(C) will not have signed
(D) would not have signed

13. Many South Koreans have accused Mr. Lee_________ President Bush by lifting the ban on beef in April as he arrived for a visit to Washington and the presidential retreat at Camp David.
(A) for currying favor of
(B) of currying favor with
(C) to curry favor of
(D) to currying favor on

14. The funds set up by the government are to help those ________ families.
(A) poverty-stricken
(B) poverty-striking
(C) striking poverty
(D) stricken-poverty

15. Those who are leaders may want to set a good example _____ company money. One way is to bring in your lunch to show you are serious about savings.
(A) when it comes to save
(B) when it comes to saving
(C) when comes to save
(D) when come to save

16. Coral, popular for necklaces, _______ made of petite sea creatures.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) and are
(D) and is

17. Please speak slowly. I don\'t quite _____ to what you are saying.
(A) catch up
(B) catch with
(C) catch on
(D) catch at

18. The scientist photographed a ___________ geographical phenomenon.
(A) previous undetecting
(B) previous undetected
(C) previously undetecting
(D) previously undetected

19. Every life has its setbacks. Facing those setbacks is _____.
(A) what keep you alive
(B) what keeping you alive
(C) what keeps you alive
(D) which keeps you living

20. Children’s book illustrator Tasha Tudor, _______ whimsical drawings of country outings, gardens and family life in rural New England echoed her own picturesque lifestyle, has died. She was 92.
(A) who
(B) to whom
(C) of whom
(D) whose

21. IV. TESOL Concepts: The questions focus on terms and issues in English language teaching. Please choose the most appropriate answer. In a modern foreign language classroom, when teachers are concentrating on _______, they are helping students to express themselves in English. They are not concerned with errors of grammar and vocabulary.
(A) multiple intelligences
(B) comprehensible input
(C) accuracy
(D) fluency

22. This theory states that there is a critical period in language acquisition, from very early childhood up to adolescence. If a language is not acquired during this stage, the learner will not usually achieve native speaker competence.
(A) Input Comprehensible
(B) Critical Period Hypothesis
(C) Multiple Intelligences
(D) Interactionist

23. ______ is a simple type of communicative activity, usually in pairs. Student A has half of the information. Student B has the other half of the information. They must ask each other questions to complete their information.
(A) The jigsaw puzzle
(B) The crossword puzzle
(C) The information gap activity
(D) The sentence scrambling activity

24. _____ is designed to give students meaningful activities for learning languages. The aim is to teach the students to use “real-world” language.
(A) The Grammar Translation Approach
(B) The Silent Way
(C) The Phonics Approach
(D) The Communicative Approach

25. _____ is a technique for developing reading skills. Students are given sections of a reading text which they have to arrange in the correct order.
(A) Jigsaw reading
(B) Extensive reading
(C) Intensive reading
(D) Sustained Silent Reading

26. The notion of a language organ in our brain is called ______, which Chomsky feels we are born with. It is associated with all that is universal in human languages.
(A) Schema
(B) Language Acquisition Device
(C) Zone of Proximal Development
(D) Affective Filter

27. Dr. James J. Asher developed _______, which is a language teaching method that involves getting children to respond physically to the language before they produce the language orally.
(A) Second Language Acquisition
(B) the Audiolingual Method
(C) Total Physical Response
(D) Task-based Learning

28. _____ are real objects which are used in the classroom to teach concepts. For example, to teach students words for fruit, teachers can take a pear, a guava, and some grapes, etc. into the classroom.
(A) Flash cards
(B) Realias
(C) Word walls
(D) Trade books

29. Which of the following is an example of a minimal pair?
(A) blend blond
(B) flow flock
(C) bride bridge
(D) tame mate