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97 年 - 台南縣97年度縣立國中英文教甄#11868 

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1.1. Parents hope teachers to ________ their children from the time they get to school until the time they leave.

2.2. Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day’s work ________ your entire energies.

3.3. Ashia couldn’t believe Lucas didn’t want to ______________ after all the meetings they had on this project.
(A)swallow the hammer
(B)hammer his way
(C)come under the hammer
(D)hammer out a deal

4.4. It’s always better to _________ a problem before it arise than to search for a solution afterwards.

5.5. Though I only caught a _________ of her. I was deeply attracted by her beauty.

6.6. My sister has a high ________ of herself. She won’t take a job like that.

7.7. He may be a little careless in his behavior, but his loyalty to his friend is _______ .
(A)out of order
(B)on the right track
(C)out of question
(D)in a stew

8.8. I received ________ beyond what was due to me.
(D)each one

9.9. They were behind schedule and had to apply for extra ________ to complete their project in time.

The more one is ______ to the English-speaking environment, the better he or she will learn the language. 

(A)keep on 


(C)catch on 

(D)fill in

11.11. When filling out a form, you usually have to ________ what sex you are.

12.12. Most people consider it ________ to talk on a cell phone in the theater.
(A)being rude
(B)be rude
(C)about rude

13.13. The field of molecular genetics is moving at a rapid pace. Our ability to ________ genes and understand the complex processes involved in genetics is developing on almost a daily basis.

14.14. We have to ________ if we are to catch the bus.
(A)hop to it
(B)hit it off
(C)take it hard
(D)face it out

15.15. The company went broke because there wasn’t enough ________ for its products.

16.16. Tyler was given a final warning about his behavior at school. Mr. Brown told him that he was walking on ________ ice.

17.17. They went to the country to ________ noise for quietness.

18.18. Howard __________ in a forest __________ in a hotel.
(A)prefers camping , staying
(B)prefers to camp , than to stay
(C)prefers to camping , instead of staying
(D)would rather camp , than stay

19.19. There is a kind of ___________ education system in that country.

20.20. Only after he had spoken __________ he had made a big mistake.
(A)he had realized
(B)he realized
(C)could he realize
(D)did he realize

21.21. ___________ for the bus, _________ fell out of his pocket.
(A)Running, John’s cell phone
(B)Ran, his cell phone
(C)As John was running, his cell phone
(D)When he is running, John’s cell phone

22.22. People who spend too much time online may be ________ to the Internet.

23.23. The police broke up a gang of criminals who were ________ morphine into the country.

24.24. Our company used to have rows and rows of filing cabinets to store information on paper before our office systems were ________.

25.25. That vacation locale has several ________ resorts; only certain people are allowed to use their facilities.

26.26. Every year in Japan, senior high school students face ________ university entrance exams. The exams are extremely difficult and the preparation period is grueling.

27.27. Some radical antiglobalizationists, called “localists,” believe that international trade and activity should be greatly ________ and that power should be returned to the national, regional, and local level.

28. By today’s standards, early farmers were imprudent because they planted the same crop repeatedly, exhausting the soil after a few harvests. 





29.29. Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree to which they can be deliberately controlled and modified.

30.30. When Jack suffered a return of his illness, he was asked to enter the hospital.

31.31. The Mona Lisa is the portrait of a woman with a very enticing smile.

32.32. Because of the extreme pressure underwater, divers are often slow in response





33.33. Winning a scholarship to Harvard was a kind of achievement you can be proud of; 200 students had applied for it.
(A)worm on your way
(B)feather in your cap
(C)nail in your head
(D)chip on your shoulder

34.34. Mary, it’s ridiculous for us to quarrel. Let’s make peace and be friends again.
(A)stick to our guns
(B)lead a dog’s life
(C)bury the hatchet
(D)lose our shirts

35.35. The murderer ruined his chances when he returned to the scene of the crime.
(A)got away with the wind
(B)cooked his goose
(C)passed the time of day
(D)gave it up as a bad job

36.36. Susan is very shy; she doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention.
(A)keeping a straight face
(B)known her number
(C)on the spot
(D)in the limelight

Although earthquakes can cause death and destruction through __37__ secondary effects as landslides, tsunamis, fires, and fault rupture, the greatest losses __38__ both lives and property resulted from the collapse of man-made surface and subsurface structures during the violent shaking of the ground.  Seismologists routinely gather considerable quantities of data to explain the characteristics of the recorded ground motion that take place during earthquakes.  Such knowledge is needed to predict ground motions in future earthquakes so that earthquake-resistant structures can be designed.

     The most effective way to reduce the destructiveness of earthquakes is to design and construct buildings and other structures capable of withstanding strong shaking.  When a site is proposed for the construction of an office building, for example, factors such as the geometry and frictional __39_ of a nearby fault line, the passage of seismic waves surrounding the building must be considered.


(A)at the thought of
(B)in favor
(C)in terms of
(D)at the risk of


After the UFO sightings and the Roswell incident of 1947, U.S. Air Force General Nathan Twining undertook a study of the strange objects that were seemingly ___40_____ through the skies. This study group was given the code name Project Sign. Project Sign studied 147 cases; 135 cases could be explained, but 12 could not. The group decided that those 12 sightings were actually of ___41_____ from another planet. Air Force Chief of Staff General Vandenberg rejected the report. He said that the evidence gathered did not support such an astounding conclusion. Vandenberg’s rejection ruined ___42_____ at Project Sign, and the case officers were soon merely collecting and filing reports, and did very little investigative work. They felt they had done their best and that the brass had rejected it. 

In 1949, Project Sign became Project Grudge. Project Grudge took a different approach. The researchers opted to try to explain every UFO report no matter how fragmentary. In 1952, Project Grudge went public and was renamed Project Blue Book. However, after 12 years of investigation, the project found no compelling evidence that UFOs were either ____43____. or a threat to national security. 


(B)small devices

(B)powers of observation


III. Reading Comprehension

Dreams and prophesies aside, one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the Sphinx today is one with more practical implications: How much longer will this great statue survive? Much of it was already worn away ages ago, including the nose, parts of the cobra on the forehead, and the long beard that once extended from the chin. Currently, not only the natural elements, but also pollution from the nearby city of Cairo is taking the toll. In addition, past efforts to restore the statue have sometimes, ironically, done more harm than good. For example, faulty reconstruction methods using concrete instead of limestone caused changes in the proportions of the statue. More recent preservation plans are much more sophisticated, although sometimes still experimental. However, even if the Great Sphinx were to collapse tomorrow, even if it should eventually crumble or become covered again with the sands of time, the end of its physical presence would certainly not mean an end to the many mysteries that have surrounded it for so long. Indeed, the "enigma" of the Great Sphinx is likely to remain with us for many centuries to come.

【題組】44. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
(A)The Location of the Sphinx.
(B)The Structure of the Sphinx.
(C)The Material of the Sphinx.
(D)The Mysterious Sphinx.

45.【題組】45. The underlined word "enigma" in the last line probably means _______.
(D)physical absence

Do you think you’re smarter than your parents and grandparents? According to James Flynn, a professor at a university in New Zealand, you are! Over the course of the last century, people who have taken IQ tests have gotten increasingly better scores — on average, three points better for every decade that has passed. This improvement is known as “the Flynn effect,” and scientists want to know what is behind it. 

IQ tests and other, similar tests are designed to measure general intelligence rather than knowledge. Flynn knew that intelligence is partly inherited from our parents and partly the result of our environment and experiences, but the improvement in test scores was happening too quickly to be explained by heredity. So what was happening in the 20th century that was helping people achieve higher scores on intelligence tests? 

Scientists have proposed several explanations for the Flynn effect. Some suggest that the improved test scores simply reflect an increased exposure to tests in general. Because we take so many tests, we learn test-taking techniques that help us perform better on any test. Others have pointed to better nutrition since it results in babies being born larger, healthier, and with more brain development than in the past. Another possible explanation is a change in educational styles, with teachers encouraging children to learn by discovering things for themselves rather than just memorizing information. This could prepare people to do the kind of problem solving that intelligence tests require. 

Flynn limited the possible explanations when he looked carefully at the test data and discovered that the improvement in scores was only on certain parts of the IQ test. Test-takers didn’t do better on the arithmetic or vocabulary sections of the test; they did better on sections that required a special kind of reasoning and problem solving. For example, one part of the test shows a set of abstract shapes, and test-takers must look for patterns and connections between them and decide which shape should be added to the set. According to Flynn, this visual intelligence improves as the amount of technology in our lives increases. Every time you play a computer game or figure out how to program a new cell phone, you are exercising exactly the kind of thinking and problem solving that helps you do well on one kind of intelligence test. So are you really smarter than your parents? In one very specific way, you may be.

【題組】46. The Flynn effect is ________.
(A)used to measure intelligence
(B)an increase in IQ test scores over time
(C)unknown in some parts of the world
(D)not connected to our experiences

47.【題組】47. The Flynn effect must be the result of ________.
(B)our environment and experiences
(C)taking fewer tests
(D)memorizing information

48.【題組】48. Which sentence from the article gives a main idea?
(A)Scientists have proposed several explanations for the Flynn effect.
(B)Because we take so many tests in our lives, we learn test-taking techniques that help us perform better on any test.
(C)Test-takers didn’t do better on the arithmetic or vocabulary sections of the test.
(D)For example, one part of the test shows a set of abstract shapes, and test-takers must look for patterns and connections between them and decide which shape should be added to the set.

49.【題組】49. According to the article, newer educational techniques include ________.
(A)exposure to many tests
(B)children finding things out themselves
(C)memorizing information
(D)improved test scores

50.【題組】50. Which statement would Professor Flynn agree with?
(A)People today are more intelligent in every way.
(B)People today have fewer problems to solve.
(C)People today are taking easier tests.
(D)People today have more visual intelligence.