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96 年 - 台南女中96學年度英文科代理教師甄選試題#885 

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1.Christopher was diagnosed as _____. He has odd obsessions, is terrified of loud noises and doesn’t play with other children.
(A) arduous
(B) autistic
(C) apathetic
(D) antagonistic

2.Whenever she spots the man she secretly adores, she _____ a look of indifference, as is very usual to girls.
(A) feigns
(B) assuages
(C) lures
(D) prods

3.3. This island is a colony; however, in most matters, it is _____ and receives no orders from the mother country.
(A) analogous
(B) amphibious
(C) autonomous
(D) audacious

4.4. The reporter constantly _____ the manager with telephone calls until he promised to give the interview.
(A) pestered
(B) rendered
(C) pledged
(D) exempted

5.5. The act of removing a woman’s veil in public is condemned as _____ in Saudi Arabia.
(A) relentless
(B) auspicious
(C) sporadic
(D) blasphemous

6.6. His grandfather’s illness was _____ by the sudden change of temperature early this morning.
(A) aggravated
(B) assimilated
(C) accelerated
(D) allocated

7.7. At several points in his discussion, David, in effect, _____ evidence when it does not support his argument, tailoring it to his needs.
(A) addresses
(B) suppresses
(C) substitutes
(D) alters

8.8. The deposits of phosphorus produce a vague _____ that attracts animals after dark.
(A) excavation
(B) illumination
(C) idealization
(D) vibration

9.Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo was a Portuguese-born explorer who is ___ with the exploration of the coast of what is today the state of California.
(A) indebted
(B) acclaimed
(C) credited
(D) entitled

10.Sketchy military records from the period show that early in his career he served with the Spanish army from 1520 to 1524 in Spain’s quest for ___ of the people in what are today Cuba, Mexico, and Guatemala.
(A) alienation
(B) subjugation
(C) demolition
(D) manipulation