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1.1. It’s hot in the room! Would you ________ if I opened the window? 
(A) recite
(B) satisfy
(C) spoil 
(D) mind

2.2. It’s a holiday, and all the stores are ________. 
(A) working
(B) closed
(C) disconnected 
(D) finished

3.3. John doesn’t feel well. He must be ________ a cold. 
(A) taking
(B) becoming
(C) getting 
(D) holding

4.4. I’m wearing my dark glasses because the sun is so ________. 
(A) light
(B) heavy
(C) bright 
(D) big

5.5. The way the new worker is doing his job ________ his boss. 
(A) pleases
(B) agrees
(C) likes 
(D) enjoys

6.6. I asked Mary to explain the situation to me because I was ________ about what had happened. 
(A) strange
(B) curious
(C) silent 
(D) clear

7.7. Peter is very ________ with his friends. 
(A) tasty
(B) expensive
(C) hungry 
(D) popular

8.8. He took off his coat and ________ it on the ground for us to sit on. 
(A) spread
(B) hung
(C) struck 
(D) leaned

9.9. My ________ holiday is Christmas. I like it because I can exchange gifts with my family and friends. 
(A) terrible
(B) favorite
(C) humble 
(D) square

10.10. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and ________ him of speeding. 
(A) accounted
(B) arranged
(C) accused 
(D) abused

11.11. The shoes are too small, and they make my feet feel ________. 
(A) short
(B) uncomfortable
(C) difficult 
(D) mistaken

12.12. Lily has been feeling sad, so her friend surprised her by sending some flowers to ________ her up. 
(A) smile
(B) turn
(C) like 
(D) cheer

13.13. I had planned on going out last night, but ________ prevented it. 
(A) imitation
(B) result
(C) particular 
(D) circumstance

14.14. A millionaire can ________ to buy almost anything he wants. 
(A) afford
(B) attract
(C) approach 
(D) allocate

15.15. Graduate schools in the United States generally require some kind of ________ test. The test is designed to show how well a student will do in graduate programs. 
(A) admissions
(B) relaxations
(C) occupations 
(D) physics

16.16. I really ________ at the party last night. 
(A) was enjoying
(B) enjoyed me
(C) enjoyed 
(D) enjoyed myself

17.17. He was not depressed. _______ was I. 
(A) Either
(B) Neither
(C) So 
(D) None

18.18. Not all of my children are doing well at school. Mary and Peter get good grades, but I have to get Laura ________ more. 
(A) study
(B) studying
(C) to study 
(D) to studying

19.19. This machine ________ removing pits from cherries. 
(A) for
(B) is
(C) is to 
(D) is for

20.20. By the time I ________ the bookstore, it had closed, so I didn’t buy the book. 
(A) reached
(B) reached for
(C) reached at 
(D) reached to

21.21. Please give us a call ________ you arrive at home. We want to know that you're safe. 
(A) just
(B) must
(C) once 
(D) twice

22.22. ________ the cake looked terrible, it tasted good. 
(A) Despite
(B) However
(C) Although 
(D) Yet

23.23. Frankly speaking, I really don't know ________ the boss is angry about. 
(A) where
(B) when
(C) what 
(D) whether

24.24. If I had never gone to the dinner party, ________ Barbara. 
(A) never I would have met
(B) I would never have met
(C) never would have met I 
(D) I would have met never

25.25. You shouldn’t buy Ted cigarettes if you want ________ smoking. 
(A) stop him
(B) that he stops
(C) him to stop 
(D) him stop

26.26. I would like to go to the party, but I’m afraid I’m ________ tired to have a good time. 
(A) so much
(B) so
(C) too 
(D) very

27.27. There are 30 students in our class. Five of them are Japanese, and seven are Korean. ________ are Taiwanese. 
(A) Another
(B) Other
(C) The other 
(D) The others

28.28. I got home so quickly because Patrick insisted ________ home in his car. 
(A) to take me
(B) me to take
(C) on me to take 
(D) on taking me

29.29. I liked the factory tour; I was impressed by all ________ I saw. 
(A) of
(B) that
(C) what 
(D) where

30.30. We are very well aware of the many challenges that lie ahead. However, Taiwan’s economy ________ and our people are very hard-working. 
(A) are sound basical
(B) is basical sound
(C) is basically sound 
(D) are basically sound

31.31. A: How nice to meet you again, Ms. Wu. B: ___________________ 
(A) You look very nice to me.
(B) Nice to see you again, too.
(C) The weather is very nice today. 
(D) I hope to see you again soon.

32.32. A: I like coffee a lot. B: ___________________ A: Really? I have no idea that you are a coffee drinker. 
(A) That makes two of us.
(B) You're kidding me.
(C) It's a match made in heaven. 
(D) We are on the same boat.

33.33. A: How old is it? B: ___________________ 
(A) I am ten years old.
(B) I believe it is about ten years old.
(C) He is about ten years old. 
(D) She is ten years old.

34.34. A: Have you decided how to increase the number of passengers? B: __________________ 
(A) We want a report done by someone in the company.
(B) We want to change to open plan offices.
(C) We met those passengers every weekend. 
(D) Yes, we are going to offer a family discount at weekends.

35.35. A: I’ll get it ready the first thing tomorrow. Anything else? B: __________________ Thank for your help. 
(A) No, I have it all.
(B) That’s all.
(C) I’m just trying to Mr. Lei, please. 
(D) I’m thinking now.

36.36. A: Sir, I want to open a time deposit account. B: __________________ A: One year. B: OK. Please fill in this signature card first. 
(A) How long do you intend to deposit your money?
(B) Just a moment, please.
(C) What would you like to know? 
(D) I’ll be right back with you.

37.37. A: So how long will that be? B: Usually around two or three weeks. A: _________________ Can’t you handle applications more quickly? 
(A) So soon?
(B) That long?
(C) No wonder! 
(D) It depends.

38.38. A: Andy, how is your new job? B: __________________ As a matter of fact, I find myself enjoying it very much. 
(A) I have no idea at all.
(B) I don't like it very much.
(C) I am getting used to it now. 
(D) I don't plan to get a new job.

39.39. Customer: Would you please tell me the exchange rate of the NT dollar to the Yen ? Teller: ___________________ Customer:Thank you. 
(A) Sign your name here.
(B) It’s one NT to 4.5 Yen.
(C) It’s 12.5% annually. 
(D) It’s 10% per annum.

40.40. Ms. S: Joseph, do you have a blank withdrawal slip? Ms. P: Sorry, mine are all used up. _____________________ Ms. S: But I left my FIS card at home. 
(A) Why don’t you use the ATMs?
(B) I don’t know how to use the ATMs.
(C) I’m afraid of using machines. 
(D) Machines are more convenient.

41.My name is Mickey Mouse. I live in a place 41 Disneyland. My father’s name is Walt Disney. He was a famous cartoonist. A cartoonist is a person who 42 cartoon characters like me. I was born about eighty years ago in a movie studio in Hollywood, California. I first appeared in a cartoon 43 1928. The name of the cartoon was “Steamboat Willie.” At first I appeared in cartoons with Minnie Mouse. Soon my friends Donald Duck and Goofy joined me. In addition to 44 in cartoons, I also work at Disneyland. There I stand around and smile a lot. I also pose for pictures with visitors. I enjoy my job a lot because I make children all over the world 45 .
【題組】 41. 
(A) calling
(B) called
(C) call 
(D) calls

42.【題組】 42. 
(A) drawing
(B) draw
(C) to draw 
(D) draws

43.【題組】 43. 
(A) in
(B) at
(C) of 
(D) on

44.【題組】 44. 
(A) star
(B) stars
(C) starring 
(D) starred

45.【題組】 45. 
(A) happily
(B) happiness
(C) happiest 
(D) happy

46.Min Huang is a banker in a small city in China. She surprised her new in-laws by including a computer in her dowry. It was alongside the traditional items like furniture, dishes, and linens. When the family asked about the computer, she explained that she wanted to improve her professional skills as her office had already been computerized. She told her parents that she wanted a computer for her dowry. They didn’t hesitate to buy her one. They knew a computer would be important to her, and to her new family’s future. People who study Chinese marriage customs are very interested in this story. According to those customs, the groom’s parents are responsible for the couple’s housing. The bride’s family supplies the daily necessities. But, the contents of the dowry have changed over time. In the past, when rural people lived in fairly harsh conditions, they usually chose grain and clothing for a daughter who would soon be married. This showed their desire to protect her from hunger and cold. In the 1950s, farm equipment and animals became popular items. Parents hoped that the daughter’s life could be improved through hard work. Modern times, however, bring the need for VCRs, stereos, and computers. Through these dowry items, parents hope that their daughter will be part of a successful, modern world. Min’s parents said, “We want our daughter to be a success. We want her to be part of a new world. A computer is part of that world.” Min completely agrees, and she is grateful for having such generous and intelligent parents.
【題組】 46. What is a dowry? 
(A) What a man gives his wife when they are married.
(B) What the groom’s parents provide for the bride.
(C) What a woman brings with her for the home when she gets married. 
(D) What the wife’s parents keep for the wife in case of divorce.

47.【題組】 47. Which of the following are traditional items included in Min Huang’s dowry? 
(A) A computer and clothing.
(B) Dishes and furniture.
(C) Linen and office supplies. 
(D) Dishes and farm equipment.

48.【題組】 48. What does Min Huang plan to do with her computer? 
(A) Use it to improve her professional skills.
(B) Use it to play computer games.
(C) Use it to make international contacts. 
(D) Use it to develop computer programs.

49.【題組】 49. According to the Chinese tradition, what are the groom’s parents responsible for? 
(A) Providing daily needs.
(B) Providing housing.
(C) Providing financial help. 
(D) Providing computer equipment.

50.【題組】 50. What did Min Huang think of her parents? 
(A) She thought they were too traditional.
(B) She wanted them to appreciate her work more.
(C) She was thankful that they helped her. 
(D) She was anxious to move away from home.