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1.16. I went to the store ___.
(A) walking
(B) by walk
(C) by feet
(D) on foot
2.17.1 like to___time___my family.
(A) have.. .at
(B) have.. .to
(C) spend.. .with
(D) spend.. .for
3.18, The flooding after the typhoon_____many houses.
(A) cut out
(B) swept away
(C) turned on
(D) blew down
4.19.I might have the chance to visit the theater____person.
(A) to
(B) in
(C) of
(D) at
5.20. Most of the people in my office want to stay ____, so they exercise regularly.
(A) in love
(B) in hope
(C) in mind
(D) in shape
6.21. When a big company goes out of business it is usually all ____the news.
(A) off
(B) over
(C) about
(D) around
7.22. In this industry, you really need to keep_____if you don’t want to be caught off guard.
(A) your head up
(B) an arm and a leg
(C) tooth and nail
(D) in the stars
8.23. Tim knows smoking is unhealthy but he is having a hard time____.
(A) starting
(B) sharing
(C) holding
(D) quitting
9.24. I______use a payphone. I just use my cellphone instead.
(A) often
(B) rarely
(C) usually
(D) always
10.25. That is my____favorite restaurant. The service is bad and the food doesn’t taste good.
(A) most
(B) best
(C) least
(D) worst
11.26. A cat got into the kennel last night and created a tremendous____.
(A) ruckus
(B) evidence
(C) temptation
(D) aviary
12.27. Working at your computer for a long time can ____ pain in your wrists.
(A) avoid
(B) cause
(C) improve
(D) solve
13.28. This restaurant makes good sandwiches. They will even _____ your bread for free.
(A) eat
(B) pass
(C) taste
(D) toast
14.29. You should always _____ your opinions politely.
(A) apply
(B) replace
(C) interest
(D) express
15.30. Many families are struggling to _____ during this recession.
(A) get up
(B) get by
(C) get out
(D) get away
16.31. The government is taking a very ____ approach to managing this economic crisis.
(A) rustic
(B) cautious
(C) numerous
(D) abundant
17.32. My coworkers have been working hard to _____ a fuel shortage next summer.
(A) chatter
(B) suggest
(C) prevent
(D) deserve
18.33. Anna has been asking Henry to eat more healthily but he hasn’t been _____ by her arguments.
(A) texted
(B) boasted
(C) swayed
(D) confessed
19.34. There is only a little juice left in the _____ .
(A) counter
(B) gallon
(C) pitcher
(D) response
20.35. It took the Davies’ fifteen years to complete that ____ mansion.
(A) assorted
(B) verified
(C) reiterated
(D) palatial
21.36. I think thunder is scary, _____ lightning is beautiful.
(A) if
(B) or
(C) but
(D) nor
22.37. Imagine _____ an extra day off this weekend. That would be great.
(A) have
(B) having
(C) had
(D) have had
23.38. What can you tell me about _____ the subway in Tokyo?
(A) ride
(B) rode
(C) riding
(D) to ride
24.39. If you _____ my children, what subjects ____ you teach them?
(A) teach.. .did
(B) teach.. .does
(C) taught.. .were
(D) taught.. .would
25.40. I’d _____go to the zoo ______ visit the museum.
(A) prefer...to
(B) rather...to
(C) prefer...than
(D) rather...than
26.41. The food critic was famous for _____ chefs that didn’t give him complimentary dinner.
(A) insult
(B) to insult
(C) his insulting
(D) insulting
27.42. Newspapers are a good way to hear the news.___TV news programs.
(A) So are
(B) So can
(C) So is
(D) So do
28.43. Sara felt ____ tired ____ exercise yesterday.
(A) too...to
(B) as...as
(C) either...or
(D) mere...than
29.44. The best way to buy train tickets _____ book online.
(A) do
(B) does
(C) is to
(D) are to
30.45. The Ministry of Defense has faced numerous difficulties getting volunteers _____ in the military.
(A) be enlisting
(B) who enlist
(C) that enlist
(D) to enlist
31.46. There is a beautifully____lion in the lobby of the building.
(A) carve
(B) carved
(C) carves
(D) carving
32.47. Janine will probably lose her job ______ her boss in front of the entire staff last week.
(A) has scolded
(B) going to scold
(C) who scolds
(D) for scolding
33.48 ._____the family income, the Chang’s could afford to buy a new car.
(A) Besides augments
(B) Having augmented
(C) Sir.ce augmenting
(D) Going to augment
34.49. Just look at how much we _____ when we worked together last week.
(A) accomplished
(B) can accomplish
(C) have accomplished
(D) have been accomplishing
35.50. Do you have__for one thousand dollars?
(A) change
(B) a change
(C) changes
(D) some changes
36.Do you    51    traveling? Many people do. There are many benefits of traveling for people of all ages. It gives people a chance to see new places   52  do new things. It also allows people to experience new cultures and meet new people. The good news for travelers is that international travel has never been easier. Not only are there many modes of transportation available, but the Internet makes bookings and reservations    53    . While     54    people have always traveled to exotic places, organized tours have now made it possible for everyone to enjoy the world around them. Tours are also designed to    55    the needs of people with very different budget requirements. With so many ways to travel, what are you waiting for?
(A) try
(B) enjoy
(C) dislike
(D) participate
(A) and
(B) with
(C) but
(D) for
(A) easier than ever
(B) easy than before
(C) harder than before
(D) hard than ever
(A) applied
(B) depressed
(C) dangerous
(D) adventurous
(A) met
(B) meet
(C) meeting
(D) have met