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1.1. If you ________ an organization, you become a member of it or start work as an employee of it.
(A) pay
(B) leave
(C) join
(D) employ

2.2. ________ to lead is known to damage the brains of young children.
(A) Exposure
(B) Expansion
(C) Experience
(D) Exchange

3.3. The Los Angeles riots ________ the bitterness between the black and Korean communities in the city.
(A) referred
(B) reflected
(C) replayed
(D) received

4.4. A(n) ________ view or vision of a situation is one in which all the different aspects of it are considered.
(A) ominous
(B) narrow
(C) local
(D) global

5.5. A ________ is a building or a room where scientific experiments, analyses and research are carried out.
(A) laboratory
(B) library
(C) limousine
(D) lavatory

6.6. I am graduating this coming June and am seeking a career in ________.
(A) employee
(B) employer
(C) business
(D) compromise

7.7. If you say that someone is ________, you mean that they are not perfect and are likely to make mistakes or to fail in what they are doing.
(A) perfect
(B) fallible
(C) plausible
(D) placid

8.8. After a string of oil ________, people find it hard to trust any oil product on the market.
(A) services
(B) scandals
(C) solutions
(D) schedules

9.9. The government must take action to root out dishonest food-makers and ensure food ________.
(A) safety
(B) reality
(C) charity
(D) property

10.10. Drunk driving has caused a lot of tragic crashes. Such reckless behavior should be severely ________.
(A) operated
(B) recorded
(C) punished
(D) displayed

11.11. The restaurant’s menu is ________ and surely can satisfy everyone’s different tastes.
(A) diverse
(B) stuffed
(C) ancient
(D) logical

12.12. ________ may be deceiving. All that glitters is not gold.
(A) Appearances
(B) Relationships
(C) Entertainments
(D) Transportations

13.13. I’ve ________ to run the marathon held in Hualien. If you want to join too, put your name down here.
(A) got on
(B) signed up
(C) looked up
(D) held on

14.14. About two hours ago there was a very nasty accident on the highway; ________, nobody was injured.
(A) instantly
(B) regularly
(C) personally
(D) fortunately

15.15. In the film, Beyond Beauty—TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, the photographer successfully ________ Taiwan’s natural beauty.
(A) captured
(B) replaced
(C) motivated
(D) survived

16.16. With a little ________ from his parents, he should do well.
(A) encourage
(B) encouragement
(C) to encourage
(D) encouraging

17.17. Vitamins cannot be ________ by our bodies.
(A) manufacture
(B) manufactured
(C) manufacturing
(D) to manufacture

18.18. We are here to provide the public ________ a service.
(A) with
(B) on
(C) for
(D) at

19.19. You could see from his face that he was _____.
(A) lie
(B) lied
(C) lay
(D) lying

20.20. If I were you, I ________ to talk to him.
(A) go
(B) will go
(C) would have gone
(D) may

21.21. I ________ for more than 10 years, and now I am still taking English classes at school.
(A) study English
(B) studied English
(C) am studying English
(D) have been studying English

22.22. ________ no specific treatment of Ebola virus infection, and the fatality rate can be up to 90%.
(A) It is
(B) It has
(C) That is
(D) There is

23.23. It takes someone ________ is as smart as Sherlock Holm to crack the case and solve the crime.
(A) who
(B) what
(C) when
(D) which

24.24. The kind woman took the lost brother and sister in and made sure they had something ________.
(A) eaten
(B) to eat
(C) eating
(D) can eat

25.25. You cannot mask your messy room ________ throwing all your stuff under your bed or into your closet.
(A) as
(B) by
(C) on
(D) from

26.26. Vivian could feel her heart ________ fast when Jason knelt down and popped the question.
(A) beaten
(B) to beat
(C) beating
(D) had beaten

27.27. A: ________ is it to the shopping mall? B: It’s about 10 minutes on foot.
(A) How far
(B) How long
(C) How often
(D) How much

28.28. Walter wasn’t careful with his money, and ________. That was why they both got into heavy debt.
(A) so was his wife
(B) his wife was too
(C) his wife was either
(D) neither was his wife

29.29. It was an easy test and Tom should have passed, but he ________.
(A) didn’t
(B) hadn’t
(C) wasn’t
(D) shouldn’t

30.30. ________ wild animals tend to stay away from people, you still need to be careful while walking through the forest.
(A) Since
(B) For
(C) Though
(D) Because

31.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 第一篇: It’s not often that qualifications and experience totally match up to an advertised post, so it’s preferable to emphasize other qualitied, like your willingness to learn and the fact that you work hard. 31 , you should be careful not to give the impression you are over-qualified for the job. I think that employers are often more interested in things like loyalty and ability to fit in. A high-flier who knows too much can create a bad working atmosphere and 32 a team. Personally, I want the employer to think that I am going to be easy to work with and won’t create too many waves. No one likes a ‘big head’ but, on the other hand, don’t be falsely modest either. Basically, your qualifications and experience tell their own story, so you’re not going to 33 anyone by adding a lot of adjectives like ‘excellent’ and ‘outstanding’ to your CV. Usually this will make an experienced recruitment officer 34 . It doesn’t hurt to acknowledge one or two weaknesses either—areas that you would like to 35 and you want a chance to develop. Above all, be honest, because if you exaggerate or like, in the end someone is going to catch you out and you’ll end up looking stupid.
(A) Likewise
(B) In fact
(C) Relatively
(D) On the other hand

(A) form
(B) break
(C) lead
(D) help

(A) imagine
(B) support
(C) include
(D) impress

(A) important
(B) considerate
(C) suspicious
(D) confident

(A) improve
(B) replace
(C) abuse
(D) release

36.第二篇: How is it possible that two passengers sitting shoulder to shoulder in the same plane can pay such different prices for their ticket? Buying an air ticket has become a test of skill and timing, 36 the customer is responsible for getting the best deal possible. With the online reservation systems of cut-price airlines it is your fault if you get a bad deal, because there is no travel agent to 37 . Nowadays, all airlines have a ‘pricing’ department which is responsible for ‘yield management’. In other words, their job is to adjust the price of ticket in order to get the maximum possible profit for each seat on the flight. Ticket prices vary 38 supply and demand and depend on how full the flight is, and when you make your reservation. The result is a 39 difference in prices. In one investigation, Le Monde newspaper made enquiries at different times about Air France tickets on the same flight from Paris to New York in economy class. They were quoted 17 different prices, ranging from €467 to €3,228. Airlines justify these variable pricing policies on the extremely narrow profit margins of the business. To illustrate this, easyjet use a graphic which shows the seating plan of a plane with 155 seats. They need to sell 39 of these seats to 40 airport costs. 37 seats go in fuel costs and 15 to pay the pilots and crew. That leaves just 9 seats for profit.
(A) where
(B) which
(C) what
(D) how

(A) fly
(B) blame
(C) plan
(D) buy

(A) instead of
(B) as for
(C) according to
(D) aside from

(A) brisk
(B) minimal
(C) vague
(D) tremendous

(A) cover
(B) take
(C) remove
(D) accept

41.第三篇: A good communication involves a lot more than simply having a large vocabulary and good pronunciation. It also includes having the ability to interpret people’s 41 and facial expressions. Something else that facilitates good communication is the awareness of personal space, which is that invisible boundary people create around themselves 42 feel comfortable and secure. Though personal space boundaries vary from culture to culture and person to person, everyone has one or a few. Psychologists generally 43 four different boundaries or zones. The largest is the public zone. It’s the distance between the speaker and the audience. The next is the smaller social zone. It’s a polite and safe distance, too far for any body contact. The even smaller is the friend zone, 44 , however, does allow for touch, for things like high five and hugs. 45 , the intimate zone is the closest space reserved for those you love and trust the most. Being aware of personal space helps us avoid making people feel uncomfortable, which will help improve our communication.
(A) mother tongue
(B) sign language
(C) body language
(D) foreign language

(A) so that
(B) such as
(C) in order to
(D) so as not to

(A) care for
(B) point to
(C) try out
(D) look up

(A) who
(B) what
(C) where
(D) which

(A) Finally
(B) Likewise
(C) Besides
(D) Therefore

46.四、閱讀測驗 Hello, and welcome to Business Talk. This month we’re looking at the role of ethics in business. According to Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks, the company behind award-winning fruit-based smoothies, ethics are fundamental to the company’s success. Innocent says that, as well as making money, the objective is always to leave things a little bit better than it finds them, an inspiring way to approach business. So, how did the success of Innocent all begin? Innocent was founded back in 1998 by Richard and two friends from Cambridge University. They decided to set up a business together and spent £500 on fruit to make smoothies to sell at a music festival. A sign above their stall said ‘Should we give up our jobs to make these smoothies?’ They asked people to put their empty bottles in one of two bins marked ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. At the end of the festival the ‘Yes’ bin was full, so they went into work the next day and resigned. Innocent continues to innovate and the product range now consists of vegetable pots and other healthy, natural products as well as smoothies, and the company is constantly working on new lines. Innocent sells to over 10,000 retailers in 13 European countries, and its market is constantly growing. So what is it that makes Innocent an ethical company? Apart from only using packaging that can be recycled, it uses only 100% natural products and each year gives 10% of its profits to charities in the countries where its fruit comes from. Innocent wasn’t the first company to tap into the fruit market, but it was one of the first. It’s always important to be different from the competition and, with Innocent, the combination of ethics and clever marketing is a recipe for success.
【題組】46. What are the two important factors that make Innocent successful?
(A) Certificates from Cambridge University and the fruit market.
(B) Smoothies and European market.
(C) Ethics and clever marketing.
(D) Vegetable pots and healthy products.

47.【題組】47. Who actually decided that Richard and his two friends should sell smoothies?
(A) They themselves.
(B) People who attended the festival.
(C) Their former employers.
(D) Retailers in 13 European countries.

48.【題組】48. Which of the following can be considered contributing to Innocent’s being an ethical company?
(A) It competes with other companies.
(B) It was founded by well-educated people.
(C) Each year it gives 10% of its profits to charities.
(D) It produces healthy, natural products.

49.【題組】49. What area might be Innocent’s main market?
(A) Europe.
(B) Asia.
(C) North America.
(D) Africa.

50.【題組】50. What might be the main point that the author of the essay wants to make?
(A) Attending a festival may be important for a company to be successful.
(B) Making money is the primary goal of a successful company.
(C) A food company needs to use 100% natural products in order to succeed.
(D) Ethics may be an important factor for a company’s success.