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101 年 - 台銀檢券英#20636 

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1.Geanine has an excellent ________ and she can recall things that happened years ago.
(A) responsibility
(B) collection
(C) memory
(D) energy

2.To attain my ________ in life, I must carry out my plan step by step.
(A) realization
(B) pavement
(C) goal
(D) objection

3. It' s good for us to develop a ________ for monthly expenses.
(A) budget
(B) channel
(C) site
(D) scheme

4. A successful salesman should always have confidence in the ________ that he sells.
(A) award
(B) movement
(C) product
(D) appearance

5.He used the fund for reconstruction to ________ bank loans.
(A) call off
(B) pay off
(C) put off
(D) take off

6. We did not enjoy our vacation; it fell short of our ________.
(A) emotions
(B) expectations
(C) explanations
(D) selections

7.He got the job after the ________ because the manager was happy with his answers to all the questions.
(A) advertisement
(B) entrance
(C) interview
(D) ownership

8. You should never ________ at your customers. Your bad attitude may make them angrier.
(A) discourage
(B) praise
(C) yell
(D) persuade

9. I found my cat ________ asleep in the sun.
(A) lain
(B) laid
(C) lying
(D) laying

10.________ am able to help my daughter with English, for we are English teachers.
(A) Either my wife or I
(B) My wife as well as I
(C) Both my wife and I
(D) Neither my wife nor I

11.________ the Atlantic Ocean crosses the equator, the winds cause a flow of water to the west.
(A) At
(B) That
(C) Though
(D) Where

12.John' s been working for five years, ________?
(A) hasn' t he
(B) hasn' t John
(C) isn' t he
(D) isn' t John

13.I will come back ________.
(A) as possible as I can
(B) as I can as possible
(C) as soon as possible
(D) as possible as soon

14.Although Jeremy is the youngest, he is taller than ________ in his group.
(A) any other boys
(B) all boys
(C) any boy
(D) any other boy

15. He started running ________.
(A) 5 years ago
(B) 5 years before
(C) for 5 years
(D) since 5 years ago

16.Tens of thousands of comic fans flooded the Taiwan pavilion at the Angouleme International Comics Festival in France on January 26-29, 2012. Themed “Ocean of Comics,” the Taiwanese section of the exhibition 46 more than 200 works dating back to the 1950s. All these works demonstrate a 47 of styles ranging from Chinese ink painting, science fiction and realism to Japan' s manga style. The festival in the southwestern French town of Angouleme is the largest in Europe, usually 48 over 300,000 visitors. Each year thousands of comic artists from around the world 49 this festival. 50 , a number of European publishers have expressed an interest in publishing works by Taiwanese artists. “In France, comics are boutique items, while in Taiwan they are fast food,” stated artist Zhi-yi Zei.
【題組】 46.
(A) functioned
(B) featured
(C) systemized
(D) related

(A) popularity
(B) similarity
(C) variety
(D) category

(A) attract
(B) attracts
(C) attracted
(D) attracting

(A) put on
(B) participate in
(C) hold up
(D) take part

(A) What' s more
(B) In contrast
(C) Yet
(D) Nonetheless