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1.1 There are many factors that would_____ the quality of our relationships with others.
(A) effect
(B) expect
(C) afford
(D) affect

2.2 I was invited to her birthday party,_____ I couldn’t go as I had to take care of my little brother.
(A) because
(B) but
(C) for
(D) so

3.3 Jane was very happy that her speech last night attracted a large _____.
(A) audience
(B) circle
(C) auditorium
(D) people

4.4 Mr. Smith is very talkative. He can _____talking for two hours.
(A) keep in
(B) fill in
(C) keep on
(D) fill out

5.5 We will not finish the work if he_____ come to help us tomorrow.
(A) will not
(B) does not
(C) not to
(D) has not

6.The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings board provides general guidelines to help you decide whether a movie is appropriate for your child. An R-rated film contains adult content. A PG-13 rating cautions parents about material that may be inappropriate for kids under the age of 13. A PG (parental guidance suggested) rating means the movie may contain material not suitable for young children, and a G (general audiences) means the movie’s okay for all. Though the rating system can give you a rough idea of what’s appropriate, it’s wise to do some homework before letting a child see any film. Read newspaper reviews, or visit movie-review websites. Once you know the content of a particular film, you can make a decision. If you decide that a movie is inappropriate for your preteen, don’t cave in to peer pressure and let him see it. Explain the decision to your child. Tell him, for instance, that you’re concerned that a violent movie could cause nightmares. Make sure your child knows that you care about what he is watching.
【題組】 6 The film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was labeled PG-13, which means that children under the age of 13 can watch the film only when_____ .
(A) they are at home
(B) they become cautious
(C) they are with an adult
(D) they show their ID cards

7.【題組】7 According to the MPAA ratings, a suitable film for a six-year-old kid is labeled_____ .
(A) G
(B) PG
(C) PG-13
(D) R

8.【題組】8 An R-rated film contains content appropriate for _____only.
(A) preteens
(B) grown-ups
(C) preschoolers
(D) young adults

9.【題組】9 The phrase “cave in” in line 7 is closest in meaning to _____.
(A) suggest
(B) care
(C) worry
(D) yield

10.【題組】10 We may infer from the passage that_____ .
(A) parents can rely only on film ratings when choosing an appropriate film
(B) parents don’t need to explain the film choice if it’s R-rated
(C) children can decide on which film to watch all by themselves
(D) children cannot watch an inappropriate film even if their friends do so

11.We had a family trip to Canada last summer. The whole family 11 grandpa, who didn’t like traveling, went on the trip. We spent three weeks 12 through that beautiful country. Montreal was our first stop. It was full of excitement. We did some shopping, tried local food, visited several famous spots and even went to a show 13 . We had a wonderful time there. 14 three days in Montreal, we took off and drove westward to Winnipeg. The city was lovely, and the people there were warm and friendly. We were even invited by an elderly lady we met in the park to dine with her at her home. Old people in Taiwan are usually very careful about strangers. They 15 people they don’t know as much as possible. But in Canada it seems different. The trip really was a new experience for me.
(A) except
(B) in spite
(C) in addition
(D) only

(A) drove
(B) driven
(C) to drive
(D) driving

(A) somewhat
(B) sometime
(C) one day
(D) someday

(A) After
(B) During
(C) Next
(D) Then

(A) avoid talking to
(B) avoided talking to
(C) avoid to talk to
(D) avoided to talk to