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1.36 Helen’s school is near her house. It’s just two______ from her house.
(A) neighbors
(B) insects
(C) pages
(D) blocks

2.37 My brother is good at sports. He often plays ______on Sundays.
(A) toy cars
(B) badminton
(C) the piano
(D) computer games

3.38 Today, many people use the Internet to______ family and friends. The Internet is the best way to get people connected.
(A) come up with
(B) end up with
(C) keep in touch with
(D) stay up with

4.39 Ken has traveled a lot, but he ______to Taiwan.
(A) has never been
(B) has never
(C) is never
(D) was never

5.40 No sooner had the telephone rung______ Ellen rushed to answer it. 

(A) and
(B) then
(C) or
(D) than

6.At Halloween American children take their costumes and masks to school. Typical Halloween costumes are the witch, ghost, skeleton, monster, vampire or alien. Young people have fun 41 their own costumes, but some prefer to buy them in the stores. In the afternoon the children 42 their costumes and have a Halloween party at school. Schools 43 with pumpkins, ghosts, witches and bats. American children go “trick-or-treating” on Halloween evening. They go from house to house in their costumes and ring doorbells. When the door 44 , they shout, “Trick or treat?” People usually give them sweets or money. 45 , the children play a trick! They write on windows with soap or spray shaving cream on cars and people.
(A) make
(B) made
(C) making
(D) to make

(A) put on
(B) look for
(C) make up
(D) take apart

(A) will decorate
(B) are decorated
(C) have decorated
(D) are decorating

(A) opens
(B) opening
(C) be opened
(D) was opened

(A) Then
(B) If not
(C) In that case
(D) No matter what

11.A refugee is a person who leaves his or her country to find a safer place to live. Refugees are usually running away from their countries due to reasons of war or differences in beliefs or races. Millions of refugees are living in crowded camps. The situation is particularly difficult for children. Losing their parents, many young refugees have become the heads of their families. They have to act older and wiser than they really are. It is said that the number of refugees has been going down by 18 percent. There are several reasons for this. First, the smaller number of refugees may be caused by increased efforts to help refugees go back home. Another possible reason is that it has become more difficult for people to seek help in other countries. For example, some countries have changed the rules for refugees who want to cross their country lines and stay there. Though the decreasing number is good news, there are still many people running away from their own country. Hopefully, the world will try hard to keep refugee numbers down.
【題組】46 According to this article, about how many refugees are there in the world now?
(A) 18 percent
(B) Several millions
(C) Less than 18 percent
(D) Fewer than several hundreds

12.【題組】47 Refugees are those who______ .
(A) leave their countries for safety
(B) control certain beliefs or races
(C) live in the safer places of their countries
(D) are the heads of their families

13.【題組】48 Which of the following is NOT mentioned by the author as a reason for the decreasing number of refugees?
(A) People have helped many refugees to go back home.
(B) It becomes harder to seek help in foreign countries.
(C) More countries don’t let refugees get across their country lines.
(D) The world has not done its best to help.

14.【題組】49 Many young refugees have to act older and wiser than they really are because______ .
(A) their parents are gone
(B) their camps are full of people
(C) they lost their beliefs in God
(D) they grow bigger in the refugee camps

15.【題組】50 According to the author, a refugee problem______ .
(A) is not a problem anymore
(B) cannot be solved one way or another
(C) still needs attention from us
(D) makes the world a worse place to live