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1.26. Young people have been hit hard by the financial crisis. The youth ______ rate fell to 14.2% last year.
(A) composition
(B) employment
(C) objection
(D) settlement

2.27. If s illegal that companies replace their regular employees with ______ ,who work during summer to get training and experience.
(A) addicts
(B) interns
(C) outlaws
(D) ushers

3.28. Many governments proposed ______ plans to help the banks at risk with huge amount of money.
(A) warfare
(B) feedback
(C) layman
(D) bailout

4.29.1 will ______ some money in my bank account tomorrow. That’ 11 be my first savings.
(A) deposit
(B) lengthen
(C) multiply
(D) recognize

5.30.1 don’t have John’s email address. Can you ______ this message to him?
(A) publish
(B) govern
(C) forward
(D) ignore

6.31. I-phone 4s is ______ in Taiwan now. You can get one at almost any 3C store.
(A) available
(B) changeable
(C) honorable
(D) reasonable

7.32. He is an ______ workaholic and has amazing energy.
(A) incredible
(B) integral
(C) inconvenient
(D) international

8.33. Those who refused to follow the order could be removed from office or fined for ______ of duty.
(A) request
(B) neglect
(C) obscurity
(D) input

9.34. Five people work in that office. Only one comes on time every day ______ are usually late.
(A) The others
(B) One another
(C) The other one
(D) Another ones

10.35. Six British soldiers were killed ______ they were out on patrol in southern Afghanistan.
(A) but
(B) since
(C) unless
(D) while

11.36. The manager tried very hard to tell her client ______ .
(A) how great her company was
(B) how her company was great
(C)how her great company was
(D) how was her company great

12.37. Saving is important, but ______ you should put money in this bank account is worth great consideration.
(A) that
(B) though
(C) what
(D) whether

13.38._____ his leadership potential, it is interesting to note the particular emphasis on character.
(A) Additionally
(B) Additional to
(C) In addition
(D) In addition to

14.39. These things always seem more difficult_____.
(A) than really they are
(B) than they really are
(C) as they are really
(D) as really they are

15.40. This situation reflects_great demand for degrees in Arts and Social Studies.
(A) that the
(B) there is
(C) the
(D) it was

16.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 The best example of something is often called the “gold standard.” It 41 the standard against which other things are measured. In economics, the term describes 42 major trading nations once used gold to set currency values and exchange rates. Many countries 43 to use the gold standard until the last century. 44 ,in the United States, people could exchange paper money for gold from the 1870s to 1933. Then President Richard Nixon finally disconnected the dollar 45 the value of gold in 1971. From time to time some politicians call for a return to the gold standard. And gold prices have grown over these years.
(B) rcachcs
(C) sets
(D) tricks


(A) continued
(B) distributed
(C) overruled
(D) promised

(A) After all
(B) For instance
(C) Not to mention
(D) What is more

20.四、閱讀測驗 Generally speaking, a recession is when there is a tightening of the economy, usually for a certain period of time. Given below are some signs that usually indicate that a recession is knocking. The Rate Of Joblessness Assumes Disturbing Proportions: Usually, the rate of jobless people remains steady every month. But if there is a constant, steep rise in that number, then this could be a sign of recession. Large Companies Start Giving Depressing Profit Figures: When many companies across all sectors start giving out depressing sales and profit figures, then alarm bells should start ringing. Borrowers Start Defaulting: When borrowers are unable to pay back their loans on homes, vehicles, businesses and credit cards, then this could be another indication of a falling economy. Here in the United States, even lenders such as banks and credit unions have started defaulting on their financial obligations, due to the sheer number of borrowers who are in no position to repay loans they have taken out. That’s a really bad sign. Credit Card Purchases Shoot Up: In spite of depressing news, if the number and volume of credit card purchases suddenly shoots up, it means that people no longer have cash to pay for their daily needs - and are now resorting to the last method to pay their bills. When people start paying their mortgage payments through their credit cards, thereby risking high interest payments, then this is a sign of financial desperation. Prices Of Essential Commodities Shoots Up. When prices of food, fuel and other utilities shoot up - and the government seems helpless to do anything - then it could be said that inflation is fanning the flames of a possible recession.
(A) from
(B) about
(C) between
(D) within

21.【題組】46. What is the purpose of this passage?
(A) To explain signs of recession.
(B) To tell people what to do in recession.
(C) To introduce ways to fight depression.
(D) To teach people how to survive depression.

22.【題組】47. According to the passage, what is recession?
(A) The rate of jobless people remains steady every month
(B)There is a tightening of the economy for a certain period of time
(C) Borrowers who are in no position to repay loans
(D) People start paying their mortgage payments through their credit cards

23.【題組】48. In line 4, what does “that number” refer to?
(A) Jobless number.
(B) Employment rate.
(C)Employment rising.
(D)Job-hunting number.

24.【題組】49. Which of the following is NOT a sign of financial depression?
(A) People pay mortgage with credit cards.
(B) People cannot pay back their home loans.
(C) More and more people use cash to pay for their daily needs.
(D) The number of jobless people increases all the time.

25.【題組】50. According to the passage, what will happen if the government cannot do anything to control food prices?
(A) Large companies start giving depressing
(B) Borrowers will start defaulting
(C) People no longer have cash to pay
(D) The inflation may occur