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102 年 - 員級鐵路人員考試英文#16214 

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1.        If knowledge is power, then literacy is the key to the kingdom. For centuries, the ability to read and write has given power to those who possessed it, although access to book learning—indeed, to books themselves—was often limited to a privileged minority. Today, by contrast, we inhabit a digital age in which written texts are more widely and democratically available than ever before. A prerequisite for access, however, is still the ability to comprehend and appraise those texts. Individuals who lack strong skills for finding, understanding, and evaluating written information cannot easily arm themselves with that information or use it to advance the causes they value. And because a free society depends on an informed and autonomous citizenry, the loss is not theirs alone. As we confront some of the great questions of our time—about war and diplomacy, immigration and citizenship, health care and human rights, and fair access to education and employment—literacy liberates us from dependence on received wisdom and allows us to find and weigh the evidence ourselves. Simply put, literacy is cornerstone of our freedom.
【題組】 31 What is the passage mainly about?
(A)The importance of literacy today.
(B) Freedom in a digital age.
(C)The autonomous citizenry in a free society.
(D)The relationship of knowledge, power, and corruption.

2.【題組】32 Traditionally, who had access to literacy?
(A)Internet hackers.
(B)Computer programmers.
(C)The privileged minority.
(D)Every individual eager to learn.

3.【題組】33 What does the word “cornerstone” mean?
(D) Etiquette.

請回答第 34 題至第 37 題: 
        All that you will need to decorate your birdhouse are a few simple tools you probably already have at home. You also need some paint. When painting the birdhouse, make sure the paint is safe for the birds as well as    34    enough for an outdoor setting. Exterior latex paint is ideal. But this type of paint tends to be sold in large quantities and can be costly if you are using a    35    of colors. Many craft stores now carry small containers of exterior latex or exterior acrylic craft paints in a    36    spectrum of colors. These paints will    37    your birdhouse project well. Use white and black or dark brown paints to lighten or darken your colors. Finding all the supplies you will need and preparing your work space before you begin to paint will make decorating the birdhouse more pleasant and cleanup easier. 





請回答第 38 題至第 42 題: 
        In 1368, a Buddhist monk called Chu Yuan-chang led a revolt in China against the Mongols, who ruled China at that time. His revolt succeeded and Chu Yuan-chang   38   a new family of Chinese rulers called the Ming Dynasty. The early Ming rulers extended the Great Wall of China, which had   39   been built to keep the Mongols out. They also brought the province of Yunnan   40   their control and forced Korea to pay a tribute to China. Soon, the Chinese decided to   41   from foreign contacts altogether. They were   42   and did not want anything from abroad. They regarded foreigners as barbaric, uncivilized people. 

(C)had found
(D)was founding



(D) withdraw


13.43 To fight against the inflation, the US government takes every measure to maintain the ____of the dollar on the world’s money markets.

14.44 ____in English is a key to effective communication in the global market.

15.45 The poor girl knew that her dream of going to law school was as ____as walking on the moon.
(D) unattainable

16.46 We should watch out for the change in weather to ____ ourselves from getting a cold.
(D) force

17.47 When you collect some wild plants to cook, you had better make sure they are____ in the first place.

18.48 At first, he tried amphetamine and other drugs just out of curiosity, but within a very short time, he developed an____ .
(C) innovation

19.49 Soy milk, in some societies, has been commonly used as a milk____ .
(C) nutrient
(D) recipe

20.50 Harry Potter, the hero created by J. K. Rowling, is the most famous____ in modern English literature.