Mindy Chen>试卷(2013/03/11)

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102 年 - 國一上 第一次段考 50題#9595 

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1.Hello, ___________Mary. 
(A) you’re 
(B) she’s 
(C) I’m 
(D) he’s
2.Is that an ___________? 
(A) book 
(B) desk 
(C) dog 
(D) orange
3.Hi, my name___________Sally. 
(A) is 
(B) am 
(C) are 
(D) be
4.I ___________ Jenny. 
(A) is 
(B) am 
(C) are 
(D) isn’t
5.___________is happy. 
(A) I 
(B) You 
(C) Mom 
(D) Your dad and mom
6.Good night,___________. 
(A) dad 
(B) please 
(C) mom 
(D) Dad
7.Your book and my book are ___________. 
(A) same 
(B) a same 
(C) the same 
(D) not same
8.The puppy(小狗)is so cute. What’s ___________ name? 
(A) it’s 
(B) your 
(C) their 
(D) its
9.Mia: What’s ___________name? Rose: His name is Bob. 
(A) the boy’s 
(B) the boy 
(C) the boys 
(D) the boys’
10.Leo: Are you and Mary students? Judy: Yes, ___________ are. 
(A) you 
(B) they 
(C) we 
(D) she and I
11.Brad: Are you Bob? Bob: Yes, ___________. 
(A) I’m 
(B) you’re 
(C) you are 
(D) I am
12.Nina: What’s your name? Cindy: ___________ name is Cindy. 
(A) Your 
(B) My 
(C) His 
(D) Her
13.David is ___________her class. 
(A) down 
(B) in 
(C) up 
(D) on
14.It’s nice ___________meet you. 
(A) up 
(B) in 
(C) to 
(D) down
15.Rick: How is your mom? Becky:___________is fine. 
(A) He 
(B) You 
(C) She 
(D) It
16.Tom: I’m a student. How ___________you? Joe: I am, too. 
(A) are 
(B) aren’t 
(C) and 
(D) about
17.We play     game. 
(A) the same 
(B) a same 
(C) same 
(D) very same
18.Max: ___________her name? Bob: Helen. 
(A) How’s 
(B) What’s 
(C) What are 
(D) How are
19.How ___________ your friend, Jane? 
(A) am 
(B) are 
(C) is 
20.Can your dog stand on a ball ___________? 
(A) good 
(B) fine 
(C) great 
(D) well
21.Which class are you ___________? 
(A) up 
(B) down 
(D) in
22.___________Danny and Jenny your classmates? 
(A) Aren’t 
(B) Is 
(C) Am 
(D) Are not
23.Ken: What’s ___________name? Billy: She is Sarah. 
(A) your 
(B) my 
(C) her 
(D) his
24.The dog is cute. What’s ___________ name? 
(A) it’s 
(B) its 
(C) their 
(D) your
25.Tim: Are Jane and Ted your students? Huck: Yes, ___________ are. 
(A) we 
(B) you 
(C) she 
(D) they
26.Tony and Mr. Wang ___________the street. 
(A) on 
(B) at 
(C) are on 
(D) are at
27.___________your name Bob? 
(A) Are 
(B) Is 
(C) What are 
(D) What’s
28.Are ___________ classmates? Yes, we are. 
(A) Tony and Jenny 
(B) Tony and I 
(C) Jenny and I 
(D) you and I
29.Are he and I in the same class? No, ___________not. 
(A) we’re 
(B) you’re 
(C) they’re 
(D) there are
30.Alice: ___________ are you doing? Brian: Fine, thanks. 
(A) How 
(B) Where 
(C) When 
(D) What
31.    are good girls. 
(A) You, he and I 
(B) George and Mary 
(C) We, you and they 
(D) My classmate, Jenny,
32.Look ___________this picture. 
(A) in 
(B) at 
(C) to 
33.Mia: ___________ does Jenny’s grandfather do? Meg: A teacher. 
(A) What 
(B) Who 
(C) How 
(D) Who’s
34.Amy: ___________ is that man(男人)? Jane: He’s my father. 
(A) How 
(B) What 
(C) How old 
(D) Who
35.    dad is a police officer. 
(A) Jenny and Tony 
(B) Jenny’s and Tony 
(C) Jenny’s and Tony’s 
(D) Jenny and Tony’s
36.Ben: What     your phone number? Ken: 2701-6769. 
(A) are 
(B) is 
(C) am 
(D) be
37.Bob is a___________ boy. 
(A) eleven-year-old 
(B) eight-years-old 
(C) seven-year-old 
(D) seven-years-old
38.Kevin: ___________ is that boy? Cathy: Tom. 
(A) What 
(B) Who 
(C) How 
(D) How old
39.Who___________the two students? 
(A) am 
(B) are 
(C) is 
(D) be
40. ___________dads are police officers. 
(A) Jenny and Tony 
(B) Jenny’s and Tony 
(C) Jenny’s and Tony’s 
(D) Jenny and Tony’s
41.Let’s ___________ to a movie. 
(A) goes 
(B) to go 
(C) go 
(D) going
42.Mike and Bob play ___________ the street. 
(A) at 
(B) on 
(C) to 
(D) about
43.Call your teacher ___________2701-3978. 
(A) at 
(B) in 
(C) on 
(D) to
44.Leo: ___________the girl? Miss Lin: She’s my student. 
(A) What’s 
(B) How’s 
(C) Who’s 
(D) How old is
45.Miss Chen and I are ___________. 
(A) a teacher and a student 
(B) a teacher and student 
(C) teacher and a student 
(D) teacher and student
46.She’s ___________girl. 
(A) really cute 
(B) a very cute 
(C) cute 
(D) very cute
47.Sally ___________ happy. 
(A) is 
(B) am 
(C) are 
(D) be
48.John is an ___________boy. 
(A) one-year-old 
(B) one year old 
(C) eight-year-old 
(D) eight years old
49.___________ and fifty are___________. 
(A) Forty; ninety 
(B) Fourty; ninety 
(C) Fourty; ninty 
(D) Forty; ninty
50.My father is ___________ office worker. 
(A) one 
(B) an 
(C) a