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93 年 - 國立中壢高中九十三學年度第一次教師甄選英文科筆試試題 #889 

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1.1. America is one of our _______ allies. It supports us always.
(A) statute
(B) staunch
(C) insular
(D) prosaic

2.2. I am rather _______ about their professed sympathy for the poor; I doubt it.
(A) pragmatic
(B) dogmatic
(C) skeptical
(D) scheming

3.3. Some people are quite _______ about the society; they hold a hostile attitude toward it.
(A) cynical
(B) clerical
(C) crockery
(D) corrosive

4.4. That little girl seems to get irritated easily; she is really _______.
(A) fractious
(B) fraternal
(C) fragrant
(D) contagious

5.5. Dr. Jenkins always attributes her present success to the _______ she made in youth.
(A) endeavor
(B) enclosure
(C) upheaval
(D) reign

6.6. Balanced diet and regular exercise lead to good blood circulation and _______.
(A) malfeasance
(B) malice
(C) metabolism
(D) mobster

7.7. The reporter was so ________ in her presentation of facts that all the details were clearly revealed.
(A) malicious
(B) meticulous
(C) metropolitan
(D) meteoric

8.8. Taking revenge is dangerous for _______ will backfire.
(A) vigil
(B) surveillance
(C) vengeance
(D) sanction

9.9. Job fatigue simply tired out the manager; he looked so _______ after an exhausting day.
(A) lethargic
(B) ardent
(C) cataclysmic
(D) delinquent

10.10. That tyrant was such a _______ ruler that he had launched numerous wars against his rival countries.
(A) discursive
(B) exuberant
(C) imbecile
(D) bellicose

11.11. The riddle _______ all the participants of the game and none could come up with any correct answer.
(A) bewildered
(B) enticed
(C) obscured
(D) interlaced

12.12. Nuclear weapons can only be used as _______ to those rogue countries; they can never be used in the battlefields.
(A) dictums
(B) deterrents
(C) detergents
(D) digressions

13.13. The professor was on a _______ leave for one year; he will come back to resume his research soon.
(A) sacrosanct
(B) sagacious
(C) servile
(D) sabbatical

14.14. The ________ prose style that the novelist showed in writings revealed her strength in life as well as insight into human nature.
(A) expatriate
(B) sinewy
(C) menial
(D) morbid

15.15. To upgrade the quality of the entire population in a country, _______ rate must first be eliminated.
(A) illiteracy
(B) idiocy
(C) illegitimacy
(D) ideology

16.16. Jerry enjoys all kinds of exotic food; he is truly a _______.
(A) gluten
(B) villain
(C) gourmet
(D) saber

17.17. The _______ of the budget on national defense is subject to the approval of the entire committee.
(A) appropriation
(B) impulsion
(C) dejection
(D) deflection

18.18. We have solid evidence that they were trying to _______ to ruin our reputation.
(A) duplicate
(B) depreciate
(C) conspire
(D) earmark

19.19. That acquisitive collector can never satisfy his ________ for more curios and paintings.
(A) extravaganza
(B) bulwark
(C) pomposity
(D) avarice

20.20. Many ________ were committed on innocent civilians in wartime.
(A) congregations
(B) suffrages
(C) atrocities
(D) auctions