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101 年 - 國立二林工商 第101學年度 第二學期 第一次期中考試#10723 

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1.I think my sister has ________ this time. She stayed in an Internet café all night and didn’t come back home until four o’clock this morning.
(A)escaped from the web
(B)gone too far
(C)left online
(D)uploaded online
2.________ regular exercise and balanced diet, Julia is able to keep a slim figure.
(A)By virtue of
(B)As to
(C)In addition to
(D)Rather than
3.Instead of taking revenge on his rival, Greg ________ forgave what he had done to him.
4.The city government will ________ a new plan aiming to reduce the amount of garbage.
5.The pop singer agrees to be interviewed on ________ that it is done in private.
6.The small island suffered great damage caused by the ________ storm.
7.Being a caring and ________ teacher, Miss Wang never hesitates to offer whatever her students need.
8.There is no ______ that almost most parents want their children to achieve a goal in the future.
9.With the witnesses proving the cause of the accident, the drunk driver was still in a strong ______ of his fault.
10.The 007 movie series mainly deal with the missions impossible of the intelligence ________ of different cultural backgrounds.
11.Adma’s father used to be a drug dealer, so his mother doesn’t want him ________ his father after growing up.
(A)end up as
(B)stir up
(C)run into
(D)end in
12.When asked if she would like to marry Bill, Mary didn’t give any ________ answer.
13.The DNA approach is applied as the ________ of the victims is difficult.
14. Basically, the committee agree to adopt your proposal, but ________ the budget, they will give it a second thought.
(A)rather tha
(B)as to
(C)by virtue of
(D)in case of
15.Having committed so many crimes, Neil is destined to ________ in prison.
(A)come to an end
(B)beam with delight
(C)bring to justice
(D)live out his life
16.The saying, “save for a rainy day,” is trying to ________ the importance of preparation to people.
17.Children tend to _______ their parents’ behavior and habits before they develop their own personalities.
18.Sam’s mother said if he did not ________ at the party, she would take him home right away.
19.The soft music and cozy atmosphere in the restaurant makes the customers feel ________.
(A)off course
(B)at ease
(C)in ruins
(D)at risk
20.The woman begged the king ________ her life, but he ordered that she ________.
(A)to; to kill
(B)to; was killed
(C)for; be killed
(D)for; kill
21. It was her teacher’s suggestion that Mary ________ a chance to enter the speech contest.
(A)be given
(B)should give
(D)was given
22.Jeremy Lin is the first Taiwanese American basketball player ________ the NBA.
(A)to have entered
(B)to enter
(D)to entering
23.You had better go all out ________ you take the job.
(B)only if
(D)as long as
24.________ to a fire hydrant, the dog howled miserably.
(B)To Chain
25.The dog was treated cruelly ________ the man laughed loudly.