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100 年 - 國立北港高中100年第一次教甄試初試試題(Vocabulary)#5460 

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1.As a volunteer, Terry has brought a lot of joy and laughter in the nursing home with his _____ personality and funny jokes.
(A) lunatic
(B) incredulous
(C) vulnerable
(D) exuberant

2.Taking a vote is a convenient way to reach a(n) _____ on one matter, especially when people hold various opinions.
(A) consensus
(B) animosity
(C) recognition
(D) criterion

3.The changes to the senior high school curriculum have been _____ over the last ten years, and they have received varied reactions in the society.
(A) agitated
(B) proliferated
(C) alienated
(D) implemented

4.In the suicide bombing terrorist attack, the flames soon _____ the whole building, killing nearly a hundred people.
(A) propelled
(B) devoured
(C) emancipated
(D) eliminated

5.Compassion is an interesting word — when you break it down it _____ means “ to suffer with ”
(A) literally
(B) deliberately
(C) cordially
(D) temporarily

6.Daniel’s latest novel is _____ different from his earlier work; politics, rather than rural life, is his focus this time and the story lines are much more complicated.
(A) emphatically
(B) strikingly
(C) invariably
(D) steadily

7.These residents were in ____ during the devastating tsunami.
(A) jeopardy
(B) contingency
(C) liability
(D) travesty

8.I love the ____ life in the country.
(A) inane
(B) tranquil
(C) nebulous
(D) seditious

9.In Britain, the cuckoo is the ____ of spring.
(A) vagabond
(B) comber
(C) herald
(D) ruse

10.If customers are not satisfied with our products, we will ____ them.
(A) reimburse
(B) equivocate
(C) pry
(D) yield