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99 年 - 國立南科國際實驗高級中學 九十九學年度第一次教師甄選 國小部英文科試題卷 #2091 

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1.1. An Internet oversight board, in order to expand the available universe of Web names, has given the Web a new _______ of domain names, adding .biz, .name and other _______ to help ease the dotcom name crunch.
(A) collection; prefixes
(B) group; prefixes
(C) batch; suffixes
(D) bar; suffixes

2.2. When you want to catch a big fish, don’t forget that a great deal of pressure is placed on the bend of the hook. Do not use a weak or damaged hook, or you might ruin a potentially great _______ and open the door for years of _______ tales about the big one that slipped away right in your face.
(A) catch; tall
(B) fun; funny
(C) interest; interesting
(D) fish; folk

3.3. The novel can be interpreted, read and enjoyed in many different ways, with each way as _______ as the others. There is no clear entry-point here—no boy-meets-girl _______—that will let us in.
(A) legal; story
(B) satisfying; chemical
(C) tiresome; history
(D) fulfilling; synopsis

4.4. Angelina Jolie, who manages to _______ men, has been named the “sexiest woman alive” in Esquire magazine. She was the top pick of the magazine’s editors and mostly male readers to _______ the cover of Esquire’s annual “Women We Love” issue.
(A) mesmerize; grace
(B) attract; overlook
(C) attack; beautify
(D) attract; make

5.5. Tropical rainforests contain at least half of the Earth’s species. The incredible _______ of the rainforests means that most species have evolved to inhabit very specialized _______ in their environment.
(A) difference; houses
(B) diversity; niches
(C) story; kingdom
(D) variety; canopy

6.6. One night, George was_______ restlessly in his White House bed. He awakened to see Mr. Washington standing by him. George asked him, “What’s the best thing I can do to help the country?” “Set an honest and honorable example, just as I did,” Mr. Washington advised and then faded _______.
(A) resting; in
(B) tossing; away
(C) looking; off
(D) sleeping; on

7.7. Born in Philadelphia, Martha Graham enrolled in Denishawn school of dance and began her career at the ripe old age of 22. As her fame _______ and the Martha Graham School of Dance began to attract talented young dancers, Graham also gathered famed composers to _______ her epic ballets.
(A) increased; type
(B) decreased; tell
(C) degenerated; describe
(D) blossomed; illustrate

8.8. For several years, Dr. Lee has dedicated his life _______ entomological research. He believes that insects possess intelligence and emotions. They think, doubt and throw _______ of rage just as human beings do.
(A) in; lots
(B) of; sudden
(C) to; fits
(D) at; pieces

9.9. Will the next century again be American? The American empire is doomed, and the cause is coffee. Denny’s is switching to freshly _______ coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts is testing espresso in 200 outlets. 7-Eleven began to sell “gourmet blends.” Alas, they do not know the iron law of history that says bad coffee _______ machismo and a passion for war while good coffee wafts with civility.
(A) ground; fuels
(B) fragrant; introduces
(C) smelly; triggers
(D) produced; depicts

10.10. Swiss teenagers smoke more dope than their peers in other European countries, casting a _______ over the country’s prim and wholesome image. One in three Swiss 15-year-olds has lit _______ a joint within the past year.
(A) card; up
(B) die; on
(C) stone; on
(D) pall; up

11.11. Many people believe that Pal Joey (1940), the story of the master of ceremonies (emcee or M.C., the abbreviated form.) of a sleazy nightclub, to be a _______ musical. With its unscrupulous leading character and _______ realistic view of life, the show moved the musical-comedy format into more serious territory.
(A) landmark; bitingly
(B) prominent; relentlessly
(C) fortunate; irresistibly
(D) famed; inexplicably

12.12. What dreams have you put on the shelf? Likely you have a dream that seems impossible, but it continues to _______ your imagination. Do whatever it take to understand the desires deepest in your heart. It’s possible they have been buried so long that they are difficult to recognize, but a little digging will _______ your dreams.
(A) boast of; carry out
(B) pique; unearth
(C) irritate; fulfill
(D) incite; root out

13.13. One of the pleasant times I remember last summer was a surprise visit from a family of five persons. In the middle of the morning, a team drove up and the five were _______ at my door. They proposed eating out under the trees, but we decided it would be pleasanter to spread the dinner on the long table on the _______ north porch. How simple and easy, with nobody overworked or tired, and we did have such a good visit.
(A) arrived; veined
(B) shipped; misty
(C) unloaded; screened
(D) showing up; framed

14.14. The days were short and cold, the wind whistled _______, but there was no snow. Cold rains were falling. Day after day the rain fell, _______ on the roof and pouring from the eaves.
(A) sharply; pattering
(B) violently; tipping
(C) sharply; molesting
(D) violently; pitching

15.15. Two roads _______ in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it _______ in the undergrowth; ……………………………. I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
(A) split; belonged
(B) diverged; bent
(C) split; hit
(D) diverged; carved

16.16. This article examines the properties and functions of cohesion and coherence in composition. The author points out the important role the reader’s _______ play in making a text coherent. In order to highlight the role of our background knowledge and our ability to reason and assume being the essential elements which make a text coherent, the author introduces a poem to clear the _______ water.
(A) schemas; foggy
(B) schema; dirty
(C) scheme; unclean
(D) schemata; muddy

17.17. Though the new European Union has sparked tourist overload fears, many travel industry experts have shrugged _______ fears that small central European countries being added to the EU on May 1st could lose their identity as visitors _______ in.
(A) off; flood
(B) on; stream
(C) in; run
(D) out; wait

18.18. In many parts of America, a surprising number of folksy, regional, and rural expressions have developed _______ the years and, even today, are heard and used by many American speakers of English. A large number of these _______ sayings also live in the memories of today’s citified adults who can remember hearing their grandparents use these sayings frequently.
(A) in; unbelievable
(B) over; unfastened
(C) during; figurative
(D) through; colorful

19.19. A high proportion of the material generated in many commercial establishments is _______. We can learn from recycling professionals and the establishments themselves how to capture these materials and turn them into _______ compost products.
(A) wasteful; improper
(B) wasted; dependent
(C) compressed; selling
(D) compostable; value-added

20.20. The Barbizon School was a group of artists who _______ natural landscape and themes of country life as vital subjects for French artists in the 1831’s and the 1840’s. Camille Corot and Jean-François Millet were the world-famous artists of this group, which _______ an art movement that eventually led to Impressionism.
(A) built up; promised
(B) established; constituted
(C) formed; developed
(D) constructed; encouraged

21.21. Patients with suspected TB (tuberculosis) were examined in the hospital outpatient department and their sputum tested for TB. Once a patient has had a _______ of TB made, they are _______ to a TB ward for an initial daily treatment and receive education on the disease.
(A) finding; accommodated
(B) diagnosis; admitted
(C) discovery; supplied
(D) series; transported

22.22. The possibilities of things to do in Charlotte are endless. The combination of the new and southern hospitality at its best and time-tested things to see and do has made Charlotte, NC a year-round favorite tourism destination. So meet Charlotte, and explore all the wonderful and unforgettable _______ it has to offer. You'll be a fan of this winning city _______ no time.
(A) scenery; by
(B) fairy tales; at
(C) attributes; in
(D) characteristics; of

23.23. Lone Star geyser trail is one of the easiest five mile roundtrip hikes in Yellowstone. This mostly _______ trail follows an old service road along the Firehole River through unburned forests of lodgepole pine. Lone Star geyser erupts approximately every three hours, and is a crowd pleaser. This trail can also be accessed by bicycle with the final approach to the geyser _______ foot.
(A) flat; in
(B) rocky; by
(C) level; on
(D) bumpy; off

24.24. The educational system in Taiwan produces students with some of the highest test scores in the world, especially in mathematics and science. However, it has been criticized for placing _______ pressure on students and _______ creativity in favor of rote memorization.
(A) excessive; eschewing
(B) overdosed; eating up
(C) overwhelming; producing
(D) overall; overpowering

25.25. A man visited a friend and was amazed to find him playing chess with his dog. He watched the game _______ astonishment awhile. "I can’t believe my eyes!" he exclaimed. "That's the smartest dog I've ever seen." "Nah, he's not so smart," the friend replied. "I've _______ him three games out of five."
(A) by; fought
(B) with; lost
(C) with; won
(D) in; beaten