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102 年 - 國立台中教育大學102學年度教師專業碩士學位學程招生考試#10072 

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1.The thick morning fog led to a fifteen-car _____ on the highway during rush hour yesterday.
(A) pile-up
(B) hold-up
(C) make-up
(D) check-up

2.Taipei 101 in Taipei has joined the Statue of Liberty in New York and Eiffel Tower in Paris to be a worldwide famous _____.
(A) landmark
(B) format
(C) symbol
(D) trademark

3.It took the search and _____ crew three days before they finally found the five missing college students deep into the mountain.
(A) finding
(B) rescue
(C) saving
(D) transfer

4.Sarah got lost a few times during her backpacking trip to Thailand and had to ask the local people for _____.
(A) conditions
(B) directions
(C) functions
(D) situations

5.Many celebrities, especially the rich and famous, have to fight very hard for the _____ of their lives.
(A) privacy
(B) regency
(C) celibacy
(D) intimacy

6.When the two car companies _____ with each other last year, they became the third largest car company in the world.
(A) traded
(B) merged
(C) bargained
(D) complied

7.Kevin often gets good deals shopping in the night market because he is very good at _____ prices with store clerks and street vendors.
(A) competing
(B) exchanging
(C) integrating
(D) negotiating

8.The teacher often _____ various group activities into her classes to promote cooperation and interaction among her students.
(A) participates
(B) accumulates
(C) incorporates
(D) compensates

9.It has been a worldwide movement that governments in many countries are setting stricter copyright law to protect individual’s _____ property.
(A) ingenious
(B) innovative
(C) intellectual
(D) inventory

10.The city zoo has done a very good job protecting and breeding many _____ species from around the world.
(A) abnormal
(B) endangered
(C) outdated
(D) undercover

11.The Taiwanese dialect has kept some ___ forms of the Chinese language.
(A) primitive
(B) articulate
(C) obstinate
(D) nauseous

12.___ cannot both be a noun and a verb.
(A) Measure
(B) Preview
(C) Strike
(D) Reside

13.It was said that the ship was ___ in North Korea, and no one was allowed to leave the ship.
(A) contended
(B) prevailed
(C) detained
(D) strained

14.Sandy and James are good dancing performers – their steps are perfectly ___.
(A) coordinated
(B) elaborated
(C) relocated
(D) manipulated

15.I don’t want to watch this film – ___!
(A) I don’t mind it
(B) I can’t stand it
(C) I quit like it
(D) I’m really into it

16.What time does your alarm clock ___ in the morning?
(A) get through
(B) go up
(C) go off
(D) get out

17.The suburbs are ___.
(A) in the town center
(B) outside the town center
(C) an area with factories
(D) an area with lots of shops and offices

18.Mary has a ___ family; many of her family members are high-ranking officials in the government.
(A) tactical
(B) scholastic
(C) prestigious
(D) inexhaustible

19.We cannot __ with our hands.
(A) sign
(B) mimic
(C) save
(D) stroll

20.As time passes, all natural resources on earth will become ___.
(A) scarce
(B) ubiquitous
(C) commonplace
(D) vulnerable