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93 年 - 國立台中第一高級中學九十三學年度第一學期第一次教師甄選 英文科試題#10101 

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1.Hundreds of customers were waiting beneath the buildings for the flying paper notes given by the department store; they reminded me of the numerous pigeons _______ for bread crumbs in the park.
(A) juggling
(B) jabbing
(C) jostling
(D) jittering

2. I still remember when I was a child, I used to go out collecting ____ leaves for my tender silk worms.
(A) cypress
(B) fir
(C) pine
(D) mulberry

3. Though George W. Bush is currently suffering a record low approval rate, there are still a lot who ________ their star to him.
(A) hitch
(B) hike
(C) heap
(D) hinder

4.It is made clear that those who show little _______ toward the group shall be severely punished.
(A) frailty
(B) fealty
(C) frugality
(D) fidget

5.Medical experts have speculated that SARS might be much more ________ than previously thought.
(A) contentious
(B) conscientious
(C) contingent
(D) contagious

6.By now, there have been very few documents that could effectively ______ the general’s insistence on war.
(A) expound
(B) flare
(C) stoke
(D) bleach

7.We felt disgusted with the governor’s ________ mishandling of the hostage crisis; he was virtually incompetent.
(A) indomitably
(B) grossly
(C) sveltely
(D) emolliently

8. Whenever she spots the man she secretly adores, she ________ a look of indifference, as is very usual to girls.
(A) feigns
(B) assuages
(C) lures
(D) prods

9.With all the ______ surrounding the end of the century and the millennium, we must not condone our responsibility: To rescue the whole of mankind and share peacefully this Earth with other creatures.
(A) hypertension
(B) jurisdiction
(C) hoopla
(D) illiteracy

10.Toward the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, it was thought to be merely ________; later it spread so extensively that the state government was forced to adopt more drastic measures.
(A) universal
(B) audacious
(C) impish
(D) endemic

11.The two parties eventually came to a consensus that they should demonstrate goodwill _________.
(A) outrageously
(B) repulsively
(C) reciprocally
(D) pathetically

12.Of all the _________ women worldwide encounter, poor health remains the cruelest.
(A) dignitaries
(B) nemeses
(C) sequences
(D) inequalities

13.The 228 incident victims have been calling for an __________, and now some of them are still seeking compensations.
(A) incarnation
(B) exoneration
(C) adolescence
(D) inoculation

14.Diaoyu Islands, known in Japan as the Senkakus, have been under Japanese control for more than a century, but _______ still rage over who owns them.
(A) feuds
(B) props
(C) pangs
(D) veins

15.As he tends to be violent and erratic in his behavior, we should _________ his confrontation.
(A) leaven
(B) eschew
(C) foist
(D) envisage

16.Stop ________ the young and unsophisticated ladies, or you will be disdained in the long run.
(A) abiding by
(B) accounting for
(C) flirting with
(D) stepping up

17.I sincerely hope that we can let bygones be bygones and ________ our relationship.
(A) patch up
(B) yank out
(C) rule out
(D) peer into

18.This criminal account is, __________, genuine to the fact, though it lacks euphemism.
(A) by chance
(B) by and large
(C) here and there
(D) down and out

19._______ by the local boys, Peter plucked up, whistled at a woman, and was arrested by the police, under the discriminatory law.
(A) Mooned over
(B) Reined in
(C) Done in
(D) Egged on

20.If you take others’ stuff without their permission, it will _________ stealing, which is against criminal law.
(A) put up with
(B) give in to
(C) border on
(D) bring in