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100 年 - 國立彰化女中100學年度第三次教師甄選 英文科試題#7662 

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1.1. Experts say that sleeping around seven hours per night is optimal for health, and that those who don’t have enough sleep may be more _____ to diseases.
(A) subordinate
(B) indecipherable
(C) susceptible
(D) indelible

2.2. In the wake of the toxic plasticizer storm, the government has decided meetings of experts will be _____ to set a maximum daily tolerance level for plasticizer ingestion.
(A) pinpointed
(B) infringed
(C) manifested
(D) convened

3.3. Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight with the United States forces. To Americans, his _____ marks the most significant achievement in their effort to defeat Al Qaeda.
(A) demise
(B) hassle
(C) realm
(D) treason

4.4. Jay Chou, the Asia pop sensation, _____ two top awards—Best Male Mandarin Singer and Best Album—at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards with his 10th album “The Era.”
(A) drenched
(B) mandated
(C) clinched
(D) refuted

5.5. Parents’ divorce often causes children to fall behind in social skills. Other _____ effects on them include rising anxiety, low self-esteem and fears of betrayal.
(A) insolent
(B) detrimental
(C) affluent
(D) phenomenal

6.6. When choosing the most suitable profession, besides looking into the income prospects, you should take the following points into account: your _____, personality, values, and interests.
(A) altitudes
(B) latitudes
(C) aptitudes
(D) multitudes

7.7. According to a study, the _____ between cultural activities and happiness is strong. That is, cultural participation can contribute to one’s upbeat mood.
(A) simulation
(B) correlation
(C) annotation
(D) predicament

8.8. Although the reviewers _____ the film and dismissed it as a flop, many people were still entranced by it.
(A) touted
(B) likened
(C) incurred
(D) jeered

9.9. The government has decided to impose a luxury tax on imported vehicles purchased for over NT$ 3 million. The heavy _____ may influence consumers’ buying momentum.
(A) tariff
(B) culprit
(C) peril
(D) taunt

10.10. Watermelons have been bursting by the score in eastern China because of excess growth accelerators, and the incident ____ how farmers in China are abusing crop chemicals.
(A) undermines
(B) underscores
(C) underlies
(D) undertakes