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103 年 - 國立東華大學附設實驗國民小學 103學年度第1次教師甄選「英文專門知能」試題卷#16534 

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1.1. The boss is _____ because his staff didn’t consult him on an important decision.
(B) indignant
(C) inhabited
(D) impervious

2.2. I hate to be the one to ____ him, but as the director of this film, I have to choose the most qualified actor for this role.
(A) disengage
(B) disillusion
(C) disclose
(D) dismantle

3.3. The ___ among the world’s scientists is that global warming will have a big impact on our environment.
(A) tendency
(B) essence
(C) catastrophe
(D) consensus

4.4. Giant pandas are ____ to China. Taken away from their habitats, they have great difficulty surviving.
(A) indigenous
(B) crucial
(C) impoverished
(D) superstitious

5.5. Shakespeare’s poems and plays are ____ to those who major in English literature.
(B) indulgent
(C) inevitable
(D) indispensable

6.6. Hagen was late for this family gathering _____ the traffic congestion.
(A)on account of
(B) in spite of
(C) apart from
(D) in accordance with

7.7. Some physicians and social workers say mental illness _____ in family suicide-homicides, but they say societal changes are important factors.
(A)plays a big role
(B) has a lot to do
(C) makes both ends meet
(D) comes back to life

8.8. With skillful diplomacy, this country stays ______with its many strong neighbors.
(A)on account
(B) on good terms
(C) under control
(D) in a nutshell

9.9. The system is trying to _____ all the books into different categories.
(A) speculate
(B) classify
(C) reckon
(D) meditate

10.10. With water drops on it, the price tag _____ easily.
(A)swept away
(B) reasoned with
(C) came off
(D) brought up

11.11. Being abandoned by her husband and just laid off recently, Monica thinks herself is the most ____ woman in the world.
(A) pathetic
(B) delicate
(C) excessive
(D) oriented

12.12. Hundreds of _____ fled from the flood-stricken village to the mountains.
(A) enterprisers
(B) refugees
(C) journalists
(D) editors

13.13. The movie is adequately _____. No wonder the special effects are amazing.
(A) frozen
(B) frightened
(C) financed
(D) forbidden

14.14. In the end of Scarlet Letter, the letter “A” _____ “Angel.”
(A) consists of
(B) stands for
(C) disposes of
(D) urges on

15.15. In recent years, talent shows on TV have provided many people with a chance to gain _____ overnight.
(A) therapy
(B) segment
(C) legislation
(D) publicity 2

16.二、克漏字:15% (15 題 每題 1 分) (一) The Ministry of Education has announced that it will set limits on the number of people allowed to study for doctoral degrees 16__________ address the issue of an excess of Taiwan-conferred Ph.D.s. The ministry also said that its screening of applications for new doctoral classes will be subject to strict regulation. It added that the 17__________ rate has been around 20 percent over the past few years. Moreover, newly established doctoral classes will only be 18__________ to recruit up to three students each and universities will have to make the required adjustments within their total recruitment quotas. The ministry was responding to a newspaper report 19__________ Taiwan has been overproducing doctoral-degree holders, with 3,705 graduating in the 2009-2010 academic year, more than three times the number, 1,053, in the 2005-2006 academic year. There are too many 20__________ produced doctors, and so the Ministry of Education should heed the demands of the current, highly-competitive job market when screening applications for new doctoral classes.
(A) for the purpose of
(B) in an effort to
(C) with a view to
(D) with the intention of

(A) approval
(B) disproof
(C) improvement
(D) proof

(A) admitted
(B) committed
(C) permitted
(D) transmitted

(A) that
(B) what
(C) where
(D) which

(A) globally
(B) tribally
(C) normally
(D) locally

21.(二) Tourism may destroy natural wonders. The Galapagos Islands are 21__________ being destroyed by too many visitors. 22__________ by Charles Darwin, the islands once inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution because of its unique species, such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and penguins that lived on warm beaches. However, tourist industry has brought problems to the already 23__________ environment. The growing numbers of cars have killed thousands of the large clumsy seabirds that inhabit the islands. The increase in people and products creates garbage that litters the once perfect beaches. Visitors also brought animals that were not 24__________ to the islands, like goats that compete with the tortoises for food, dogs that kill the iguanas, and cats that prey on the songbirds. The islands were once covered in amazing and exotic species, but tourism is now prospering and 25__________ the beautiful creatures. The Galapagos Islands are one of the most unique destinations in the world. Visitors must make a change and preserve that beauty for the future.
(A) at risk of
(B) in excess of
(C) on account of
(D) in advance of

(A) Which were discovered
(B) That discovered
(C) Which discovere
(D) Discovered

(A) infertile
(B) prosperous
(C) fragile
(D) gigantic

(A) native
(B) essential
(C) coastal
(D) available

(A) isolating
(B) inspecting
(C) endangering
(D) shielding

26. 3 (三) Helen Keller was stricken blind and deaf when she was little. 26__________ for her teacher Anne Sullivan, she would not have stepped into the outer world. For Keller, Anne Sullivan would be the first person to see if she 27__________ the ability to see. She would like to gaze long upon the outline of her teacher’s face and find 28__________ it the evidence of her compassion and persistence. Her teacher’s strength of character had become a model for her when facing the plight of her deficiency, 29__________ Keller not only succeeded living like a normal person but inspired lots of people. Anne Sullivan’s 30__________ had made Keller’s life more meaningful. To Helen Keller, she was more than a teacher, but a mentor and a friend in her whole life.
(A) If it were not
(B) If it had been
(C) Should it be
(D) Had it not been

(A) granted
(B) were granted
(C) had granted
(D) were to grant

(A) in
(B) with
(C) for
(D) as

(A) where
(B) so that
(C) through which
(D) to whom

(A) destination
(B) accomplishment
(C) companionship
(D) investigation

31.31. The professor told us that in order ( A)to remember details, ( B)it is important to ( C)take notes while ( D)listening to the lecture.
32.32. Dr. Brown, the first ( A)elected president of the University, ( B)was intelligent, capable, and ( C)awareness of the problems yet ( D)to be solved.
33.33. They suggest that the lecturer ( A)react to the situation by changing the textbook instead ( B)of ( C)to modify the objectives ( D)of the course.
34.34. Because they were not sure where ( A)the building was, and ( B)because of the time, they decided ( C)to ask ( D)for directions.
35.35. The new computers are equipped not only with an element for foreign languages but also a key for correcting errors automatically.
(A)not only
(B)a key
(C)for correcting

36.36. The invigilator did not know whether to report the student for ( A)cheating  ( B)or ( C)warning ( D)her first.
37.37. Please forward ( A)me ( B)the smallest, most ( C)recently published, and ( D)less expensive one that you have available.
38.38. ( A)In order to become a law, a bill ( B)must be passed not ( C)only by the Senate but also ( D)the House of Representatives.
39.39. Chuck had ( A)spent his vacation traveling Canada, ( B)visiting some of the ( C)Indian reservations, and ( D)had finished his thesis that he had begun last year.
40.40. A new product ( A)should be judged not ( B)by the promises made in commercials and advertisements, ( C)but also by the results ( D)demonstrated in actual use.
41.四、文意選填 10% (10 格 每格 1 分) Kun-shan Hsieh is a Taiwanese painter 41_____________ I all over the world. What makes him even greater is that he has no arms and only one leg. He paints by holding the 42_____________ B in his teeth. Hsieh was born in a poor family in Taitung in 1958. He left school when he was young and worked as a factory worker. Unfortunately, he got a serious electric shock, which caused bad 43_____________ F on his body. The accident left him 44_____________ H , since doctors needed to cut off most of his right arm, entire left arm, and one leg to save his life. Although he needed help like a baby after the accident, he wanted to learn to care for himself. Hsieh made a 45_____________ G and a long hook that could be attached to the rest of his right arm. On the device, there’s a spoon to help him 46_____________ C himself; with the hook, he is able to zip his pants. 47_____________ J , to make a living, he took art classes and learned to paint with his mouth. He created oil paintings to help 48_____________ A his wife and two children. Hsieh’s efforts and 49_____________ D have made him one of the most famous “mouth painters” in the world. Hsieh once said, “There are no difficulties in life; there’re only 50_____________ E to meet and problems to solve.” His story has not only inspired many people, but also reflected what he truly believes.

(A) support
(B) paintbrush
(C) feed
(D) determination
(E) challenges (AB) burns (AC) device (AD) disabled (AE) known (BC) besides (BD) effort (BE) achievement


51.五、篇章結構 10% (5 格 每格 2 分) Reading is a unique ability of mankind that allows new generations to learn from the heritage of their ancestors. It is also the entire foundation and starting point for education. 51  Yet, many parents encounter problems teaching children to read well. Many parents believe that the earlier their children start recognizing letters, the better. 52  For example, a child may know the alphabet, but often he or she is not able to make out the word that a group of letters represents. Reading is a complex process and it is not easy for a young child to learn to identify words in print. 53  Once children are forced to read, it stops being pleasurable to them. This keeps some children from becoming fluent readers. One method that parents can use to help children become good readers is to read to them every day from an early age. The ideal time to begin sharing books with children is during babyhood. 54  Parents should help their children choose books that are not too difficult and are about interesting topics. However, there are times when, despite parents’ positive efforts, children may still have difficulty in reading. One reason is because they may suffer from dyslexia. 55  In this case, parents must seek professional help and be prepared to do everything they can to support their children. 

(A) But parents may start to desperately force their children to read. 

(B)That is a specific disorder which causes problems with reading, writing and spelling. 

(C) That is why it is so important for a child to succeed in learning how to read. 

(D) By reading books with their families, children come to understand the purposes and pleasures of reading.
(E) In fact, this is not necessarily true.


56.(一) In the 1980s, overnight delivery services such as FedEx knew when they received a package and when it was delivered. Facing stiff competition, FedEx re-evaluated its business processes and determined that most customers eagerly wanted to know where in the delivery process a package was, especially when it was not delivered as expected. FedEx reached its first stage in the use of computers by making such information available to its customers via the Web. To do this, the company first sought to automate the extensive information by including truck loading, driver delivery, and customer signature on a hand-held computer. The hand-held computers were plugged into a dashboard radio device that transmitted the signature and delivery information within seven seconds to the centralized FedEx database in Memphis, Tennessee, Customers could access this information by calling a toll-free number and speaking to a customer service representative to learn, to the minute, where their packages were in transit. FedEx moved to the second stage when it made its package delivery database available on the Web to its customers. This allowed users to determine the status of any of their packages. The move was taken to reduce demands on the customer service department, but it had the added effect of increasing business by 15% almost immediately, while at the same time reducing the cost of customer service dramatically. This shift had several other subtle effects. FedEx was now viewed as being the innovator in the package delivery industry. Even though its shipment process was unchanged, the Web-based information process enhanced the company’s image. A secondary effect was to reduce the threat from all competitors simply because they initially could not offer the same service and, if they did, they would clearly be doing so in response in FedEx’s innovation
【題組】56. According to this article, what concerns customers most when they send their packages?
(A) How much the delivery of their packages costs.
(B) Who FedEx’s other competitors are.
(C) How skillful the FedEx staff are in using computers.
(D) Where in the delivery process their package is.

57.【題組】57. How did FedEx automate the way business information was processed and transmitted to the centralized FedEx database?
(A) It demanded all customers have computers.
(B) It demanded customers dial a toll-free number.
(C) It placed all the related information on a hand-held computer.
(D) It demanded all truck drivers turn on a dashboard radio device when driving.

58.【題組】58. In the first stage, how could customers access the information to learn where their packages were in transit?
(A) By checking the BBS.
(B) By calling a toll-free number to the customer service department.
(C) By playing with a keyboard. 6
(D) By traveling to Memphis.

59.【題組】59. Which is NOT an advantage of FedEx’s second move, which made its package delivery database available on the Web to its customers?
(A) It increased demands on the customer service department.
(B) It increased business by 15%.
(C) It reduced the cost of customer service.
(D) It enhanced the company’s image and reduced the threat from competitors.

60. (二) On the fourth floor of the elementary school, about 90 students gather on the gym's hardwood floor. Basketball hoops hang at both ends of the room. But the children aren’t here to play basketball—this is their classroom. Computers line the hall, and chairs and desks are clustered across the worn-out floor. As in many schools in New York City, recent waves of immigrants have forced educators to cram students into any available space—including storage areas, large closets and gyms. The crowded quarters have forced the school to take a more communal approach to education. Instructors often have to merge their classes into one room and team teach—with occasional personality clashes. There are other difficulties as well. Teachers and administrators sometimes can’t communicate with the students or their parents, and children who speak less common languages can often wait months for the school to find someone capable of testing them. The school is at the center of the day’s ethnic mix. The subway line running through the area was nicknamed “The International Express” in a recent study. The study said 17,200 immigrants from 112 countries settled in the neighborhood from 1983 to 1989, making it the most diverse area in the city. Instead of concentration on American holidays and traditions that these students could hardly appreciate, the group is more likely to learn about, say, Chinese New Year and other holidays celebrated by the students’ families. At center court, a Chinese peacock hangs over a banana tree.
【題組】60. Which of the following statements expresses the main idea of the passage?
(A)Immigrants have been very difficult for school administrators to communicate with.
(B)The financial difficulties of New York City have caused the school to be more crowded.
(C)The increase in immigrants has created overcrowding and different approaches for the New York City schools.
(D)Sometimes there is more than one class meeting in the same room, including rooms as small as closets.

61.【題組】61. In the second paragraph, “communal approach” refers to _______.
(A) creating an international community in the classroom.
(B) teachers’ working together in the same classroom.
(C) encouraging students from different countries to communicate together.
(D) communicating with the parents of students whose languages are not well

62.【題組】62. Students in this school can __________.
(A) learn about the variety of holidays
(B) appreciate the meaning of Thanksgiving
(C) say many Chinese words
(D) not play basketball well

63.【題組】63. According to the passage, _______________.
(A) 112 countries are represented at the school 7
(B) immigration has decreased rapidly since 1983
(C) the subway line brings only international students to the school
(D) the area where the school is located is one of the most diverse in New York

64. (三) Undeniably, parents and pediatricians have one thing in common, that is, to help children stay healthy. However, sometimes some of us may be in a position to object to getting our children vaccinated. That is the so-called “vaccine controversy,” which is seemingly contradictory to our wish if children do get sick because of this. To prevent children from contracting such severe contagious diseases as polio, smallpox and measles, they are advised to receive vaccines on a basis of a vaccination schedule recommended by pediatricians. But some parents and healthcare providers, with little experience of going through the catastrophic impact of those diseases, may not urge children to get the shots since they are convinced vaccination shots are not safe and that some developmental impairments are related to vaccination. With the fact that those diseases have nearly been eradicated in the 21st century, these parents would rather run the risk of getting their children infected with the disease than get immunization. The dread for disease has transformed into the suspicion of vaccine safety. Once a life-saving advance, vaccines are now often in dispute and have become a stumbling stone of their final triumph. In spite of the remaining distrust, parents and pediatricians should work hand in hand on this matter. The anxiety of those who are skeptical about vaccination should not be neglected. Pediatricians should offer exhaustive, up-to-date scientific information, helping parents understand that imperfect as vaccines are, serious side effects are few, and that apparently the benefits outdo the risks. On the other hand, parents should acknowledge that it isn’t a sensible idea to consult “Dr. Google” or celebrities whose main intention is to promote their products or books. Neither should they pursue the latest trend in the neighborhood. Instead, they should take into consideration the detailed scientific evidence and then make an ultimate decision. After all, both parents and pediatricians care about children’s health and welfare. They should treat each other like partners instead of enemies.
【題組】64. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
(A) Vaccines: Who Needs It, How It Works
(B) The Truth Behind Vaccination
(C) Vaccine Concern: We Are on the Same Side
(D) One Thing We Don’t Know About Developmental Disorders: Vaccines Aren’t to Blame

65.【題組】65. What is the main reason that some parents do not have their children get vaccines?
(A) Severe contagious diseases have vanished in this century.
(B) They believe vaccines might cause some other health problems.
(C) To them, vaccines are not effective since their children still get sick all the time.
(D) They had some horrible experience of getting vaccines.

66.【題組】66. Why does the author mention Google and celebrities in the third paragraph?
(A) The latest trend of health consultation they provide is useful.
(B) They help a lot in promoting the concept of vaccination.
(C) The side effects of vaccination were uncovered by them.
(D) The information they reveal is not completely trustworthy.

67.【題組】67. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? 8
(A) Parents should listen to doctors with patience instead of giving a flat refusal to vaccination.
(B) Child developmental impairments are proved to be the result of vaccination.
(C) Nowadays, lots of children who do not receive vaccines are infected with diseases such as polio or smallpox.
(D) The risk of having vaccine side effects is so high that many parents object to the vaccination.

68.(四) Dogs have long been used to help people with disabilities, particularly the blind. Unfortunately, it takes about two years and $25,000 to properly train a dog for this purpose. But in 1997, Gloria Gilbert Stoga established the non-profit organization, Puppies Behind Bars, so that people in prison, with plenty of time on their hands, could do most of the training on a voluntary basis. Many people were nervous about this program at first, especially for the safety of the dogs in correctional facilities. To ease concerns, Puppies Behind Bars does not let prisoners guilty of vicious crimes work with any animals. Furthermore, inmates wishing to participate must endure a thorough interview process so that residents with violent tendencies can be weeded out. Once in the program, prisoners must attend bi-weekly training sessions. They spend the rest of the time just living with their puppies and teaching them basic skills such as toileting, sitting and standing on command, and simply walking in crowded areas without getting confused. After sixteen months, the inmates turn their dogs over to professional dog handlers for the final five months of training. Judy Goldman was one of the first recipients of a Puppies Behind Bars graduate. She was so impressed that she visited the prison where the dog was raised to thank the trainers. “They’re so proud, and they well should be,” she says, “They do an excellent job.” Perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of the program are the inmates. While training the animals, they learn patience and responsibility. Most importantly, they receive the unconditional love that only a puppy can provide. Prisoner Roosevelt Lewis says of his dog, “Joshua has given me back my peace of mind.” It seems that Puppies Behind Bars is giving everyone involved a new “leash on life.”
【題組】68.According to the passage, who is qualified to become a trainer in the program Puppies Behind Bars?
(A) The founder of the non-profit organization.
(B) A murderer who is out of prison.
(C) A volunteer working in the correctional facilities.
(D) An inmate who is unlikely to harm innocent dogs.

69.【題組】69. In Puppies Behind Bars, with the dogs the prisoners do many things except _____.
(A) simply living with them
(B) teaching them to follow basic commands
(C) training them to stay calm around a noisy bunch of people
(D) weeding out the violent tendencies of some fierce dogs

70.【題組】70. As a trainer in the program, Roosevelt Lewis _____.
(A) turned over a new leaf and became a better man
(B) lost his mind in training the dog
(C) felt frustrated for he couldn’t keep a dog on a leash
(D) received the unconditional love from the recipients that they’d never had

71.【題組】71. Which of the following statements about Puppies Behind Bars is true? 9
(A) Inmates pay $25,000 to take part in the program.
(B) Apart from the recipients, what the prisoners gain from the program is immeasurable.
(C) Judy Goldman benefited a lot from training guide dogs in the prison.
(D) The dogs will be taught more advanced skills by the prisoners in the final five months of training.

72.(五) Before the clergyman named John Harvard passed away in 1638, he could not have guessed how famous his name would become. He left his book collection and some of his land to a college, which was to become a world-famous institution of higher education. He also left the college his name, the name by which it has been known for over three hundred and fifty years: Harvard. The oldest university in the United States, Harvard, has become synonymous with achievement; to be a student at Harvard is a great distinction. But, prestigious as it is now, the university sprouted from pretty humble roots. It all began in 1636 when the college was established in Massachusetts. Although it was not a specifically religious establishment, its early curriculum was guided by the Puritan philosophy of the early settlers. The college followed the classical system of British universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. Ancient languages, logic and grammar were all important but every subject was supposed to aid one’s understanding of God and the Bible. Many of Harvard’s first students went on to become Puritan ministers, preaching in churches around New England. By the eighteenth century, however, Harvard was starting to shed its religious restraints and widen its curriculum. Science, in particular, became more important. In addition to Law School and Medical School, in the mid to late nineteenth century, Business School, School of Arts and Sciences, and School of Dental Medicine were added. Initially, Harvard consisted of only nine pupils and one teacher. Today, the University has more than 18,000 degree students, twelve graduate schools and is rightly regarded as one of the best Universities in the world. Seven presidents of the United States have attended Harvard, as well as many prominent intellectuals. Harvard’s proud academic tradition is reflected in the fact that many of the university’s professors have received Nobel Prizes. Its namesake, John Harvard, could never have imagined the glorious future that lay ahead, when he left the college his property three and a half centuries ago.
【題組】72. In its early phase, the education at Harvard was to serve the purpose of _____.
(A) religion
(B) fine art
(C) law
(D) history

73.【題組】73. What can be inferred from the passage?
(A) Harvard has produced many important politicians and intellectuals.
(B) Harvard used to be a religious monastery.
(C) Harvard is only well-known in the States.
(D) Harvard is celebrated for its special focus on arts.

74.【題組】74. Which of the following statements is true?
(A) It was not until the twentieth century that Harvard has expanded its curriculum.
(B) Harvard is not among the most prestigious school in America.
(C) Many professors were the winners of Nobel Prizes.
(D) Harvard University’s academic achievement has been rather underestimated.

75.【題組】75. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Harvard started with only one teacher and nine pupils.
(B) John Harvard had predicted the glorious future of this university.
(C) Harvard now has more than 18,000 students.
(D) Harvard followed the classical system in prestigious British universities.