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100 年 - 國立東華大學附設實驗國民小學100學年度第1次教師甄選「英文」試題卷#7586 

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1.1. We can go to the movies tonight, if you are not too _______.
(A) busy
(B) free
(C) exploring
(D) colorful

2.2. I like to visit the ________ to see some old paintings.
(A) statue
(B) museum
(C) party
(D) laboratory

3.3. Luckily, I did not ______ the exam. It was much easier than the last test.
(A) fail
(B) fall
(C) react
(D) show

4.4. Jennifer and I have many things in common. We are about the _______ age, height, and even weight.
(A) special
(B) different
(C) kind
(D) same

5.5. Jenny kept us waiting for almost two hours and she didn’t even _______.
(A) embarrass
(B) cooperate
(C) apologize
(D) complain

6.6. Breaking up with my boyfriend was painful, but I've put it all ______ me now.
(A) behind
(B) beside
(C) below
(D) before

7.7. If you have questions about PC games, ask Brian! He is a(n) ______.
(A) lens
(B) music
(C) expert
(D) murderer

8.8. It's sweet _____ you to give Wendy those beautiful flowers. She will be very glad to have them!

9.9. It's important to stand up for ________.
(A) what should I do
(B) what’s right
(C) not to feel guilty
(D) be more popular

10.10. You ____ the police when the car accident happened. You are in big trouble because all the evidence is gone now.
(A) ought to call
(B) should have called
(C) should call
(D) had to call

11.11. The prisoner often thought about making a(n) _____.
(A) shape
(B) escape
(C) champ
(D) damp

12.12. The _____ rose and gave the singer a big hand.
(A) challenge
(B) needle
(C) audience
(D) achievement

13.13. People in Taipei _____ greatly from the MRT.
(A) benefit
(B) supply
(C) resource
(D) imagine

14.14. Pam isn’t home now. May I take a _____?
(A) massage
(B) message
(C) messenger
(D) manager

15.15. Do you know when his new book will be _____?
(A) valuable
(B) valid
(C) avalanche
(D) available

16.16. There are a lot of _____ in a person’s mouth.
(A) flavors
(B) bacteria
(C) catalysts
(D) spices

17.17. The Greeks had a(n) _____ influence on Western culture.
(A) accurate
(B) circular
(C) significant
(D) reluctant

18.18. The school has an excellent course in ____ biology.
(A) diginant
(B) marine
(C) irregular
(D) magnificent

19.19. They met two weeks ago, and, _____, got married.
(A) in terms of
(B) in the blink of an eye
(C) by and large
(D) beat around the bush

20.20. Your father has never been to Japan, _____?
(A) hasn’t he
(B) doesn’t he
(C) has he
(D) does he

21.Read the table and answer the questions. Tom’s Evening Schedule6:00 Eat dinner. 
6:30 Watch TV 
7:30 Study English. 
8:00 Do homework. 
9:30 Have a snack.
9:50 Take a bath. 
10:10 Listen to music.
Go to bed.

 21. How long does Tom study English every day?
(A) At 7:30.
(B) At night.
(C) 30 minutes.
(D) Twice a day.

22.22. What does he do before taking a bath?
(A) He has a snack.
(B) He listens to music.
(C) He watches TV.
(D) He does homework.

23.I love to travel, and I travel a lot. I have stayed in many _____26_____ kinds of hotels in many different countries. I have learned that the biggest and the most beautiful hotels are not always the best ones! Last year I stayed at a beautiful hotel in the Philippines. It is a very popular hotel. I had to make _____27_____ weeks in advance. It had many _____28_____ —a big swimming pool, a spa, and a delicious free breakfast. I loved this hotel—until someone stole some of my clothes from my room! I also once stayed at an inn in Kenting, Taiwan. The rooms were tiny! _____29_____ the owner was so friendly. She made me feel _____30_____ from the time I checked in until I left. Her kindness was much better than a free breakfast or a big swimming pool!
(A) different
(B) difficult
(C) direct
(D) disappointing

(A) swimming suits
(B) excuses
(C) reservations
(D) observation

(A) disadvantages
(B) features
(C) weaknesses
(D) defects

(A) But
(B) That’s why
(C) And
(D) So

(A) being special
(B) especially
(C) to be special
(D) special

28.Have you ever gotten a letter, received e-mail or gotten a cell phone message _____31_____ you that you’ve won a prize? This is the most common scam in Taiwan. Those giving you the prize tell you that they must pay a special tax, _____32_____ you have to give them that money before they’ll give you the prize. _____33_____ the cell phone version, they might ask you to go to an ATM to get your prize money. Once you’re there, they try to guide you quickly through the steps to “receive the money.” _____34_____ , you transfer money out. It works, of course. Why else would this scam be ongoing? But probably, it’s not unsavory, greedy people _____35_____ are fooled, but rather, gullible or poor people.
(A) tell
(B) tells
(C) telling
(D) told

(A) so
(B) or
(C) for
(D) yet

(A) On
(B) In
(C) At
(D) Over

(A) Oddly
(B) Perhaps
(C) Probably
(D) In fact

(A) which
(B) whose
(C) who
(D) in which

33.Questions 36-40 When my German friend came to visit me four years ago, she liked Taiwan so much that she extended her visit _____36_____ two weeks to a month. I was glad that she was having a good time, but I _____37_____ my time off work to match hers, so I was concerned how she would get around Taipei by herself. I need not _____38_____ worried---locals helped her at every turn. One couple even drove her to a temple she was looking for, gave her a guided tour around the temple (my friend can speak English _____39_____ German), took her to their house for dinner and then _____40_____ her back to my apartment!
(A) at
(B) since
(C) from
(D) through

(A) can’t extend
(B) don’t extend
(C) didn’t extend
(D) couldn’t extend

(A) to have
(B) having
(C) have
(D) have had

(A) so far as
(B) as well as
(C) as if
(D) as long as

(A) drive
(B) was driving
(C) drove
(D) driven