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1.The two political parties were unable to reach an agreement concerning the debt issue. With time growing short, the president urged negotiations to break the _______.
(A) impasse
(B) girder
(C) fervor
(D) frazzle

2.Exhausted after a long day’s work, the waiter gave us only a ______ greeting before taking our dinner orders.
(A) peripheral
(B) percolating
(C) perforated
(D) perfunctory

3.Rare cars are more _______ than common ones—Many people long to have one.
(A) lusty
(B) coveted
(C). reckoned
(D) bodacious

4.The guests were impressed by the host’s _______ skills and finished all the food he made.
(A) sedentary
(B) culinary
(C) arbitrary
(D) tributary

5.The soldiers marched with their chins stuck out and lips folded, looking _______ and contemptuously at the onlookers.
(A) diffidently
(B) stunningly
(C) exploratorily
(D) disdainfully

6.They wanted to ______ alliances with other countries to share intelligence and to roll up financing networks.
(A) wreak
(B) contrive
(C) forge
(D) defend

7. The boy was _________ along on his bicycle but fortunately did not fall from his bike before he stopped.
(A) swindling
(B) bewildering
(C) wobbling
(D) glittering

8.The arrogant young man has been recently _______ by life’s hardships and is now more humble and aware of his weaknesses.
(A) chastened
(B) impaled
(C) dilated
(D) augmented

9.The jury took 14 hours to reach a ______ in the trial of the man accused of serial assaults.
(A) convict
(B) collusion
(C) verdict
(D) reclusion

10.The hurricane _______ nearly everything in its path, leaving thousands of people homeless.
(A) expatriated
(B) demolished
(C) dissembled
(D) exasperated

11.In the past, people's biological clock was _______ with the natural world. They automatically woke up with the sun rising and felt sleepy at dusk.
(A) manipulated
(B) reconciled
(C) precipitated
(D) synchronized

12.The green, the landscape and the pleasant weather of this place create a sense of ______ nostalgia.
(B) idyllic
(C) whimsy
(D) erratic

13.The experimental results _______ the theoretical predictions, thus validating the model proposed at the beginning of the study.
(A) corroborate
(B) reverberate
(C) incarcerate
(D) obliterate

14. While genetically engineered food has been extensively consumed around the world, the ______ of the gene transfer from the DNA of the food to that of human beings and how they will affect human body are still unknown.
(B) successions
(C) ramifications
(D) bifurcations

15.With these professional development opportunities, Susan is now _______ of her role as a teacher and has come to realize the effects she has on her students.
(A) cognizant
(B) reminiscent
(C) indicative
(D) emblematic

16.Feng Shui is the Chinese art of determining the most design and placement of a building, room, etc. so that maximum harmony is achieved between the environment and the user.
(A) amphibiotic
(B) ambivalent
(C) promissory
(D) propitious

17.A ______ relationship can exist between two entities in the natural world. A typical example is that between bees and flowers. They benefit from each other.
(A) symbiotic
(B) segregative
(C) complimentary
(D) supplemental

18.Tina managed to _____ her colleague Bob into doing all the work for her by using her charm.
(A) gibber
(B) resist
(C) beguile
(D) molest

19.Whether the meeting will be held is _____ on the weather. If the typhoon comes, the meeting will be postponed.
(A) consistent
(B) contingent
(C) contagious
(D) congruent