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99 年 - 國立竹南高中 99學年度第一次教師甄試英文科試題#2376 

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1.Mumbai is a bustling city of 16 million that testifies to the ______ of India—cutting-edge technology among primitive roots.
(A) dichotomy
(B) conglomerate
(C) paraphernalia
(D) promenade

2. When caught red-handed, the criminal had to ______ the stolen money.
(A) squelch
(B) acquiesce
(C) squander
(D) relinquish

3.Martial arts used to be considered ______, but now they are well-known all over the world.
(A) esoteric
(B) opulent
(C) myriad
(D) abrasive

4.Hemophilia is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body's ability to control blood clotting or ______.
(A) acclimatization
(B) coagulation
(C) desalination
(D) renunciation

5. The research team made a(n) ______ attempt to prevent the generator from overheating. To their disappointment, the generator still exploded in the end.
(A) embroidered
(B) invincible
(C) abortive
(D) obsolete

6.Being a victim of the war, he suffered from the trauma and never overcame a ______ antipathy of soldiers even long after the war ended.
(A) precipitous
(B) uncanny
(C) endemic
(D) visceral

7.After the storm, the current of the river is fast flowing and ______, so you had better not try your luck by crossing it now.
(A) impending
(B) fortuitous
(C) treacherous
(D) ornithological

8.Trapped in a burning building, some victims ______ at the sills and screamed for help. Meanwhile, a young woman scrambled to the ledge and fell.
(A) jostled
(B) japed
(C) jotted
(D) jabbered

9.Jon suffers an _______ form of depression due to his bereavement and only dares to peak into the living room while remaining rooted in her isolating room.
(A) ubiquitous
(B) ostensible
(C) lethargic
(D) spacious

10.The refugees living in the camp _______ such fear for political oppression and economic scarcity that even the journalist there can’t help shedding tears over their sorrow.
(A) exculpate
(B) exult
(C) expound
(D) exude

11.With only an hour to prepare, Janet ______ the occasion and prepared an impressive speech.
(A) rose to
(B) phased out
(C) coughed up
(D) reckoned with

12. While he does make some specific points regarding particular individuals and particular theoretical observations, I find much of his argument ______. If you are sensible, you should take it with a pinch of salt.
(A) on the rails
(B) off the mark
(C) on the record
(D) off your hands

13.Before developing any new product, the marketing department must survey as many similar items as possible and realize the _____ of the current market.
(A) rhyme or reason
(B) up and running
(C) ins and outs
(D) ups and downs

14.Since several cabinet members have resigned recently, some potential politicians are _____ senior position in the new administration.
(A) jockeying for
(B) answering for
(C) accounting for
(D) feeling for

15. With the best cast, breathtaking costumes and music, I had an awesome experience. The performance of the singers and dancers was _____.
(A) on top of the world
(B) the best of both worlds
(C) out of this world
(D) not long for this world