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Jue-jing Chiang>试卷(2011/05/06)

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100 年 - 國立臺中文華高級中學100學年度第一次教師甄選#4451 

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1.The dictator was accused of using ______ and thugs to attack civilians and executing soldiers who refused to turn their guns on fellow citizens.
(A) precedents
(B) insurgencies
(C) centenarians
(D) mercenaries
2.A massive ______ of doctors is forcing the government to recruit from abroad.
(A) exodus
(B) influx
(C) batch
(D) inanity
3.The prosecutors admitted that the man’s confession was a fabrication made under ______. A court later acquitted the man.
(A) innuendo
(B) deficit
(C) duress
(D) escalation
4.The air strikes launched to hit Gaddafi’s hometown have sometimes been ______, missing targets and killing civilians, which has generated resentment among local people.
(A) counterproductive
(B) inflammatory
(C) contingent
(D) visceral
5.In order to prevent the shrinking economy from collapsing, the parliament has backed a(n) ______ package by one vote. The vote saw 169 in favor of the plan and 168 against.
(A) arson
(B) ripple
(C) austerity
(D) delusion
6.Shoppers are snapping up electronics as fears of joblessness yield to ______ over rising stock prices.
(A) dismay
(B) exuberance
(C) disdain
(D) empathy
7.The parliament is considering outlawing psychological violence in the home, because it is seen by many as a(n) ______ to physical violence.
(A) puff
(B) virtuoso
(C) disparity
(D) precursor
8.Last year Children’s Day was ______ as a national holiday after a related provision was approved by the Legislative Yuan.
(A) earmarked
(B) reinstated
(C) dismantled
(D) dilapidated
9.Thousands of Greeks were on strike to protest at the ______ of the measures the government took to save the economy.
(A) sediment
(B) detonation
(C) forfeit
(D) imposition
10.Nepal is a strategic ______ between China and India.
(A) buffer
(B) altercation
(C) pundit
(D) particulate
11.Tokyo has leaped ahead of Paris as the city with the most Michelin 3-star restaurants, confirming its status as the “world capital of ______.”
(A) grievance
(B) gastronomy
(C) fidelity
(D) anarchy
12.Different from popular notion, bats are not on the whole aggressive and rabid; most are shy and _____.
(A) turgid
(B) disfigured
(C) depraved
(D) innocuous
13.Hot milk has long been a standard cure for insomnia because of its ______ quality.
(A) swapped
(B) amorphous
(C) soporific
(D) desultory
14.In response to the oil spill, the government ensured every cent of taxpayer money would be repaid and the damage to the wildlife would be ______.
(A) swapped
(B) stipulated
(C) antagonized
(D) reimbursed
15.A good trial lawyer will argue only what is central to an issue, eliminating ______ information or anything else that might jeopardize the client.
(A) reprehensible
(B) extraneous
(C) erratic
(D) prodigious
16.Although for centuries literature was considered something that would instruct as well as entertain, the modern reader has little patience with didactic works and only seems ______.
(A) demoralized
(B) distracted
(C) subsidized
(D) gesticulated
17.The press conference did not clarify many issues since the president responded with ______ and vagueness rather than clarity and precision.
(A) gangrene
(B) incongruity
(C) obfuscation
(D) annexation
18.The painting was larger than it appeared to be, for, hanging in a darkened recess of the chapel, it was ______ by the perspective.
(A) castigated
(B) aggrandized
(C) embellished
(D) diminished
19.Because folk art is neither completely rejected nor accepted as an art form by art historians, their final evaluations of it necessarily remain ______.
(A) arbitrary
(B) equivocal
(C) orthodox
(D) affable
20.Although many findings of the Soviet and United States probes of Venus were complementary, the two sets of atmospheric results clearly could not be _____ without a major change of data or _____.
(A) obtained…experimentation
(B) completed…falsification
(C) matched…implementation
(D) reconciled…interpretation
21.Both coffee and tea have beneficial as well as _____ side effects: while they stimulate the heart and help overcome fatigue, they also _____ insomnia and other nervous disorders.
(A) injurious…interrupt
(B) malignant... exacerbate
(C) salutary…heighten
(D) negligible…forestall
22.Since the results of experiment were _____ the body of research already completed, the committee considered the results to be _____.
(A) similar to…speculative
(B) inconsistent with…anomalous
(C) compounded by…heretical
(D) dispelled by…convincing
23.The leader of the opposition party said a(n) ______ government would be set up after a bloody uprising taking place in the capital.
(A) interim
(B) heinous
(C) malignant
(D) excruciating
24.Pollen grains and spores that are 200 million years old are now being extracted from shale and are ______ the theory that the breakup of the continents occurred in stages; in fact, it seems that the breakups occurred almost simultaneously.
(A) refining
(B) reshaping
(C) countermanding
(D) inundating
25.An oppressive _____, and not the festive mood one might have expected, characterized the mood of the gathering.
(A) senility
(B) capriciousness
(C) inanity
(D) solemnity