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101 年 - 國立臺中高級家事商業職業學校101 學年度第1 次教師甄選 #8484 

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1.1. In the past, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Southeast As ian visitors have made up the bulk of the tourists in Taiwan, but the Tourism Bureau is now l ooking to increase visitors from _____________Muslim countries. .
(A) superfluously
(B) sparsely
(C) precariously
(D) predominantly

2.2. Interrogators from the counter-intelligence corps us ed illegal methods on the poor victim, including electric batons and ice. In their effort to obta in a confession by ____________, they apparently even brought the suspect to a cave. But since the 10-year statute of limitations has already passed, investigators won't indict the alleged perpetrators.
(A) controversy
(B) hypnosis
(C) compulsion
(D) expatriate

3.3. In the presence of their peers, teenagers will of ten do dangerous and foolish things, and this sort of behavior is far more likely to be indicative of __________ adolescent immatu rity than deep-seated depravity.
(A) acrimonious
(B) categorical
(C) divergent
(D) transient

4.4. Many couples get divorced over ________ lawsuit sin ce the spouse caught the other having affairs with others.
(A) verifiability
(B) credibility
(C) infidelity
(D) superiority

5.5. China’s seemingly endless business opportunities make it one of the world’s most important emerging markets. Many old, out-of-dated, and ____________ European and American corporations hope to take advantage of the country’s massive consumer power to remake their brands and relive their heyday.
(A) unprecedented
(B) disrupted
(C) obsolete
(D) desolate

6.6. Prices are high, families are often cramped, adult child ren are living at home or relying on the seemingly ____________ 'bank of Mom and Dad' – if they are lucky enough to have affluent parents. .
(A) svelte
(B) benign
(C) insolent
(D) inexhaustible

7.7. A 15-MINUTE practice spell of bowling was all it took for the Melbourne Stars to be convinced Shane Warne's burnt hand is ____________ enough for him to make his come back in the next quarter.
(A) dexterous
(B) consensual
(C) perpendicular
(D) exalted

8.8. The catastrophic disaster __________ extensive damage to southern and south-eastern Taiwan but nowhere was its force felt more deep ly than in the remote village. Almost 500 people are thought to have died under an avalanche of mud that buried most of the village’s residents alive.
(A) indicted
(B) detonated
(C) assassinated
(D) spawned

9.9. A blind, self-taught lawyer and symbol of China’s civil rights movement, Chen _______ Washington and Beijing in their most delicate diplomatic crisis after he escaped house arrest and sought refuge in the US embassy.
(A) fluctuated
(B) embroiled
(C) degenerated
(D) rejuvenated

10.10. Iran used to say it was "unconcerned" about the upcoming and ___________ EU ban on its oil, saying it would endure the extra sanctions and weathered the storm even though they amounted to "an economic war.”
(A) impending
(B) incumbent
(C) imminent
(D) eminent

11.11. Since the first___________ sentence was carried through telephone wire on March 10, 1876 in the rented top floor of a Boston boarding house, the world has been on a constant move to find the latest breakthroughs in technology.”
(A) intelligible
(B) gregarious
(C) feasible
(D) congenial

12.12. A lone robber brandished a pistol and rushed into the bank, taking over $515,000NT from the counters but was caught later because of his piling debts from loan sharks. As loan sharks usually ________ physical harm on delinquent borrowers, the police will continue looking into the matter.
(A) annihilate
(B) afflict
(C) inflict
(D) abolish

13.13. In the future, security staff of the president will be given designated control zones. In those zones, they will be permitted to put handcuffs on members of the public and __________ them. Even more importantly, they will be given the right to use firearms and the power to perform judicial investigations. .
(A) interject
(B) oppress
(C) deplete
(D) detain

14.14. Can you imagine standing on stage, in front of everybody in your county, and only being able to spell a word after involuntarily going into a _________? Or having to perform up to last year's expectations after being, um, distracted by the cute girl down front in the audience?
(A) repast
(B) trance
(C) turbulence
(D) recess

15.15. Europeans are revolting against their leaders and established political partie s, against an_______ plan 'made in Germany', and against a future that promises declining living standards and shriveling public services.
(B) abyss
(C) altruistic
(D) avid

16.16. Two years ago, the notion of making Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's __________, opium-smoking detective into a modern-day action hero fr anchise was anything but elementary. But the director has pushed the novels into new territory --- making a gripping duo in a film that is energetic, compelling and hilarious.
(A) intangible
(B) invincible
(C) indigenous
(D) ingenious

17.17. Five men accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11 attacks, including the self-proclaimed mastermind, are headed back to a military _________ at Guantanamo Bay for furt her interrogation.
(A) tribunal
(B) perjury
(C) inertia
(D) tribute

18.18. The Taipei-based branch of the Red Cross Society transferred the remaining portion of donations it received for the Japan earthquake after two months. That came the accusation that it was _________ in sending money over and was misusing funds.
(A) prime
(B) scrimp
(C) plump
(D) tardy

19.19. Even after they have been picked or harvested, fruits and vegetables continue to _______ and are supported by internally stored energy compounds. Th e more a vegetable or fruit breathes, the more quickly it is likely to spoil. Cabbages can last for week s because they have a very low rate of respiration.
(A) respire
(B) inspire
(C) perspire
(D) aspire

20.20. Qianggu has become one of the thr ee largest traditional festivals in Taiwan, and is now also known as the event that marks the close of Taiw an's equivalent of Halloween. Trad itionally, organizers and competitors also ___________ from eating meat for a week before the event to purify themselves.
(A) retain
(B) abstain
(C) contain
(D) maintain